Dorte H.

Dorte H.

Reboot | Day 11 (Member)
Day 11
Program progress:
Handstand push ups??!

Whaaat? Ok guys, hands on your hearts: how many of you brave kenzai soldiers opted for that one over the alternate exercise? I am in awe of those who did!!


I figured a good way to keeping control over my lunch while eating out would be: finding a buffet! And it worked out pretty well - the local cafe had a nice selection of greens, some polenta and curry chicken. Eating out in Geneva is generally expensive though, which is a good additional motivation for staying on the packed lunches ;)


So this is the view from my daily commute: I bike past Swiss vineyards every day to and from work. Behind the hills I can usually see the local hills and then the Alps in the distance, and across the road, lake Geneva and the Jura mountains. The coulours change with the season and the views are often spectacular. It’s a great motivation for getting on the bike!

Made it!  

Finally! The end of KB2 was really well timed as it ended on the first day our holiday - meaning I am free to enjoy my rosé and gelato!
The final week of the programme was a washout as I was travelling and had loads of things to organise before the holidays - so I am still redoing some of the final exercises, for good measure. Also, towards the end, I somewhat neglected the lessons and the blogs. But overall I was pleased with my effort: I stuck with the diet and did my exercises nearly every day. And well chuffed with the result! I achieved my “bikini mission” and feeling toned and strong 💪 Thanks team mates & thanks trainers for keeping us going and motivated!!

Final stretches

Pretty much on track. Life got in the way a bit last week - last week of school for the kids, so loads of activities and things to prepare etc. My parents are visiting. They are very much the “meat generation” so that’s not making dinners easier - on the other hand, they are getting way more greens than usual, so that’s a plus ;)
Haven’t been great at being there for my team mates on the blogs, will try and do better these last weeks!

Still on track

Sorry for the radio silence - I have been absent from the blogs and am behind on the lessons - will try and catch up. I am however sticking to the diet and workouts, only missed a few last week due to a weekend camping trip with the family and some friends. So all good - am pushing through for a good finishing stretch.

Going well!

Exercise and diet all on track - starting to see muscles popping up here and there which feels nice! V motivated and looking forward to the exercises every day


Husband provided the crudités 👌

This past week and a half has been going really well - not missing any workouts and staying on diet - and as a result, am now feeling lighter and stronger and very motivated!! We’re half way through (woohoo!! High 5s guys!!) and I’m really feeling the exercises starting to bite now - wonder what’s in store for the second half...

Crab walk?

Erm... ? This is one of those exercises where I feel like I must be doing it wrong, I’m just not feeling it... what’s your take guys?

Lack of focus

Last week was a washout: a two day work retreat + (another!) weekend trip to see friends = exercises skipped and diet nor completely adhered to (plus quite a few glasses of wine and a couple of beers). This week I will finally be back to my normal schedule and we have no plans for the weekend, thankfully. I can really feel the exercises ramping up, and missing out on one or two is starting to feel more risky. Want to focus now!

Oh dear... so, having done really well in the first month and definitely got a bit smug about it, I went a bit overboard with the indulgence. We were visiting some friends over the weekend, who threw a big joint birthday party. Quite a few glasses of champagne, followed by birthday cake etc ... and then, feeling a bit rotten the next day, not exactly sticking to diet nor workout. Oh well - at least I got that out of the system, and it has definitely fueled my motivation to get back on track! Bring on those egg white dinners!!

All good so far

Exercises are ramping up at just the right rate for my liking. Have some work trips coming up next we’ll but only a couple of days so shouldn’t knock me off course too much. And this is the view for my Sunday run - how’s that for motivation 😊

Apart from one day of diet slip-up (big biannual work thing), all is on track. I think I am enjoying this initial phase more than I did during KB1: back then all was new (and skipping was a new and awful invention!) Now I know that later on, I will face dips in motivation and struggles to stay on diet, so am relishing these first few weeks when it all still feels easy and fun!

Haha, this was the best blog title I could think of - have definitely been working too much!
I am looking forward to a leaner, stronger, more toned body at the end of these 90 days. We are going on holiday on 14 July which is when the KB2 ends, so that provides a nice concrete visual goal for me: lounging by the pool while looking great in my bikini! And how to get there? Well, stick with the programme, right? This time, my husband (George B.) and I are doing it together so that will make it easier (food wise, it will be a temptation-free household!) - but also harder: I am seeing the negotiations coming: who gets to work out and who gets to put the kids to bed... :)
Looking forward to meeting the team! Good beginnings everyone!