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Somehow it seems like the multiple of 10 ought to be a milestone...except of course it's more than 40% and less than half...4/9ths it is!

Had a packed day today, so got up at 6, had my pre-workout fruit, hit the gym about 6:30.  Did 14.5 minutes of jumproping in about 20 minutes...needed some breaks...but got through it.  Took me about 35 minutes to get through the rest.  So no time for 8MA today.

Pistol squats continuing to improve.  Floor jumps continuing to be painful by the end.  Chest dips improving, too.  Those push-ups after are killer - first 2 sets good, 3rd set passable, 4th set barely eeked out.  Good burn on standing ovation with black band and very tough by the 4th set of davincis on blue band.  Sit-ups quick and not bad but plank tough!  The last one felt interminable!

I scarfed down my breakfast about 8:00, held off on the morning snack until 11, but then had lunch at 1, afternoon snack at 2:30, dinner at 6...and I'm starving by 7...trying to hold off another hour on my veggies.  Wish I had waited a bit longer for lunch and afternoon snack but the schedule didn't quite work that way.  Having a cup of vanilla chamomile tea for now...

Feeling pretty good overall...except my right hand is making me crazy...I tweaked something doing tricep dips on Monday.  I emailed with my physio today and she thinks maybe a nerve in my neck, not necessarily my wrist.  No pain or strength issues but a very annoying tingling / pins & needles type sensation in my right thumb and forefinger for 2 days now!  She suggested ibuprofen for 3-5 days...and then if it's still there I'll need to go to a doctor.  Really hoping the ibuprofen does the trick!  And soon!

Day 39 - Got milk?

No...we don't.  Our playdate yesterday included some thirsty low-fat-milk-drinking kids.  So Shafi and I ended up having skim milk with our dinner tonight...the low fat was gone.  And as soon as I'm done with my blog post I will be making a quick trip to the grocery store.  We actually get our milk delivered here...in paper cartons so it's not all that exciting...but convenient!  The problem being that it's a standing order on M/W/F, and you need 2 business days notice to make a change...so our changing PCP diet makes figuring out the changes to our milk order a bit complicated!  Ah well, first world problems...

Today was a holiday here in Hong Kong.  We got up and took turns getting out to do our jumproping.  Then I prepped our snacks for the day and we took the kids up to the American Club to spend the day hanging out by the pool.  It's only about a 1 minute drive from here but we decided we'd rather commit to the day versus running back and forth.  And they do a great job of letting you order off-menu - so we knew we'd be able to be fairly PCP-compliant on the meals.

Hard boiled eggs, sliced avocado, sliced tomato, and rye toast for us.  Lox & bagel with cream cheese for the kids.  Relaxed with a couple cups of coffee (with milk) while the kids played.  Then I took the kids to the pool while Shafi did his workout in the gym...then we switched.  Ordered the kids hot dogs and mac n cheese for lunch.  And we actually managed to put together a nice spread for ourselves - shared a 12 oz steak (pretty sure it came out about right when we trimmed the fat and estimated our 150g and 120g portions), large mixed green salad with lemon wedges and balsamic vinegar, double portion of steamed veggies, roasted cherry tomatoes and brown rice.  We also had a couple rolls from the bread basket.  The roasted tomatoes actually went very nicely in the brown rice.  And a little lemon and balsamic on the steamed veggies as well as the salad.

We spent all afternoon playing in and relaxing by the pool...and came home just in time to clean up, feed the kids, put the kids to bed, and enjoy our egg whites and apples together.

The workout was tough today.  Pistol squats and creeps went well.  Pull-ups - not so much!  I did a couple sets of 8 assisted pull-ups, experimenting with the weight - had to increase it from 20 to 30 in order to do the 3rd set.  Then I switched to incline pull-ups, which I barely managed to do 2 sets of 8...not sure I even moved visibly on the last few...in my mind I was working hard...in reality I think I was just turning red in the face.

Lawnmower and pull-down were pretty good.  But that forward shoulder raise was another killer.  First set good.  Second set passable.  Third set had to break in 2 and fourth set had to break in 3...and the last few were nowhere near eye level...

I do like finishing with abs.  First 2 sets of v-sits were quick and good.  The 3rd set was a bit slower but not bad.  4th set was pretty messy.  Side crunches are still feeling pretty easy.  And finished up with 8MA.

Busy few days coming up.  And we're moving apartments in a week...going to make PCP extra challenging...but we'll manage.

Day 38 - Evening workout

Got up and did my jumprope at 7.  Kids were out of school today so at least I didn't have to get up earlier.  But then we had a playdate that went on a bit longer than I thought.  Had planned to workout around noon and eat lunch after.  Didn't get our friends out of here until after 1:00 and then ate lunch...and then had to take Will to soccer followed by ballet for Leah...did my workout in the living room while the kids ate dinner.  So frustrating to have to push the workout back so late in the day, as I much prefer it in the morning.  But such is life sometimes.

Although that said, I do actually like separating the jumproping and the other exercises...definitely easier to do the leg work when it's not immediately after all that jumping.  Felt pretty good on the pistol squats today.  Trying not to use the chair for much more than balance and getting pretty far down on the right leg...less on the left.  First 2 sets of floor jumps were pretty easy...3rd a bit tougher and barely completed the 4th.

About the same on the outside curls - green (medium) band pretty easy for 2 sets, harder on 3rd and approaching failure but did manage to eek out 13 on the 4th.  Stuck with the green band for the show-off but stepped a bit further back once I got started.  Definitely tough on the last couple sets.

4 sets of tricep dips!  First 2 felt good, third a bit shaky, fourth I had to switch to legs down for the last half.  And somewhere along the way I must have tweaked a nerve in my arm or wrist, as I've got a tingling in my right thumb and index finger...hoping that's gone by the morning!  Ski jumper is definitely tougher than it looks...especially when coming after the tricep dips.  Serious tricep burn!

Bicycle is tough...struggling the last few seconds of first set, last 10 seconds of 2nd, half of 3rd, and most of 4th.  Completed...but definitely some slowwww cycling at the end!  Plank was surprisingly good today...hurting by the 4th and glad when it was over but no trouble finishing.  And followed up with 8MA.

One positive of the late workout - really liked combining my post-workout yogurt and fruit with my apple/eggwhite/milk dinner.  Not even feeling particularly hungry for veggies yet and it's been an hour since I ate!

Day 37 - Junk!

Junk boat, that is.  Had an all day trip with the family today - 9 to 5.  Had lots of fun but super exhausting.  So glad I saved my rest day for today!  I did get up and do my jumprope at 7.  Timed 14 minutes.  Not too bad.

I did of course get in a bit of swimming while we were out.  Strong current meant I was working hard just to keep my kids with me and not float too far off from the boat!  But more than that, I was proud that I resisted the urge to eat the delicious looking food that was everywhere...it was potluck style and there were lots of appetizers, sandwiches, desserts, and other various junk.  We packed our fruit snacks and lunches and a hard boiled egg each.  And we brought lots of soda water.  I did graze a bit on the fruit salad I brought to share, as well as some carrots, cucumber, broccoli, cauliflower, snap peas - just a couple of each.  And I do admit that I dipped one carrot into a jalapeno ranch dip just for a little taste...wasn't that exciting after all so no trouble staying away from it after that.  Would have been nice to have grazed on the sausage rolls, meatball sandwiches, cookies and such...and to have had a few beers...but then I'm sure I'd be feeling even more beat now!

We got home and were all exhausted...told the kids we were having breakfast for dinner.  Scrambled up some eggs with a little cheese for them and some egg whites for us.  Gave them some toast with jam and fruit too...and had our apples.  And all drank our milk.  It was kind of a sweet family dinner actually.

Hoping for a good night's sleep tonight!

Day 36 - I am strong!
Dragonfly20130312 2 1jpnomn

I am strong
I am invincible
I am woman

This song came into my head today...I think it used to be in a commercial for sporting goods of some sort...it would otherwise have been a bit before my time...

Took my Week 6 photo this morning.  Week 6 already!  Definitely seeing the progress.  And I'm down over a pound on the scale since last week.  It has been almost 10 years since I weighed <145.  And I also realized while talking to some of the newbies at dragon boat practice the other day how far I've come in the last 2 years.  I weigh about 30 pounds less today than I did when we moved to Hong Kong 25 months ago.  And my fitness is leaps and bounds above where it was then.

All that said, I actually struggled a bit with the jumproping today...not tripping but just having trouble with the stamina.  Bed after 11 last night and son up at 5:15 this morning probably had something to do with that.  Didn't get in my usual first thing in the morning workout...we had breakfast with a friend and then I waited until noon so my breakfast and morning snack had settled.  Timed 14 minutes of jumping but over a span of 20 minutes...ugh.  Legs were sore, body felt tired, stopped to stretch calves and quads a couple times...

But then I decided to try to shorten my workout time - following some of the discussion around how long the workout should take.  I was doing the day 37 workout, as I've saved my rest day for tomorrow.  I really pushed to keep my breaks short and my exercises quick but solid.  Start to finish in almost exactly 30 minutes.  Huge kudos to those who do it in less...I can't even comprehend how...

Definitely made some progress on the pistol squats.  Was able to go almost to 90* on the right leg but maybe only about 75* on the left.  And 3x5 was no problem.  The last 2 sets of the creep gave me some pretty harsh burn in the legs...but I felt strong.

And the real noticeable progress was on the chest dips.  I'm still not getting 90* at the elbow - but I was pretty damn close on the 1st set of 6.  I am strong!  And the dip got a little bit less with each set but still a good strong 4x6.  Felt good!

Although the 4x10 push-ups after the chest dips were killer...hit failure at 7 on the last set...rested a few seconds and did the last 3.  Good burn on the standing ovation with the black band.  Good burn on the shoulder fly with the green band...very tough to complete the last set.

And not too bad on the abs.  I daresay my first set of v-sits was pretty perfect...although each set got a bit uglier and the final set was definitely hideous.  Side crunches actually felt too easy - did 3x10.  Then finished up with 8MA.

And then I had a good long stretch.  Been feeling a little twinge in my right hip the last couple days, I think caused by tightness in the quad and groin.  Spent at least 10 minutes really stretching legs.  And I was actually feeling quite limber by the end.  Added a few minutes of stretching upper body and core.  Start to finish I was still at the gym for almost an hour and a half.  But it's Saturday so I could...in a time crunch I would definitely be able to cut that down to about 50 minutes.

Just had a delicious lunch of steamed fish, baby bok choi, and brown rice with a lot of lemon squeezed over all.  And had my post-workout yogurt and a persimmon...mmm.  Might need some coffee this afternoon, and definitely an early night tonight...but I am strong, I am invincible, I am woman!

We have a busy family day coming up on Sunday, so I decided I'd do Day 36 workout today, Day 37 workout tomorrow, and save my rest day for Sunday.  But ugh...I'm tired.  Had interrupted sleep last night and woke up with a crick in my neck.

But I persevered...got up at 6.  Did my jumproping at the playground.  Decided to time it today instead of counting - I average around 120 jumps/minute but to be safe I did 14 minutes...with a few breaks here and there but 14 minutes of actual jumping.

And then I came in and did the rest of my workout.  Those pistol squats are rough!  I definitely can't go down all the way...but I'll work on it.  Floorjumps were killer today too...legs still tired from yesterday maybe.  Did 1 pull-up and completed the set with negative pull-ups.  Then switched to assisted pull-ups for 5x10.

Lawnmower with the black (heavy) band was not too bad and then pull-down with the green (medium) band was a hurt so good feeling.  Shoulder press with the yellow (very light) band is still tough.  Powered through 1st set pretty well, but failed at 14 on the 2nd and 12 on the 3rd.  

Definitely not loving the bicycle.  First few seconds I thought it was easy...then my cycling got slower and slower as I struggled to keep my legs up and moving...by the 3rd set I was barely rolling.  Plank was actually not too bad...and finished with 8MA.

Off to get a shower and get going with my day!

Those floor jumps were killer today.  I made it through but struggled on the last couple of the 3rd set and then thought I might not actually get off the ground for the last 5 or so of the 4th set.

I have to say - I still do not like cardio.  Never have had good endurance.  Never seems to improve greatly even with concerted effort.  But I'm doing the jumproping.  I don't have issue with jumping...but it's still hard to imagine being able to do it all in one go...and yet I still want to!

Curls with green (medium) and one arm curls with blue (light) - not too bad - struggled a bit on the last couple sets on the left - guess my right arm is stronger.  Actually felt pretty good on the tricep dips today.  My 2 year old sat on the chair that my feet were on and was very proud to be helping mommy...maybe that was extra motivation.  My last 3 or so were not all the way down...but I did complete them.  And even the double katanas felt a little easier today...not ready to move up from the yellow (very light) band yet...but maybe in a week or so.

Also found the leg-ups rough today.  I can do 4x25 sit-ups no problem but that many leg-ups just seems interminable!  Planks after were not all that bad though...I think I was just relieved that it was only 3!  Did my 8MA after...feeling strong!

Off to dragon boat practice!

Couldn't quite muster getting up early enough for a pre-breakfast workout this morning.  Luckily I actually have a pretty light day planned, so I had breakfast with the kids and went to the gym a little after 9.

Not too bad on the skipping today - varied between sets of 200 and 350 - and completed 1350 in 15 minutes total including breaks between sets.  Still hoping to increase my endurance and do it all at once...or maybe at least cut down to 2 sets...but going to have to get more sleep and find more energy to go for that.

Squats and creeps were fine today - I think I'd be happy to do any leg work other than lunges.  Figured out that the machine for assisted pull-ups, dips, etc. actually has a little hook at the bottom to take the assisted bit out.  I'm still only going about halfway down, maybe a little more, but it's a much more comfortable place to do the chest dips...did my 4x6.  Standing ovation with the red band afterwards was tough.  And forward shoulder raises with the blue band was killer...first 2 sets okay...but barely eeked out the 3rd and had to take a 5 second break after 10 reps on the 4th.

Leg-ups actually didn't feel too bad.  But oh those v-sits kill when they are following the leg-ups!  Made it through but definitely had a few ugly ones in there!  Finished up the workout with 8MA.  I find it weirdly addictive...

And on that note...I am really starting to see some abs peeking through.  Still have a layer of stretched out skin and some fat covering up much of it...the joys of 2 pregnancies!  But when I did measurements on day 29 I had lost 7 cm around my waist.  And the combo of that and extra ab work is really showing up!  Feeling motivated by that!  Would really love to regain the flat abs of my youth!

Day 32 - Tired...
Dragonfly20130312 2 17o5vvl

Well, not sure if it was yesterday's hiking, Will's 3am wake-up (just needed a little pat on the back but then it took me 20 minutes to get back to sleep), or Will's 5am wake-up (this one was "morning time"), but I am just beat today.  I was so tempted to try to go back to sleep at 6 when my helper took over childcare and such...but I didn't.

Did my jumping out at the playground at about 6:30.  Warmed up with 200 and then spent the next 100 trying out some tricks.  I can "walk" around the playground equipment...but I imagine it looks pretty horrid, as I feel like I'm having to kick my legs up a bit high in back.I can turn in a circle...but I really don't like that.  I can skip in place but it seems like a lot more work than just regular 2-foot jumping.  I can jump on one foot...and then the other...also a bit more painful than regular jumping.  I did another set of 300 after that.  Then I did another 100 of playing with the rope.  I actually can do a cross-over...but it's definitely ugly!  That one will take some work!  Finished off with 2 sets of 300 and then realized after coming back inside that I was 50 short...so did those quickly in the apartment.

I felt pretty wiped after the jumping...plus it was pretty humid out so I was absolutely dripping.  But I took Leah to the school bus and then came back for the rest of my workout at home.  Painful lunges.  Painful floor jumps.  Didn't quite have a good place for incline pull-ups at home, so I did 1 set of 7 negative pull-ups.  Then I used a chair to do 5 sets of 10 assisted pull-ups trying to rely on my upper body as much as possible and my legs as little as possible.  Not ideal but good enough for today.  Managed with the red (very heavy) band on the rowing but was definitely burning the last 2 sets.  Davincis were killer today...2 sets not too bad but sets 3 and 4 required a couple extra little breaks to complete.  Sit-ups not too bad...but plank after was tough, especially with the increased time and number.  First 2 okay but shaking through most of the 3rd and all of the 4th.  But I still did my 8MA...gave myself a couple minute stretching break first and then just went for it.

And the kicker...after getting Will on the bus and rushing through my breakfast a bit...I was off to dragon boat practice.  We did a pretty intense warm-up today with lots of push-ups, ab work, inchworms, squats, mountain climbers, and jumping jacks.  Then we got on the boat.  Luckily it was another light practice with several new paddlers trying it out for the first time.  We had a couple longer stints - 150 strokes or so - and one stint of 40 or so with only about 1/3 of the boat paddling (veterans showing the newbies how it's done).  My shoulders and upper back were definitely feeling the burn.

And now after my hearty lunch of whole wheat penne with veggies and sashimi (separate dish...not mixed together)...I feel quite drained.

But now that Will is down for his nap, I think I can get in about an hour nap before this afternoon's playdate.  And I will definitely be turning in early tonight...8:30 bedtime sounds about right...

Dragonfly20130312 2 lk9m2t

I've lived in Hong Kong just over 2 years now...and it seems like everyone I know does a lot of hiking.  Unfortunately the hiking here tends to include lots of hills and steps...might be a plus for some...but with my knees I am wary.  After the physio told me that my knees were feeling pretty tight and strong a couple weeks ago I decided to join my neighbors for a hike over The Twins today.

The Twins is part of the first stage of the Wilson Trail.  "The Wilson Trail makes a challenging start: Section 1 ascends straight up the sheer hillside of the double hill known as "The Twins", a favorite of local hikers. The stepped path ascends through low shrubs, flowering with pink melastoma in spring. On each side diagonal ridgelines cut the sky, and to the right there are mountain clefts. The scattered Stanley community spreads out below, and farther off the Stanley and D'Aguilar peninsulas frame distant Beaufort Island and rugged Poi Toi.The climb is long and occasional pauses reveal ever more dramatic vistas. On still blue days the hillsides shimmer, on grey windy days they are exhilarating. The suggestion of a summit comes into sight, but instead one reaches a knoll with a view compass. Here there are fine vistas into Repulse Bay and Deep Water Bay, enclosed by the Chung Hom Kok headland. On the other side is a whaleback ridge, and beyond it steep plunging gullies. Beyond the expanse of Tai Tam Bay lie the Dragon's Back and Mount Collinson.[2]"

Well, now I've done it.  And I don't know that I have any great need to do it again!  I can understand and appreciate the wilderness and the view...but I'm not quite so keen on all those steps to do it!  I'm told there are around 1000 steps...but I didn't count!

Meanwhile, I also did my PCP workout today.  I got up and did my jumproping before taking Leah to the school bus.  I tried to change it up a little and attempt some skipping, shuffling, etc. rather than the 2 leg jumping I usually do...but I found I was not so capable at anything else.  I'm going to have to watch some videos and work on that.  I broke today's 1300 up into 200 to warm up, 100 of pathetic attempts at other styles, 300, 350, 350.  The humidity must be back up today, as I was dripping by the end.

After getting Leah on the bus, I had my hearty breakfast and headed out for the hike, which took about 1:45 (hours, that is).  Got home in time to get Leah from the school bus and then she joined me for the rest of my PCP workout.  Those floor jumps were a killer after all those steps!  My thighs were absolutely screaming by the 4th set.  I went down a bit on the bands for the curls so that I could make it through.  Blue (light) for curls and yellow (very light) for one-arm curls.  I was definitely feeling the burn but didn't have any trouble completing any of it...so I think next time I'll go back up to green/blue.  First 2 sets of elevated tricep dips actually went fine but 3rd set I could only go about halfway down for fear of failure...and then I did the last half of that set with bent legs but full range of motion.  Stuck with the yellow band for the double katanas...painful!  First set okay, second set my arms were shaking by 10 but I completed 12, and third set I took a few second breather after 8 and then completed the last 4.

Abs...oh my!  4x25 on the leg-ups!  I did manage them all but the 4th set my abs and thighs were not too happy with me!  Planks were surprisingly okay after though.  And I decided to go ahead and try the 8 minute abs.  I actually kind of liked it - I can do almost anything for 45 seconds.  Powered through with no major issues.  Definitely felt the neck soreness during parts but I am sure that will get better pretty quickly.  Going to plan to add 8MA to my daily routine, time permitting.

Wow!  One third done!  Feeling good!

Workout was hard but I also sort of enjoyed it...  1300 jumps done in 5 sets.  Legs (quads and calves) were a bit tight from yesterday, so even with stretching I was feeling more pain than normal on the jumping.  Decided not too push too hard and take some stretch breaks between sets of 250 to 300.  Not bad on the squats...but definitely in pain by the last set of creeps.  Chest dips are hard!  I definitely can't go down all the way...think I'm getting about 70% there.  Did 4 sets of 5 and threw in an extra set of 4 at the end.  And those standing ovations hurt a lot more following the chest dips than they normally do on their own!  Same with the forward shoulder raises...no problem on first 2 sets, but approaching failure around 12 on the 3rd set and 10 on the 4th.  Threw in an extra set of 8 at the end...barely!

Powered through the leg-ups - hurting on the last set but made it.  But oh yes I felt the vendetta today!  Didn't have too much trouble the last couple times I did them...but after all those leg-ups the v-sits were a serious challenge.  My form was horrible...first set I think I started to change from Vs to Ns around number 8.  Second set I didn't even get to 5 before I started to look pretty pathetic.  And third set was just in shambles the whole time.  But I completed them all as best as possible and spent some good time stretching out after.  Think I'm going to be sore tomorrow!

Day 29 - Down 1.5%!

Got up at 7 this morning to get my workout out of the way before the busy schedule of weekend kiddie activities.  Saturday is usually my day to sleep in...but I napped over an hour on the couch yesterday evening and went to bed at 10...so feeling much more refreshed than I have been in awhile!

I have been trying to schedule with the trainer to do my measurements again...with no luck.  But this morning his first client was a no-show, and when I ran into him I was only 400 into my jumproping, so I took a break and did measurements.  He's going to email me everything later...but I was down 1.5% body fat...felt good to see that!

Workout not as terrible as I feared...but tough.  Not too bad on the skipping.  Lunges were painful but doable without breaks.  But going straight into the floor jumps...ouch!  Barely completely the 3rd set...and very winded!  And holy pull-up hell...6 sets!  I did my 1 regular pull-up...and then switched to inclines.  10, 8, 8, 6, 6, 6 - and that last one - 4 good ones and 2 half-ups.  Rowed 4x15 with the red (heavy) band - but definitely hurting on the last set.  4 sets of davincis!  Struggled with the last 5 on the 3rd set...and actually took a few second breather before the last 5 on the 4th set.  Sit-ups okay but abs burning after the 4th set...and then straight into planks...4 of them!  Made it and timed it and stuck to it...but ouch!  Definitely shaking on the 2nd half of the 4th.

I was a bit anxious to see the new diet this week.  And I have to say I'm weirdly excited about it.  Made my shopping list and going to go stock up on some more fruits, veggies, and eggs later.  I think I might actually be happier with the fruit and egg whites than the carb-less somewhat bland dinners I've been getting bored of.  I'm happy to be getting more yogurt, which I really like mixed with fruit.  And I'm going to get some carrots, celery, cucumber, etc. to create evening snacks.  I think that might actually help curb the munchies I get sometimes in the evening to sit with a bowl of carrot sticks and such.

Good luck with week 5 Helios!

Day 28 - Over 30% there!

Just realized everyone mentioning the 30% mark...wow!  Can't believe we've come so far already...although it does sound a bit different when you put it the other way - 70% to go!

Had a field trip at my daughter's school this morning, so got on the school bus with her at 7:22.  I've got a busy day ahead so I decided I needed to do my workout early - got up at 6 (although was woken by my kids at 4:30 and 5:40...so wasn't quite sleeping at 6 anyway) and headed straight out for my jumping only day...so glad it's a rest day!  Had a friend in town and went for drinks (soda water for me!) last night so didn't manage to get to bed until 11:30.  Hoping to get in a nap with my little guy after lunch.

Decided to change my approach on the jumping today.  Instead of longer sets with long rests I went for shorter sets with shorter rests...I think I like it better.  Not sure if it matters for endurance building and calorie burning or not?  I did 200, rested about 20 seconds, 200, rest, etc.  And finished with 300 at the end.  With the shorter sets and shorter rests I actually completed 1300 today (with only a few trips) in less time than 1250 yesterday (about 14 minutes).  I keep intending to time my sets but forgetting to check my watch when I'm done.  I think I'm getting about 150/minute.  Still hoping to be able to get through much longer (maybe the whole thing!) without breaks...but not quite sure the best way to get there.  Any advice?

Continuing to push myself on the jumproping endurance...still have a ways to go...but feeling good about it.  Went out this morning to jump at the playground (and get a break from my 2 year old).  Decided instead of 4 sets of 300 that I was going to push myself to 3 sets of 400...I knew it would make me happy to do fewer sets...if I could make it to 400.  First set done with no trips!  Did give myself about 2 minutes of stretching / recovery time.  I'd like to reduce  the time for the breaks...but I'm not there yet.  Then I did 2 more sets of 400...each with a couple of trips but not too bad.  Whole thing done in about 17 minutes.

Came in and went straight into the rest of the workout.  Shorter squat sets felt easy!  Went up to the red (very heavy) band for rowing (first time I've used that one!).  Little tough on the 4th set of push-ups but definitely can see the progress I've made since the beginning.  Those double katanas are a killer.  I thought my triceps were getting pretty strong...but maybe not!  I started out with the blue (light) band but barely completed the 10th rep.  Then I switched to the yellow (very light) band and still struggled to finish 10 on the 2nd and 3rd sets.  Used the green (medium) band for the shoulder fly - little tougher than I expected but I was able to complete 3x12.  And definitely a bit harder on the v-sits today...abs must have still been tired from the last couple days.

Enjoyed my hearty breakfast of a fried egg on some brown sourdough bread with tomato, avocado, sauteed mushroom & onions.  And then headed off to dragon boat practice.  I skipped the warm-up run but did 15 incline pull-ups, 15 jumping jacks, 16 push-ups, 5 inchworms, 10 squats, and various ab work.  Then we spent about 45 minutes on the boat.  It actually felt good!  I was pretty hungry after even though it had only been 2 hours since breakfast.  I had brought my morning snack along and ate that on the way home, showered, changed, and headed out to meet the team for lunch.

I had a delicious salad...should have taken a picture.  Mixed greens, roasted potato, green beans, roasted cherry tomatoes, half a hard boiled egg (I didn't eat the yolk), and some really nice lightly seared tuna.  I asked them to leave off the dressing and just bring me a lemon.  The salad also had quite a lot of dill on it - the dill and lemon made for a nice flavor combo and I didn't even miss the usual dressing.  The tuna was a bit saltier than I would have liked (I asked them to leave it off) but not too bad.  And it was such a large portion that I think I was pretty much right on the veggies and I only ate 2/3 of the tuna.  I actually brought the other piece home and found it was 60g (since I get 120g at lunch I was right on target!).  And I stopped on my way home to buy some dill to try that out on some veggies / salads.  Only problem was the carbs...the only option was "French bread" which was really a lifeless dry hunk of white bread with a soft crust.  I ate what I estimated to be the right portion, but I think next time I should just wait and have some brown bread at home after...would have actually liked it better as well as being healthier.

Pretty tired now...going to sneak in a power nap while my 2 year old is still sleeping and before this afternoon's playdate!


I go out with the girls every Wednesday night.  And I knew if I told them I was thinking about using my indulgence on a couple pints they would be quite encouraging.  So last night I had 2 pints of Tetley's.  It tasted good.  I was happy to be having a beer again.

But by the end of the 2nd, I was feeling a bit tipsy.  And tired.  And all I wanted to do was go home and go to bed.  Of course I waited politely for my friends to finish theirs.  And it wasn't exactly a late night...in bed at 10:30.

But my morning started at 5 again with my 2 year old thinking that's "morning time."  I was in quite a deep sleep.  And my stomach feels a bit off.  And my legs have that dehydrated achy feeling.  I feel parched in general.

So...I'm actually kind of wishing I'd had only 1 pint of beer and 1 pint of soda water...

And now the kids are dressed for school and I'm going to get myself ready and psych myself up to do my PCP workout in time to eat breakfast in between that and dragon boat practice...

End of Week 3





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