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Kenzai Chisel | Day 30 (Member)
Kenzai Chisel
Day 30
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the wall

Today didn’t feel a

Week 2

Well, no more sandy beaches or 75 degree weather to work out in. Back on the 5am exercise train, in the dark, in the garage, in freezing temps. One of the many joys of home renovation in the winter, is a lack of space to exercise indoors... But the exercises are still fun, felt pretty solid through the cycles this morning. Feel like I just ate my body weight for breakfast, and looking forward to the day. Onward!

day 3

My daughter was wondering why I was grunting and sweating this morning, so she wanted to try. I don't know what I'll do when I have to workout in the basement in the dark wee hours again...

Grocery shopping

Holy Smokes! Todays lesson on Cravings was timely. I never really noticed before how Grocery stores seem to have all of my comfort foods, at eye level, literally everywhere! Those sneaky buggers. Seems I will be spending a lot of time at the grocery store, so perhaps some blinders? Made it through though, only Kale and fresh veg in the basket...See you later peanut butter cups (sigh).
Workouts are going well, seem to be slowly building steam. Made it all the way through the skipping with only one trip up.

week 1

Well, that went quickly, only 83 more days to go:) I have actually been really enjoying this so far. The biggest thing for me was realizing just how much I was grazing, with no awareness of what I was doing... a handful of pretzels here, a bag of chips there. The first few days I found myself literally having to put down food I had picked up as I was making breakfast for my daughter, or as I talked to a coworker with a bag of animal crackers on her desk. By the end of the week this had all become a bit easier. Clearly though for me, the diet will be the biggest challenge. Here we go, onward and downward... if you need me, I will be at the grocery store and doing food prep for the next 3-4 hours

Day 5

Another day, another 4am wake-up. The post workout quiet before the day starts is quickly becoming my favorite time of day. Fortunately my son (2.5 months old) has been allowing my workouts to happen consistently so far... I hope he doesn't see this, if he does he will probably start to wake up and scream through the workouts:) Leaving 1/4 behind has been a good practice in paying attention to how much I eat, I am a little nervous about having to weigh everything out. And salt...I will miss you. good luck everyone, keep it up

Wow, who knew jumping rope would be so hard after 30 years? I used to think I was relatively coordinated. After a few technical difficulties this morning, I managed to get my workout in. I'm really excited to get this going. Good luck everyone.