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My uncle did Kenzai Silver about a year ago. He was frustrated with what was happening to his body as he entered his 60s - he'd always been so trim and looked so young. It was exactly what he needed, getting him into a daily exercise routine and well-rounded diet. And being the very disciplined person he is, he has really kept it up since.

Unfortunately, he has recently suffered a major health issue. Recurring fevers over the last few weeks turned out to be a bacterial infection in his blood. After much testing, his fabulous team of doctors was able to find the root - a patch of bacteria that had taken hold in a heart valve and been festering and sending bacteria into his blood stream - likely for several months. Most likely it started during routine dental work...uncommon but not unheard of.

The crazy thing is, his doctors were just absolutely shocked at how healthy he seemed. This should have made him so much more ill, tired, and miserable than it has. Unfortunately the only safe treatment at this point was to crack his chest, remove the infected valve and replace it. Wow - modern medicine is amazing! Only a few decades earlier and this infection would have been a death sentence.

He had the surgery on Thursday. It went even better than expected. The planned 4 hour procedure was done in 2. He was awake and sitting up by the next morning. Obviously he's got some recovery time ahead. But they are predicting that instead of the usual 6 days in hospital, he could be out in 3-4 days. And while those who are less healthy typically have a very tough 6 weeks following this type of procedure, they've told him he may not have to cancel a vacation he has planned for late October.

Of course it all remains to be seen, but for now it looks like his healthy living, thanks to Kenzai, is turning this into an amazing success story!


Best of luck in your continued recovery Uncle Charlie.


Today is brought to you by the letter B.
With a KB2 crew that kicked off last week, I'm woefully absent from my Kfriends' blogs. And while I seem to be absent from my own, it's because I'm in the Beach Body group that is beta testing the fancy shmancy new Kenzai app!
Just wanted to drop a note in here. I'll be more present here as time allows. It's a busy week/month/start-of-semester/life!


Allow myself to introduce myself.

1. Where are you located?
I’m in Hong Kong – moved here from New York City 9 years ago.

2. What do you do?
In addition to working for Kenzai part time, I am a stay at home mom to an 11 year old daughter and a 9 year old son. I love that they go to school all day. And I also love that I get to spend my afternoons, evenings and weekends with them.
I am an avid dragon boat paddler. I picked up the sport when I moved to Hong Kong, and I'm just starting my 10th season with the AWA Globe Paddlers. It’s fun being on a team of amazing women!
I love to travel. One of the perks of living in Asia is seeing so many places I never even imagined getting to. We are raising our kids to be adventurous travelers. Coming soon: fall break in Central Java to see Borobudur and Mount Merapi, along with other cultural and outdoor adventures!

3. Why are you here?
I heard about Kenzai from a neighbor back in 2012 and did my first program in September of that year. And I started working for Kenzai in 2015. I keep coming back for more because I love the lessons, workouts, diet plans and most of all the community. I have completed multiple programs and aim to hit a couple more this year - starting with Beach Blast next week!

Birthday celebrations yesterday - started the day off with friends out for SUP on a gorgeous sunny flat-water day!

10k Hike Today!

Decided to get out this morning despite the rainy weather. We were hiking a fairly flat and easy route mostly along the water. But it was useless to try umbrellas and too hot for a raincoat. I was drenched from head to toe, but it was still great to join the social hike and stop in Aberdeen for a Hong Kong milk tea after! I did try one small piece of the fried fish skin they gave us to go with it - not bad but not worth the cheat!

Got in a KLife workout yesterday and plan to complete the remaining 4 of 5 over the remainder of the week!

(Photos stolen from a friend's FB post)


4 weeks of (mostly) clean living has more or less cleaned up my 7 weeks of summer travels.
Got exactly what I needed from this program. Thanks to Sara for guiding us through and to my teammates and friends for the support.
I'll be following this latest diet for the next couple weeks and keeping the exercise going. And I plan to Beach Blast then T-Shirt Blast then Ski Boot! There's 3 months of Kenzai fun sorted!

Cycle Workouts!

Love 'em! Today's felt nice and quick. 4 sets of 12 v-sits is almost easy when they aren't right in a row!

The whole family got in on some exercise today. Will did his 8MA before getting dressed for soccer training. Leah did some dynamic stretches and went for a run with Shafi.

We are loving that the kids are showing an interest in their fitness. Long may it last!


My son has decided that cool soccer players have 6 pack abs. So now he wants to try to get some about definition. We've talked about how to do that...if you're not naturally blessed with it...and he wants to work on it.
He already eats pretty healthy and is naturally lean. So yesterday we did 8 minute abs together. He could not keep up with his dear old mom! But he tried his best for all 8 minutes and wants to do it again today.
Let's see how it goes!

Clean week!

Ready for a strong finish! Already seeing and feeling the difference from 3 weeks on program.


Ended up with a packed schedule today - getting daughter to and from choir retreat in the morning (9-11:30), will be stopping at urgent care after lunch to get her thumb looked at (recycling bin accident apparently), rushing back to catch most of son’s soccer tryouts (2-4). Plus I had a pedicure appointment at 10, which was supposed to be after a leisurely coffee. But extra addition to the schedule meant I needed to squeeze in a workout. With only 45 minutes including shower time, I cut the skipping to one 5 minute set (vs 3) and raced through the rest of the workout. I’ve been getting extra cardio almost every day so seemed like the right sacrifice for today!


Pretty healthy meatball recipe. Husband and I had it over zoodles. Kids had it over pasta with a side salad. Whole family at it all up! Yum!
Need to do more recipe research and add some life back into the menu!

All rolling along with the program. Definitely over 90% on the diet. And 100%+ on the exercise. Feeling great!

Got out on the water with a group for SUP and kayak this morning. Taught some newbies how to SUP. Did some nice strong paddling to catch up with some kayakers who had gotten up ahead of the rest of the group. Felt like a badass. ;)

Recipe - https://www.willcookforsmiles.com/meatballs/

Throwback Challenge

All humming along great! Resisted the wine at Sunday night AC buffet dinner. But did have a wee chocolate cookie and bite of my kids’ chocolate cake with my fruit - pretty successful considering how out of hand it can be.
And results showing! Less DOMS. Down 2 pounds.
Left knee niggling a bit - started after skipping yesterday - maybe too much too soon after not skipping all summer. So today I’ll go alt cardio and see how it goes in the next couple days. More foam rolling on the agenda too!
For throwback I don’t have much with me here in HK - so have to resort to photos from the digital age.
Can’t remember if I’ve shared this photo before - when my daughter was an infant. I gained a lot of weight in my pregnancies. Ugh...was a challenge to take it off.

Week 2 Challenge

I am seriously patting myself on the back for a very clean week since returning from the US. I did have 2 glasses of wine one night...but otherwise have been pretty damn close to 100% on diet and exercise. I'm almost caught up on the workouts - will be by the end of the week.

Today we had a dragonboat event - more of a come try out dragon boat paddling for AWA members than a team practice. Got in a bit of exercise, but I was in charge so spent much of the time sitting at the front of the boat explaining things and running drills. It was fun introducing the sport to a dozen newbies! And I knew the challenge to have lunch out would fit perfectly with this, as I was choosing the lunch spot for after we got off the boat. We went to CaliMex and I had my usual - grilled chicken burrito with only a little rice, no sour cream, add guacamole. It's obviously slightly light on the veggies and heavy on the carbs. But I think not a bad dining out option in the neighborhood - where there are not a lot of options!


I have extra respect for those who keep things on track in the midst of international travels. Jetlag is a beast.

Had a bit of an eventful start to the travel. Had planned to workout Wednesday morning but found out my 6pm flight was canceled, scrambled to get another routing. Success meant that we flew at 4pm instead - Hartford to Chicago to LA to Hong Kong. Still got on original LAX/HKG flight but with extra travel and layovers in between. And with the rush to finish packing, clean up the rental house, run a last couple errands en route to the airport - the workout lost out in the priority list. Lost a full day in travel (Thursday). Spent half of Friday unpacking and then took the kids to the pool for the afternoon to try to stay awake and get on schedule. Success on that front as we all slept pretty well Friday night. But again the workout lost out in the priority list and exhaustion.

So I thought today (Saturday) would be back on track. But I still had some work to do putting everything away, cleaning up emails, signing kids up for activities, filling out paperwork and making photocopies for passport renewals, running errands - next thing I knew it was 3:00 and all I wanted was a nap. So I took the kids to the pool for a couple hours. Success...except the workout didn't happen.

Now I'm pushing to stay awake until 9pm but no energy for more than a dog walk for exercise this evening. I think I'll double up a few of these short workouts to catch up in the next few days...at least the strength training portion. On a positive, diet is 100% since returning, and I was pretty good about my intake during the travel - even passed on the booze on the flights! And I felt pretty strong slinging around my 6 50lb suitcases! Getting 300 pounds of luggage in and out of cars and airports is no small feat!

Ready for kids to get back to school mid-week so I can have more me time again!


I've been spending my summer in the USA - in Litchfield County Connecticut. It's absolutely gorgeous here. And the weather has been pretty close to perfect with highs around 80 and lows around 60. But tomorrow I head back to Hong Kong - with weather I appreciate much more in the winter than the summer. The photo is me on the SUP I bought to use on the local lakes and ponds this summer. Not a Kenzai workout, but it's been my primary form of exercise this summer. Today I will be dropping it off in a friend's basement (along with my kids' summer camp duffles) to store until next summer. Bittersweet. But I also am looking forward to getting back to routine - including in diet and exercise.

Yesterday I did my Day 1 Reboot workout on the grass by the town beach (on a local pond). It was my first traditional Kenzai workout of the summer (with rope & bands) and I realized I'd kind of missed it! Heading out to the front yard to do today's as soon as I finish this post!

A quick intro:
Moved to HK in 2010 for my husband's job. Kids were born in NYC but now at 9 and 11 they have lived most of their lives in HK. When I'm not working as a Kenzai Trainer, I'm spending most of my time with them. I also like to hike, kayak, SUP, dragonboat, and generally get out and enjoy the world around me. Living in Asia has given us the opportunity to travel to amazing places around the continent, with more to come!

Reboot Required

If only I could just hit the restart button for this necessary update!
7 weeks of too much indulgence and low key exercise has let the pockets of fat plump up and the muscle tone down. But I head back to Hong Kong later this week - leaving on Wednesday and landing on Friday. So I'll probably miss a workout or two later this week. But otherwise I'm all in on this 4 week plan to get back on the right track.

End of Week 3





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