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Divya B.

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Dear Kenzai team

I am on a remote island in Seychelles. Unable to upload or blog.

Sorry but still working out.


How has my lifestyle changed... hmmm.. that is a no brainer really. Every day I am more conscious/aware of what I eat, why I am making a choice, what that choice is doing to me. The lessons have been particularly useful in understanding my body-food-exercise-mind connect.

I am happier today than when I started 9 weeks ago - despite missing many many many weeks and not being able to keep on schedule. But because I believe it has resulted in a lifestyle change, I don't feel despair at not being able to keep up. I know I just have to keep trying to get my time management in order.

Big plus - the dogs now understand exercise time and can be in the room without thinking its playtime!

Indulgence Day!!

How the palate has changed!! Everything "indulgent" tastes a lot saltier or a lot sweeter than I remember - except of course good old vino - which always tastes just perfect!!!

Hardest day of the week

Whenever I am working off 3 hours of sleep due to work or travel - motivating myself and choosing to get up and exercise instead of getting that extra 45 mins of sleep or down time is the hardest day(s) of the week and really really really hard to stay on track!!!

Why am not quitting??? Good question! Even tho' its been a week from hell and I have missed several workouts - and only managed to read the emergency workout last night- AFTER - i missed the workouts :( But better late than never.... Glad to have the emergency work out all memorised now - feel better for it!

Getting back to the question - why am not throwing in the towel?? simple - I love Kenzai. I have missed the workouts, missed being able to log in and see how my new friends are doing, missed having that ah-ha moment while reading the daily lessons. This new routine of healthy eating, daily exercise and strengthening mind-body-soul- is how I want to live the rest of my life and that is why quitting doesn't figure. I just need to learn to get that balance in place/ make the time/ rejig my day: it is taking longer than I expected but that is all the more reason I can't give up. Have to figure out how to make it work. And let's not forget the most basic fact: when you love something - where is the question of quitting?

Have a ton of workouts to catch up on and I will. In the meantime being able to stay on track with the diet has been a huge plus. More soon. Have a fabulous week everyone!


So much of Kenzai lessons have started to resonate ... I actually have reached a point where I want to workout - look forward to it not as a to-do to check off or as chore but as my me time. In 4 short weeks workouts has moved into my precious-can't-live-out-essentials. That said, I am still struggling with time management. Long hours at work zaps me and i have had to skip workouts on more than one occasion and double up on others to make up the missed workout and that leaves me exhausted :(

Trying to figure it out ... but thank you for the lessons ... love them!

End of week 3

Tough tough week! 12+ hour work week struggled to keep up. Missed a couple of days - so did a a double work out one day to catch up and that wiped me out. :( But there is good news too! Was able to stay on diet - very happy about that.

As warned - this is week is hard! Every now and then I am feel ready to give up - especially when the day gets crowded with too many to-dos ....till ... I see the my three uploaded pictures! Vanity is such a good motivator!! To be able to see how far I have come in such a short time is all it takes - !! And I am back to skipping ...

Love the way Kenzai is structured - with the blogs, uploads and lessons: amazed to see how much value these add to keep me going!

Found the negative push up tough and couldn't do it :( but will give it another shot today.


Generally eat healthy and mostly in reasonable quantities - but ever since I have had to consciously leave food and be aware of portion size - I am CONSTANTLY hungry and worried I may be err...starving! Help...

Week 1 Day 1

omg! How proud of me am I??!! Speechless... that's how proud and as those who know me would confirm - that's one big achievement!!

Thought I was going to die at the end of the skips - despite my flair for exaggeration - I kid you not! really thought this was it!

But here I am - bright and chirpy - ready for day 2 -let the transformation begin! Can't believe I am actually excited about today's work out! Exercise and me have only been distant acquaintances - admired theoretically from afar...

Wishing you all a good day..