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Dianne E.

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Yes, I did it! 

Overall I feel enormously grateful for the opportunity to participate in the KB1 program and want to express my thanks to all at Kenzai. During the 90 days the support, encouragement and timely wise coaching from Assistant Trainer Amanda and member Kathleen carried me through the challenging times.
The 90 day workouts and diets have resulted in the much needed "sucking in and smoothing out". My most treasured and unexpected KB1 outcome is a re-found confidence in my body to work with rather than against me - feel as though the clock dialed back a decade.


So very naughty with the diet this week. I am not beating up on myself, just disappointed 😒

final week

Sad this is the final week however I am looking forward to a strong finish; a description that is not appropriate to the week just gone. Still challenged by the until failure...

I would like to think that I will continue clean eating habits and engage with maintenance type workouts. It remains to be seen whether I can achieve this on my own or through the support of another Kenzai program; I rather suspect the latter 😄

Until deep burn or until failure is mentally challenging. Think I prefer a number that I can work to.

Push through

Following on from a five day medically imposed recess, the workout today felt unbelievably impossible with multiple early failures. I am hopeful tomorrow will feel less impossible.

Touching base

Workouts are ok even davinics however I am not so sure about the V sits. Diet was going along very nicely until the last three days. Think I broke every rule in the book. Looking forward to being back in routine and compliant as of tomorrow.

Plodding with difficulty through the workouts and am lacking the steely diet discipline. In others words it is all feeling rather hard and overwhelming this week. Interestingly I am also feeling similarly about work and seriously grappling with do I/ when do I step back from my CEO role.


Quitting is simply not an option. Some mornings are harder than others but I figure turning up and trying my best, even if it is not pretty, is the easier option - quitting is harder to live with.

Had a good compliant week until yesterday which was definitely not compliant! Back in the harness today.

No stuffing

Felt like I had no stuffing in me today; limped through the exercises as well as the remainder of the day.

Indulgence regret

Planned the indulgence for our wedding anniversary dinner - escargot and a glass of wine. Suspect it should been one or the other, not both and I could have eaten half rather than cleaning up the plate.

Week 3 reflection

The daily lessons often are on point and timely for me and look forward to opening them.
Overall this week felt less hard despite returning mixed results.I enjoyed the space/ confidence to check and adjust form and smile at my favourite/ not so favourite exercises. I swapped a training day for cardio as I had a 5:00 am flight to catch however was caught short with food choices across two days which I did not handle well; one day significantly under and the next was certainly not clean eating!
Another positive is that I seem easy and comfortable with the routine-less arguments with myself.

Less struggle

Although not the easiest part of the week, learning to use two different rope strengths this week has helped enormously by reducing the emotional and physical struggle. Preparing a whole day’s food in advance has also helped reduced the temptation to stray from the diet. I did however choose to drink a champagne (left a quarter!) when meeting the parents of my future son-in-law to discuss wedding arrangements.


Couldn’t achieve the shoulder height extension- did my best to my limit and completed all reps and sets. Is this OK?




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