Edmond K.

Edmond K.

Kenzai Iron | Day 18 (Member)
Kenzai Iron
Day 18
Program progress:

I notice that I overeat when I am stressed and under pressure. Work has been stressful and I use eating to deal with pressure and stress.

Not sure how best to deal with times of stress and pressure. I do meditate each day but I notice that I use food to deal with during stressful times.

So for the last 3 days I have stayed on the nutrition plan. I think the major difference is being able to eat as much fruit as I want during the day. I notice that it has helped with hunger pangs and cravings for processed food.

So I am going to try to finish strong by completing all the workouts. But more importantly stay on diet for the whole week.

Day 9

Managed to nail down the diet and the workout. Finding the workout pretty straightforward so adding the 8 mins Abs that was on the Body 1 program.
Looking forward to lunch on Friday as we usually have a team lunch on Fridays.