Dorte H.

Dorte H.

Kenzai Body 2 | Day 45 (Member)
Kenzai Body 2
Day 45
Program progress:

Two dentist appointments past week meant I had two days of eating lukewarm liquids through a straw - really not a good idea to try and combine dentistry and Kenzai :(
This week we are off skiing, meaning diet is a bit more difficult to maintain and we get back to the chalet absolutely knackered, so it’s harder to find the motivation to do the exercises. So all in all: have been doing so-so these past five days. It helps that both me and hubby are KBing so we do try and pack those lunches and motivate each other. On the plus side: some ace views for the morning skipping!

Was out for a few days this week, due to a virus I must have picked up from the kids - slept for 36 hours straight and felt weak and lightheaded, but back in the game now. But phew, workouts are now at a stage where you really don’t want to miss any! Food wise all well.


Discovered a new breakfast! This is a Middle Eastern dish with peppers, tomato, herbs and eggs, so perfect for our current diet. Delish - and a nice change from those neverending spinach omelettes :)

Doing alright

A few slipups but generally on track. Am finding the cravings to be less difficult than last year when I did KB2 in the spring.
Motivation: finding nice new music to work out to! The daily workouts are « me time » and I love slipping on those headphones and letting my husband handle dinner time with the kids :)

All fine at this end - staying disciplined on my eating and keeping on top of the workouts. It helps that Hubbie is a Kenzai nut and currently on KB3 so we kick each other into gear :)


Hey hey! I’m Dorte, I’m Danish and I live in Switzerland - which means I love reading the updates from HK and other warm destinations, as here it’s cold, wet and dark!!
I did KB2 last year and loved the feeling of getting back into a good rhythm. The main motivation for me is feeling stronger and lighter - it’s not so much about the weight loss. I’ve got quite a weak back and if I don’t work out, it starts telling me off - but with two kids and work, prioritising a daily workout doesn’t really happen, unless I have to stick to a programme - and be accountable to my KB crew 😝 Looking forward to training with you all!

Not a graduation post :( 

Got completely derailed in the last week because of various Christmas related deadlines and didn’t finish the programme in the way I would have liked :( On the positive, it was good to get back in the groove and i really enjoyed the exercises, especially towards the end. Really good group this time around, so well done everyone, and thanks!! Wishing everyone some great holidays and an excellent and fit 2019!

Steady on

Exercises pretty much on track - diet not so much... too much chocolate getting in the way 🙄
Really enjoyed the dynamo twist, although I find a cushion is required to maintain balance :)

Whaaat? Ok guys, hands on your hearts: how many of you brave kenzai soldiers opted for that one over the alternate exercise? I am in awe of those who did!!


I figured a good way to keeping control over my lunch while eating out would be: finding a buffet! And it worked out pretty well - the local cafe had a nice selection of greens, some polenta and curry chicken. Eating out in Geneva is generally expensive though, which is a good additional motivation for staying on the packed lunches ;)


So this is the view from my daily commute: I bike past Swiss vineyards every day to and from work. Behind the hills I can usually see the local hills and then the Alps in the distance, and across the road, lake Geneva and the Jura mountains. The coulours change with the season and the views are often spectacular. It’s a great motivation for getting on the bike!

Made it!  

Finally! The end of KB2 was really well timed as it ended on the first day our holiday - meaning I am free to enjoy my rosé and gelato!
The final week of the programme was a washout as I was travelling and had loads of things to organise before the holidays - so I am still redoing some of the final exercises, for good measure. Also, towards the end, I somewhat neglected the lessons and the blogs. But overall I was pleased with my effort: I stuck with the diet and did my exercises nearly every day. And well chuffed with the result! I achieved my “bikini mission” and feeling toned and strong 💪 Thanks team mates & thanks trainers for keeping us going and motivated!!

Final stretches

Pretty much on track. Life got in the way a bit last week - last week of school for the kids, so loads of activities and things to prepare etc. My parents are visiting. They are very much the “meat generation” so that’s not making dinners easier - on the other hand, they are getting way more greens than usual, so that’s a plus ;)
Haven’t been great at being there for my team mates on the blogs, will try and do better these last weeks!

Still on track

Sorry for the radio silence - I have been absent from the blogs and am behind on the lessons - will try and catch up. I am however sticking to the diet and workouts, only missed a few last week due to a weekend camping trip with the family and some friends. So all good - am pushing through for a good finishing stretch.

Going well!

Exercise and diet all on track - starting to see muscles popping up here and there which feels nice! V motivated and looking forward to the exercises every day