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I had to postpone a running day this week because of an ankle issue. No idea what causes it, but I'll be walking along and suddenly I'll get a sharp pain in one of my ankles. Then I hobble around for the rest of the day. I've been to the doctors about it, and they shrug their shoulders. The next day I woke, and everything was fine. I did a hill workouts - 4 intervals 90 seconds run, 5 minute recovery. Today, I'll combine the recovery run with the ranger PT and be back on schedule. One nice thing about the ankle issue is it makes me appreciate being able to run.

Also dealing with a bit of a shoulder issue. It's been a low grade, nagging issue for awhile - so I am finally started to use the Kenzai bands to do some of the exercises that the PT gave me for a shoulder issue I had a few years back. The nice thing is push-ups and pull-ups don't bother it in the least. I feel it doing g certain movements and often times when I roll onto it when trying to sleep. Perhaps that's why I'm blogging right now at 4:15 am.

Enough of the whining about the various aches and pains in the body. Overall, program is going well. Diet could be tighter.


Hey y'all...the slight modifications continue because of the upcoming race. On Saturday my brother and I did an easy 1 hour run. For me that is a huge accomplishment because he is an awesome runner...as in has run a sub 3 hour marathon and ran a sub 2 minute half mile in high school. So, it felt good being his running equal. Mind you he's 10 years older than me, and I'm no spring chicken. Still very cool.

Today I ran, and tomorrow I'll do the ranger workout. Today's run was track intervals. 10 reps of 400 m in 1:40 with 200 m recovery jog. Overall, it felt good, but I could tell I didn't get enough sleep over the weekend.

Last night was the premiere episode of Game of Thrones finally season. So we had friends over for a watch party. The diet wasn't Kenzai compliant, but the baby back ribs on the big Green egg were muy delicious!

Say what??? We are only on day 2...true but I did my baseline a day early and so now I'm a day ahead. Plus, I'm training for a 10 mile race at the end of this month with a four day run training program. So,it all means that my days will be juggled just a little bit.

Today's workout was interesting. The sets were all to failure. I didn't get to where I was on the baseline test. Was that because I was holding back a little in reserve knowing that I had 3 more sets to go - or was it because the muscles were shot from the baseline test two days ago? I'm thinking a bit of both. However, I'd like to hear what others' experience was and any thoughts you might have.

Diet is good. I'm taking what I call the middle of the road approach. Clean eating and no weighing the food - which I hate for some reason.

Hey y'all! Because tomorrow is going to he a really busy day, I decided to do the Ranger challenge test one day early.

Here are my results:

Pull-ups 19...I was half way up for the 20th and just dropped to the ground. When I hit the pull-up cliff, I am done. Does this happen to anyone else?

Push-ups 48...I used to be a push-up machine and hope to become one again during this month. At the end my legs were shaking, and as I was on my knees after the last one, I had AC/DC's "you shook me all night long" going through my head.

Sit-ups 57...I look forward to getting those back to where they use to be.

The run - I'm an English system guy....So, I did 5 miles which is just a smidge over 8 km. My time was 37:26.6. Average minutes per mile 7:28 (4:38 minutes per km if my math is correct...no guarantee). The mile paces ranged from 7:33 to 7:17 which was the last mile where I was hustling to make my goal of 37:30.

Overall, not bad for a 50 year old, but definitely room for improvement.

Checking In

It's been about a month since the end of reboot. I'm happy to report that things are currently going well. I had a week or so slump. However, I've been on the upswing the past 3 weeks with each week a little better than the previous. Last week was where I need to be...clean eating and getting in all my runs and the Kenzai maintenance workouts. Some parts of the workouts are kicking my butt. The running is training for the GW 10 miler at the end of April. I'm about two weeks behind on the training schedule for the race, but you do the best that you can and go from there to.

Review of Reboot 

So, how was the reboot? It was not the most compliant program that I have done. I missed an unheard of 3 work outs when life got in the way and the diet in the mid part of the third week was not good...a combo if life getting in the way and my own choices. My blogging was definitely not up to snuff either.

All that being said, I am better off now than I was at the beginning of the reboot. Further, I have my plan in place going forward. Thanks to those who made some good suggestions. My plan is to train for the GW 10 miler at the end of April...goal time 1:15. A bit of a stretch but doable if I'm diligent. Part of the training will he doing 3 Kenzai maintenance workouts per week.

After the 10 miler comes chisel. I want to start the program in good shape, do it diligently like I did KB 1 and Kenzai run and see how chisleed I can get. (Does anyone hear Carly Simon in the background? Yes, that song was about me 😉)

To the team and trainer ... Thanks for your encouragement and help along the way.

Finally, GO PATS!!!!

Last stretch

After a shaky diet for a couple of days last week, I'm happy to say that the diet has been spot on this week. The workouts have been good, and after three weeks of them not being too hard, they ramped up this week. It's nice to he back in the saddle so to speak.

Now, the trick will be to maintain and build on this once the reboot is over. I have my sights set on a 10 mile run at the end of April. So,that will keep the cardio in check. Now, to figure out the diet and strength portions of the fitness regimen.

A week...

I was up at my company's HQ for most of the week. My time there was not a compliant time from the Kenzai diet perspective. It wasn't awful, but it wasn't where it should have been. I'm happy to say the workouts we're good. Time to dial it in for the last week. On the plus side... I'm at a better place than I would have been had I not been doing the reboot.

Week 3 is upon us. Life is going to get in the way again this week. I have to travel for work. That said, I will make sure to pack my workout gear and there is a good supermarket near where I am staying so I can make sure to get my eggs and fruit.

Life is a reality

Life got in the way on Wednesday afternoon. I had planned to workout when I was finished working for the day. Then in the late afternoon an unexpected work trip came up. So, I packed in a flash and was out the door - without workout clothes or Kenzai bands. Got to the hotel late that night. I did about 1/2 a workout over the two days that I was gone. The eating was interesting. I found that although I couldn't be entirely compliant that there are definitely some good options out there...even on the train. So, I made the best of it. Glad to be home where I can be in my element.

Here's a pic of one of the meals - a rice bowl with veggies and spicy chicken.

Hi there

Workouts and diet are on point., And I just have to say...I live my Kenzai breakfast - egg, avocado with hot pepper flakes, pepper, and onion powder on toasted pita bread. Yum!

Alt Cardio Sunday

My Alt Cardio was brought to me by Mother Nature. Last night we got 6" (15 cm) of snow. So, the morning began with an hour of snow shoveling. I figure that counts as my cardio for the day.

One week down!

Week One Challenge

Here is my answer to the week one challenge. We have a bedroom that has been transformed in our home gym.

Reboot intro

Hey y'all.

1. a. I'm Ted, and I live in Northern Virginia right outside of Washington, DC.
b. Mich of my time is spent working...I'm still trying to figure out how I can become a lady who lunches,but alas bills must be paid. Outside of work I love to read, spend time with the pets - two great Danes and two cats, cook, spend time outdoors with Sam etc.
c. What makes me happy...lots of things. Great weather, accomplishing a goal, harvesting the first tomato of the season etc
2. Why Reboot...well last year I needed to rip the band-aid off and get back in shape. This year I'm better off than I was, so just putting myself on a good track for the year. Trying to figure out my fitness cadence for the year.
3. Challenges...work could be a bit intense over the next two months...so we'll see.
4. An otter, of course. I have no idea why but I have always felt an affinity towards them, and a while back one of my cousin's kids when he was 6 years old looked at me and said.... you're an otter. He was going through his Shaman phase and had assigned each member of his family a totem animal. So, I took it as independent valdiation that my totem animal is an otter. Still trying to decide whether it's a river or sea otter. I'm currently leaning in the river otter direction, but nothing definite yet.

Day 3

So, the start of the program has been a little challenging. I'm getting over a bad cold, and yesterday and today I had to travel up and back from DC to Philly. However, I'm happy to say that I got in the three workouts and have got the eating trending in the right direction.

I'm feeling better and won't have to travel the rest of the week for work...so no excuses for not nailing it!

It's interesting to me that because Kenzai is now on my "To Do" list, I will figure out a way to do it each day. Conversely, if it were on my "I should probably do this" list...I wouldn't have worked out any of the three days.




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