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Edwina K.

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Day 28
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Long weekend...

We went away for the weekend and my husband said he would pack my skipping rope but he forgot.. lesson 1. Pack everything you really want to come with you when you go away. To be honest, it was a relief I didn’t have it. It would have been hard to do exercises, the diet and look after the kids, so farm work and spend time with my inlaws. Normally at the farm I eat and eat and eat and eat. There is always a banana bread in the oven. This time I stayed on diet. I had to guess quantities because I didn’t have scales but I resisted all temptations. I didn’t even have a slice of cake for my daughters birthday. So feeling pleased to have got through the weekend and two long car trips without eating bad snacks and just munching on fruit. Will get back into the exercise tomorrow.

Loving this...

I am loving my exercise time and having to eat so many veggies.. it is showing up how out of balance my diet has been for a while.. long may this feeling last

New person

I had a win today. First time I have been at a kids party and not been tempted by the cupcakes or the lolly bags. Normally I would sample all the sweets (and be very nostalgic over fairy bread). Not today! Stayed on the water and nibbled at the fruit platter. I really have changed! Ha!