Divya B.

Divya B.

Kenzai Body | Day 37
Kenzai Body
Day 37
Program progress:

So much of Kenzai lessons have started to resonate ... I actually have reached a point where I want to workout - look forward to it not as a to-do to check off or as chore but as my me time. In 4 short weeks workouts has moved into my precious-can't-live-out-essentials. That said, I am still struggling with time management. Long hours at work zaps me and i have had to skip workouts on more than one occasion and double up on others to make up the missed workout and that leaves me exhausted :(

Trying to figure it out ... but thank you for the lessons ... love them!

End of week 3

Tough tough week! 12+ hour work week struggled to keep up. Missed a couple of days - so did a a double work out one day to catch up and that wiped me out. :( But there is good news too! Was able to stay on diet - very happy about that.

As warned - this is week is hard! Every now and then I am feel ready to give up - especially when the day gets crowded with too many to-dos ....till ... I see the my three uploaded pictures! Vanity is such a good motivator!! To be able to see how far I have come in such a short time is all it takes - !! And I am back to skipping ...

Love the way Kenzai is structured - with the blogs, uploads and lessons: amazed to see how much value these add to keep me going!

Found the negative push up tough and couldn't do it :( but will give it another shot today.

Day 5 and hungry...

Generally eat healthy and mostly in reasonable quantities - but ever since I have had to consciously leave food and be aware of portion size - I am CONSTANTLY hungry and worried I may be err...starving! Help...

Week 1 Day 1

omg! How proud of me am I??!! Speechless... that's how proud and as those who know me would confirm - that's one big achievement!!

Thought I was going to die at the end of the skips - despite my flair for exaggeration - I kid you not! really thought this was it!

But here I am - bright and chirpy - ready for day 2 -let the transformation begin! Can't believe I am actually excited about today's work out! Exercise and me have only been distant acquaintances - admired theoretically from afar...

Wishing you all a good day..