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Kenzai Mind | Day 7 (Member)
Kenzai Mind
Day 7
Program progress:

School bus drop-offs that is.  My daughter's school bus is at 7:22 and my son's is at 8:35.  So since the workout is still short and I have somewhere to be at 8:45 today, I got in my workout between my school bus drop-offs this morning.  First time doing it at home instead of going to the gym.  No problem.  My 2 year old enjoyed watching for a few minutes, although was upset that the rope was too long for him.  I did actually get 2 of my sets done without tripping!  But on each one he kept telling me to stop around 40...I guess 70 is a bit long for a 2 year old...would probably be more helpful if he was telling me to keep going though!

No problem on the max on the exercises today.  Approaching failure on the 4th set of push-ups but made it through.

Diet is going to be tough today.  Going to a coffee morning that will no doubt have lots of bagels, muffins, etc.  Going to let myself have 1 - where normally I would probably have 3 - so I think that's okay.  Will fill up on coffee instead.  Although will switch to decaf after a couple...don't want to have crazy caffeine jitters after.

Day 4 - going smoothly
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Felt pretty good about my food choices and portions yesterday.  And no trouble with the workout this morning.  Getting a bit easier even though I'm a bit sore.

Had to share this little cartoon that a friend of mine posted on Facebook

Just home from the gym.  Only tripped up once or twice on each jumproping set...and didn't feel quite as winded compared to the first day.  Thought the 60 per set was going to be tough but really not so bad.  I do start to feel the burn in my quads somewhere around 40 but can persevere.

Managed the 15x3 squats, 8x3 pushups, and 15x3 situps pretty quickly and with less soreness than yesterday actually.  Spent quite awhile stretching post-workout both days - I think that is helping a lot!

Decided on a scrambled egg and slice of toast this morning (as opposed to 2 eggs and 2 slices of toast) but I did eat a whole peach...just couldn't give up the other half...figured it's fruit so should be okay.  I'm not actually hungry at the moment...but thinking about eating only half makes me want to eat more...hopefully that feeling goes away soon!

Day 2 and feeling good

I have to admit that I was feeling pretty hungry all afternoon yesterday.  I usually eat a fairly light breakfast and lunch, so the half portion thing is tough!  I did have a handful of peanuts mid-afternoon to make it through until dinner...but that was certainly less than half of the peanuts I would have normally eaten by sitting with the container in front of me and eating until full.  Last night Shafi (my husband, who is also doing PCP with me) and I went to a local restaurant and shared a salad and a steak.  Normally we both would have eaten our own appetizer and entree with no problem - and we would have had at least a beer or 2.  We were both fine on the half portions and having soda water with fresh lime.  We even stopped at our local pub after with some friends and stuck to soda with lime.

I did wake up slightly sore this morning from yesterday's workout, but after a little stretching I was feeling good.  Hit the gym at Will's naptime again.  Getting better on the skipping...but still finding it a bit challenging.  No problem on the 10 x 3 lunges, although my left hamstring was feeling pretty tight...made sure to give it a good stretch after.  Bit painful on the 8 x 3 push-ups and again felt the 3rd set to be a bit worse on the form.  And not too bad on the leg-ups - found the sit-ups easier - but didn't have any trouble completing 10 x 3.

Shafi and I shared corned beef hash and scrambled eggs this morning - not the healthiest breakfast but I did feel satiated after eating my half - and normally I would have eaten the whole thing anyway.  Also avoided helping the kids finish their waffles.  Spent the morning at the beach and the 4 of us had a pizza for lunch.  Actually left 3 uneaten slices in the box...where normally we would have definitely finished the pie and probably had some wings or mozzarella sticks with it.

Enjoying reading a few others' blog posts.  Looking forward to the journey ahead with all of you.

Ready to rock!
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Sized my jumprope this morning.  Ate half my bagel (my Saturday breakfast...not my every day breakfast...going to be much harder when I'm eating half a yogurt!).

Workout seems like it'll be pretty easy - except that I'm not good at jumprope.  I think I'll wait until my 2 year old goes for his nap (and my 4 year old gets her daily dose of TV time) and head up to the gym at the American Club to get my workout done.  I plan to do my jumprope outside when the weather gets a bit cooler...but between the heat/humidity and mosquitoes right now I will stick to indoors.

Feeling pretty psyched up to get this started!

Afternoon update:
Headed off to the gym around 1:00pm.  Asked for a body fat measurement before getting started.  I'm hoping to retake it every 30 days or so to see my progress.
This was using a Tanita scale with various other measurements...no idea how accurate it is.
Weight - 155.2 lbs  (I was 150 this morning at home...guess my home scale may be a bit light!)
Body Fat % - 30.1 %  (Really expected this to be a bit lower but apparently this is right in the middle of the healthy range)
Body Water % - 51 %
Muscle Mass - 101.6 lbs
BMR (basal metabolic rate) - 1476
Visceral Fat - 7 lbs
I actually wasn't all that comfortable with how the scale worked, or the trainer's knowledge of it...so I may pop in later this week to try to get another reading now that I have read up on the Tanita website about it.

I did my first workout.  It wasn't too bad.  The first set on the jumprope was pretty awful.  I think I tripped 4 times.  And even with that I was burning by about 30.  But it actually got a bit easier as I went on...with a couple minutes rest between sets.  I used a pilates mat to provide a bit softer surface and hopefully protect my knees a bit.  On my 5th set I actually made it through all 50 jumps without tripping up.  I was definitely panting afterwards.  I really didn't know jumping rope was so intense!

I had no trouble at all with the squats - did 15 x 3.  The pushups were tougher than I thought.  A few months ago I think I could have done 3 sets of 10...but I haven't kept it up.  I did manage 8 x 3 but my form was degrading (not getting those elbows down to 90*) by the 3rd set.  Also no problem on the sit-ups at 15 x 3.


I have been psyching myself up for PCP for months now.  I think I first inquired about it in April.  I have watched several friends and neighbors go through it and been absolutely amazed at the results of those who really stuck to it.  And even a few months on I am impressed at how well some of them have kept fit and trim.

Having talked about doing this for awhile, I got my husband interested as well.  No doubt this will be much easier on our marriage and social life to do it together.

Although that said, we do really enjoy eating out, trying new restaurants, having a few pints at the pub...  So it will be a challenging 90 days for us.

But as far as convenience, I've got it good.  I live in Hong Kong.  I spend most of my time with my kids, ages 2 and 4 1/2.  And we have a live in domestic helper.  She does much of the grocery shopping and all of the cooking.  I'm sure she'll require quite a bit of guidance to follow some of the PCP rules for our meals, but I certainly won't be complaining that I don't have to do the prep and cooking myself!  And of course with the kids in school in the mornings and someone else to take care of things around the house, I should not have any trouble finding time to work out.

In case anyone is interested...a little more background on me:
I moved to Hong Kong from New York City 2 years ago for my husband's job.
I just turned 34 this week.
I have always been an athlete.  Soccer was my sport growing up, but I had some injuries in high school that put an end to that.
I have been a dragon boat paddler here in Hong Kong with the American Women's Association Globe Paddlers.  While I can't say I love the sport quite the way I have always loved soccer, it has been a great way to be on a team again and great exercise.

And a bit on why I am doing what most of my friend's think is a crazy diet & exercise program:
My kids are getting a little older...and I feel like if I don't do something now to get my body back then I never will.  I have lost the weight and gotten somewhat fit...but I'm definitely still holding on to some extra fat in various places.  I always had flat abs...and now I'm unwilling to put on a bikini.  I'd like to tone up my arms, legs, butt, etc.  But more than anything I am hopeful that I can regain the flat abs...

I'm 5'9" with fairly broad hips and shoulders...so I feel that for me having good muscle tone makes all the difference between looking athletic and looking big.  I'm not doing this for my husband or anyone else...it's for me...to feel more confident and happier with myself.

Going into this I am a little concerned about my knees.  The injuries I mentioned...I tore my right ACL in 1995 and my left in 1996.  I tore the graft in the left in 1997 and found out a couple years later that the graft in the right had stretched.  Having put on significant weight in college I went through a period of time of having knee pain in 2000-2002 or so.  I saw several orthopedists and came to the conclusion that the best thing for me was to give up all high impact sports, lose weight and try to stay fit.  I have more or less done that and have not had much knee pain since.  That will definitely be something I need to be careful of during PCP, but I am hopeful that I will be able to manage/substitute/etc. where necessary in the workouts.

Tomorrow it begins...looking forward to it!

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