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Kenzai Blast: Beach Ready | Day 4 (Member)
Kenzai Blast: Beach Ready
Day 4
Program progress:
Chisel Graduation Post 

Wow! What a great, tough 6 weeks. Chisel is a great program. I really enjoyed it - despite hitting the wall around the middle of week 4. It was nice to come through the other side. I enjoyed the intensity of the workouts and the "short" duration of the program. .

Thanks to the team and Sharmali - and other Kenzai folks - for your support. I wouldn't have made it through without out your kind, encouraging, wise words. Thank you for putting up with my daily dribble that I call a blog. It's my way of keeping myself accountable.

One thing that would be helpful is a link back to the KB1 lesson that discussed working out to failure on the first workout day that we have to work to failure.

Today's workout was great. The squat jump rope was insane but in a good way. I added push-ups to the burpees at the end and had to do two more because ending on 8 didn't seem right to me. It wanted to end on a (perfect) 10.

After today's workout Sam was going for a 40 minute run and I thought I would join him since it was the perfect temperature and his pace is a very relaxing pace for me. About 25 to 30 minutes in...I could tell that I had done a HIIT workout and hadn't had breakfast yet. I finished just fine,but it was a good mental check to show that a HIIT workout does take it out of you.

What's next? A week off...then turning to running and doing the Kenzai handstand course. Who wants to join me??? I mean, I'm 50 years old so it's about time that I learned to do a proper handstand, right??

That will keep for a month and then we'll see what's next. Maybe sculpt, maybe beach blast...maybe something else.

Thanks again, y'all!

Day 42

I couldn't sleep in today because I was so curious about the last workout. Sort of like a kid on Christmas morning! The workout was good....abd done before my morning coffee. The temperature outside was a perfect 58 (~14 Celsius) and the view was terrific.

Looking forward to posting my graduation post later today!

Day 41

Workout was good but still not fond of exercises to failure. Shoulder is a little gimpy but better than it was.

The lesson today was great. Anxious to see the workout tomorrow!

PS. The last prime number of the program... Check my math

Day 40

I'm with Andy. Cycle B tough,buy no longer scary. Strange as it may sound I love the double hang times. I'm looking forward to doing the Kenzai handstand program right after this. I got halfway through last time and got sidetracked. It's time for me to conquer the handstand.

Day 39

This Cycle A workout kicked me in the butt. Not sure why...it was hot and humid outside and the cold is lingering - so I'll chalk it up to that. Nonetheless, it got done!

Shoulder is getting better. I've concentrated on keeping my shoulders back during the jump rope (trying to put shoulder blades in my back pocket as. PT once explained it to me) and that has made a world of difference.

3 more days. How are folks feeling? I oscillate between being psyched at being almost done and feeling exhausted about the program throughout the same day.

Day 38

Happy to have only one more non-cycle workout to do!

Can someone please explain the philosophy behind failure...with body weight stuff I get it. However, with bands do you to a higher band,stand farther back, and fail sooner or lower band, stand closer, and go longer. Thoughts?

I'm happy to report that 38 (like every other even number with the exception of 2) is not a prime number.

A couple of pics of Tiberius since some have asked. The first was when he was 4 weeks old...the day he chose us. The second when he was picking up the dry cleaning.

Day 37

The last prime number of our 6 week program.

After yesterday's workout I felt pretty good. After today's workout I was a puddle in the floor. Interesting how cycle B workouts tend to do me in.

One thing that I've discovered on this program is how much I like to do the workout outside. It's really nice to be able to do that. It's a great change of pace. Even if it's hot and humid, it feels great to exercise outside.

5 days left!

Day 36

Turns out it's a cold not hay fever. So far, not feeling too badly... just a little blah. If it stays this way, all good.

Workout was good today. Wolfgang once again helped out and some slapstick comedy moments occurred.

6 days to go!

Day 35

Feeling a little washed out...hay fever...
cold? Not sure.

So, I decided to run with Sam today. By the time we got to it was 85 (30 celcius). The hot, humid, hilly 4.3 mile run took 50 minutes. It was really a jog, but all good.

For my challenge I decided to do the pull-ups. My plan was to do 5 sets of 10 pull-ups with a minute rest between each set. The first 3 sets went really well. After the 8th rep of the 4th set I dropped down rested for 10-15 seconds. Knocked out the last 2. Rested for 1 minute. Did 5 more. Rested for a minute and did the final 5. The form was good for all the pull-ups bit I really need to be able to do 5 sets of 10. Something to work back up to.

One week to go!!!

Day 34

Although I'm feeling fatigued, today's cycle B workout wasn't so bad. (I missed a workout this week - so am a day behind). So, I will count that as a sign that even though tired, the body is progressing in the program. Sam worked out with me - doing his own thing in the yard (see pic below). Sam then took a pic and video of me when I was busy doing the Vlads. Note Wolfgang's cameo appearance. Can't seem to get the video to load. Maybe tomorrow.

Day 33

The lesson yesterday was quite ironic. It was one of those days when I was running from one thing to another from the time I got up at 6 am until 10 pm at night. So, the workout wasn't done yesterday. Ugh! (Normally, my day is not thatjammed packed.) I couldn't help but laugh at the irony of it all. So, today I did yesterday's cycle workout and tomorrow I will do today's cycle workout.

I realized that the way I'm holding the jump rope is contributing to the shoulder issue. So, I tried a different rope today. It hurts after the first 3 minute jumping session. So the next two cycles I jumped in place and flung my arms around - looking ridiculous but cycling through.

Overall, I'm feeling a little fatigued. I think part of the cause might be that I'm not eating everything that I'm supposed to be. I find myself forgetting to eat the banana before a workout or skipping some of the dairy grams.

Day 31

Busy day! However, I was able to eat cleanly and get the workout in. I love the efficiency of the cycle workouts. Today's "regular" workout not as efficient...and a bit staid after the rush of a cycle workout.

Looking forward to my fruit snack tonight!! I find the nighttime fruit snack immensely satisfying!

Day 30

So, last night's event. Considerably better than I would have done had I not been on a Kenzai program,but definitely not what one would call a stellar prerformance either.

What I noticed today was how much harder every aspect of the workout was than it should have been. Don't get me wrong ... Cycle B is tough, but today it was tougher. I was sluggish on every part of the workout.

So, my take away is:. If you want your workouts to go well, EAT RIGHT (and sleep right)! Food is the fuel for this body of mine and without the right fuel it ain't going to run well!

It only took me 4 1/2 Kenzai programs to figure that one out. #sigh, #alittleslowontheuptake

PS. Day 30 y'all!! How psyched about that are you??

Day 29

Weeks ago we were invited to - and accepted - an event tonight called Chefs' Best. It completely slipped my mind until this morning. From the name of it, one can tell it isn't Kenzai friendly. I can't get out of it. So, I will make the best of it. I'll report back tomorrow.

Workout was good today. Shoulder seems to be doing okay!

Day 28

Two weeks to go!

I decided to go for an 8 mile (12.9) km run. My pace was a 8:52 min/mile (5:31 min/km). Probably a little faster than I should have gone for the rest day, but it felt good.

I chose the 3 minute superman exercise for my challenge. Much hilarity ensured when Wolfgang decided that it was play time. His older brother Tiberius (160 lbs/ 72 kg) decided that Wolfgang should leave me alone and that could be accomplished by him dominating Wolfgang...I did however managed to hold the post for the required 3 minutes.

Picture below is the two of them around Christmas.


Kenzai Blast: Beach Ready
Kenzai Blast: Beach Ready


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