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Dianne E.

Kenzai Body | Day 46 (Member)
Kenzai Body
Day 46
Program progress:

Quitting is simply not an option. Some mornings are harder than others but I figure turning up and trying my best, even if it is not pretty, is the easier option - quitting is harder to live with.

Had a good compliant week until yesterday which was definitely not compliant! Back in the harness today.

No stuffing

Felt like I had no stuffing in me today; limped through the exercises as well as the remainder of the day.

Planned the indulgence for our wedding anniversary dinner - escargot and a glass of wine. Suspect it should been one or the other, not both and I could have eaten half rather than cleaning up the plate.

The daily lessons often are on point and timely for me and look forward to opening them.
Overall this week felt less hard despite returning mixed results.I enjoyed the space/ confidence to check and adjust form and smile at my favourite/ not so favourite exercises. I swapped a training day for cardio as I had a 5:00 am flight to catch however was caught short with food choices across two days which I did not handle well; one day significantly under and the next was certainly not clean eating!
Another positive is that I seem easy and comfortable with the routine-less arguments with myself.

Less struggle

Although not the easiest part of the week, learning to use two different rope strengths this week has helped enormously by reducing the emotional and physical struggle. Preparing a whole day’s food in advance has also helped reduced the temptation to stray from the diet. I did however choose to drink a champagne (left a quarter!) when meeting the parents of my future son-in-law to discuss wedding arrangements.


Couldn’t achieve the shoulder height extension- did my best to my limit and completed all reps and sets. Is this OK?

Cardio lesson

Lesson today created a feeling of empowerment, safety and reassurance. Thank you.


Leaving a quarter of my food is somewhat harder than I thought. Easy at a restaurant however at home I want to just serve a quarter less rather than leave it on the plate. Yesterday I ate a banana, all of it. Sometime later it occurred to me that I failed to register leaving a quarter.

final blast thoughts 

This has been the longest-short program which I have hated and loved for 28 days. I have gained some valuable insights about myself, feel proud that started and completed. The first three weeks the daily goal was to achieve my personal best each day and then just a couple more. The fourth week however was not as strong with one missed ( free pass day) and a few less than personal best attempts. Even as it stands today I would be willing to start it all over again tomorrow. Hopefully I can do so in time for the southern hemisphere beach blast day - mid winter now in Oz.
Many thanks for the wonderful opportunity this program offered.

Love hate

Out the other side of the black hole but still manage to argue with myself to get out of bed at 5:00 am for cardio. By the end I really convince myself I love the program even though I used a green ticket on Sunday.

Tricky head

Day 10 came with disbelief-surely it could not be day 10 already! Day 11 I did not want to wake up, did not want to do cardio nor exercises and did not want to go to work but I did them all. Day 12 I felt fantastic everything felt fluid and I slept deeply. Day 13 I yearned for respite - just one day off please but of course I did not as my head was just being tricky. It will be interesting to see what it throws up next.


First week has certainly been challenging with some days better than others. Look forward to a process of incremental continuous improvement.


It goes without saying that a core motivation for me embarking on the Silvers program (again) is to enjoy a stronger, lighter, leaner and more capable body now and in 20 years time.
The Silvers program certainly ensures this and I am thankful that I am now confident to take stairs as a quicker exit, lift heavier objects with my arms thus protecting my back, trust I can run across a road and steadily balance on one leg when dressing or because I choose.
Further I am grateful for the clean eating education and although I believed I had adopted this as a daily habit, the program afforded an opportunity to highlight a few areas of self-trickery.
The daily lessons too felt vaguely familiar but with a slightly different perspective.
In addition to all this I am thankful for the daily exercises, which I now think of as familiar friends. This time around I was certainly stronger but nonetheless felt challenged, found the burn and had just the right amount of muscle soreness some days reassuring me I had tried my best.
Whilst I do want to look my best, I want more that I achieve being able to execute whatever I choose when I am 80. Silvers is my 20 year training regime.
I am grateful to all the Kenzai team, particularly Ward and Kathleen, for being with me on this journey.


I have been AWL from Kenzai for the past six days ... nice to be back again.


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