Dina N.

Dina N.


Dina N.'s Kenzai Body program, Moonstone, starts in 11 days.

Struggling to start

I’ve been on and off since the break stopped I really want to start and commit again more than anything but I’m finding the workouts so hard... I’ll try to stick to my diet today and do the workout and hopefully everything falls back into place .... it feels good to start blogging again

I can't believe it's finally here... honestly I'm really craving chocolate!!! I know exactly what I'm going to have!!! Although I hope it's not as satisfying as I think ... I hope my body got used to clean eating and won't appreciate sugar it used to ... but it's the perfect way to start my weekend... thank you KENZAI🙌🏼

I'm very happy to say that my body looks different after week 3, I've been getting a lot of compliments from people and my body feels tighter and more toned than usual which is my main purpose .... I'm happy with the results and can't wait to see the end result 💃🏻

Day 12 cravings

I can't stop thinking about a good slice of chocolate cake .... I'm really craving sugar 😭 can't get it out of my head I hope this will pass soon

Day 8

Honestly I'm loving this weeks workout I feel the workouts are getting a bit more challenging and the food is a lot I am not used to consuming this much ... I usually have two meals with no snacks I'm having trouble finishing my plate but I'll try to stick to it as much as I can.

Good luck everyone :))