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Kenzai Mind | Day 16 (Member)
Kenzai Mind
Day 16
Program progress:
I'm back!

Well, I definitely fell off the wagon over the summer...but not as badly as usual! I kept the diet fairly in check and got in at least a couple workouts a week. It's hard when traveling for 8 weeks - living out of a suitcase, in other people's houses, moving around every week or so.

Back in Hong Kong now, dealing with jetlag, catching up on things and getting kids ready for school. I'll be cleaning up the diet starting today and getting on the exercise routine starting tomorrow.

I'm going to wipe the slate for the many many blog posts I missed over the summer so hopefully I haven't missed anything too important.

I haven't hit the scale yet...but clothes still fit okay...so probably not too much damage done. Gotta' pick my next Kenzai program. Maybe a repeat of KB3? I really only got in half of it last time since I was injured halfway through - completed it but with only partial workouts. And the timing would be pretty good...giving me some time to ramp up before starting.

KFB - Way Behind Already

Well, my right SI joint has been bothering me again this past week. I did the first 2 workouts and then had to put things on hold. With tough dragonboat practices Tue/Thu and a race on Sunday, I didn't want to push it. And now I've got another practice tomorrow and the big race next Monday...so I'm getting in some exercise but these just aren't the right set of exercises for me at the moment. I'm going to stay in the challenge and just stretch it out over the next couple of months.

On a positive, we had a great day at the Mui Wo races yesterday. After a week of rain, we lucked out and had gorgeous weather. The family came out to support me. The team had lots of fun...and we came in 2nd in our 2 heats and 4th in the final - with a nice trophy to show for it!

Kung Fu Body!

I've decided to go ahead and hop on board this fun challenge. Looks like workouts without equipment...which will be nice as I head in to summer travels. I may supplement with a bit of TRX for some extra strength training. And I may miss some days here and there related to travel...will have to decide along the way if I push out the days in finish 60 days in something more like 75...or if I skip some workouts along the way.

Aiming to keep the diet at 90%. Going to request a maintenance diet update and go strict most of the time but allow in a few indulgences. It is party season here with end of school year...and of course there will be some American food coming my way with 8 weeks of travel. And before that we're going to Taipei for a long weekend...which most certainly will not be on plan!

Thanks to Watson for spearheading the challenge. Off to do my first workout now!

The Bellz Rocks! 

Loved this program. Nice to have a change in workout equipment, style, pace, intensity. Feeling lean and strong!

I was probably about 90% on the diet for this 6 weeks...part of my quest to find balance rather than in program lows (in weight/fat) and off program oops! And combined with the added intensity in these workouts, I'd say it worked for me. I nailed every workout for the first half of the program, missed one in week 4 and another in week 5 and then had to take a break for a week due to some soreness in my lower back / SI joints. I decided rather than hit the final week a week late I would go ahead and rock the final workout today and come back and hit those missed workouts over the next couple of weeks.

Today's workout felt excellent - less than 30 minutes start to finish including extra stretching at the end - but still left me in a sweaty heap. Swung my 12kg bell for all 100 and used it for most of the other exercises too.

Thanks to Patrick and Nate for designing such a fun program to keep the Kworld interesting! Thanks all for the support and camaraderie! Sorry I've been a bit less on the blogs as of late - will catch up on everyone's last couple weeks soon!

It's a busy time of year with dragon boat races a couple times a month and all the end of school year performances and leaving parties and preparing for summer. I'm aiming to workout about every other day from now until September and tackle another program then. Hopefully I can keep the diet at about the 90% level through my summer travels and avoid the summer of gluttony I usually fall into.

I recently got a TRX so I'm planning to mix in some TRX workouts...it should be a good portable option as I'll be on the road for 8 weeks. That and my bands and my 1/4 pound rope and I may invest in a good speed rope this summer (recommendations anyone?).


Not sure if it was Thursday's dragonboat practice, Friday's kettlebell workout (with double unders), Saturday spent sitting in an uncomfortable seat at the Football Club watching the Soccer Sevens, Saturday night spent on my feet at a party...but it was that last one when I started getting back pain...and I suspect it was a combination of all that caused it. I had a dull but noticeable ache around my right SI joint. Sunday it bothered me all day long (still in that uncomfortable seat watching soccer). Sunday evening I spent an hour stretching and foam rolling. Monday it was much improved but not gone. So I haven't hit a workout since Friday. I did more stretching yesterday (Monday). And I'm off to dragonboat practice in a bit.

I have a race this weekend. So I'm definitely going to play this smart. If it bothers me in practice, I'll stop. If it's not 100%, I'll forego kettlebell workouts this week and spend the time stretching instead. I'd rather finish a week late than set myself back long term by turning a little ache into a big injury!


Inspired by today’s lesson I spent some of my speed rope sets working on double unders. I’ve always felt like I land too hard and so they’re not good for my knees but after watching some videos I did a bit better. Using the 1-2 1-2 count I made pretty quick progress. New personal best - 14!



My team, the AWA Globe Paddlers, competed in a tough race on Lamma Island this past Sunday. We barely squeaked out a high enough placement to make the Ladies Cup Finals, which we weren't sure was going to happen. So that felt like a victory. At the end of the day we came in 5th of 6 (of 10 total ladies teams) in the 500 meter competition. And in the 1000 meter "fun" race we came in 4th!
So no trophies or medals but still felt like a great day and certainly an improvement over our first race of the season.
Let's hope we can capitalize on that momentum and keep moving up!

Nice team shot on the junk en route to the races! I'm on the bottom left.
Me with Assistant Trainer Leah - nice to meet a coworker in person! And she's as gorgeous and cool in person as she is on the blogs!
And a nice candid captured by the team photog after a race!

8 hours!

Have been quite tired lately - early mornings and too late to bed coupled with pushing hard on workouts and dragon boat training. And then I haven't been sleeping well. I feel like the overtired toddler who just cannot get settled. Whether it's trouble falling asleep or waking up in the middle of the night or early morning and not being able to get back to sleep...it's been frustrating! Plus of course I'm not getting my good muscle-building sleep. Have definitely been feeling more DOMS and fatigue throughout the back and shoulders lately. Pretty sure it's a combo of all of the above. And it's not the good sore - it's the can't get comfortable sitting in a chair, standing at a party or on the football pitch sidelines - constant discomfort that makes me just want to lie down...but busy schedule means I can't do that.

Last night I had myself in bed before 10:30, asleep pretty quickly, and while there were a couple middle of the night wake-ups, they were brief. So when my alarm woke me at 6:30 this morning I actually felt fairly refreshed! That hasn't happened in awhile. I need a few more of those nights!

Loving the bellz!

Really like the workout change - cycles, bellz - quick but tough!
I can’t believe we are almost halfway already!

Busy week!

I'm doing pretty well with keeping up with it all despite a super busy week. I had back to back all day yesterday between dragon boat practice, a friend's birthday lunch (I ordered pretty smart but did have a couple bites of cheesecake), assisting at my daughter's Girl Scout meeting and taking my son to swim lessons. So yesterday was alt cardio with dragonboat certainly fulfilling that requirement - 90 minutes on the water plus some land training. And I've just shifted the rest of the workouts back a day.

I ordered a new menu item at the American Club last night - steak and white asparagus salad. It was a bit less greens than I was expecting but with the addition of a roll it fit my grams closely enough!

Feeling fit and strong - and getting compliments on looking that way too! Also enjoyed going to my son's International Day celebration at school today - he was representing my husband's side - Bangladesh.

Heading in to a calmer weekend than usual and looking forward to some family time and hopefully some extra sleep!

From dragonboat race this weekend - I'm in seat 6 with the long reach - need to get some others to keep working on that!
Will with his US / Bangladesh patriotic paper doll.


Yesterday was the Deep Water Bay Dragon Boat Races. My team did not have our best performance - took the bronze plate. We've got 3 weeks until our next race to see if we can make some improvements!
I felt strong and fit. And it was a fun day. My total paddling time was probably about 20 minutes...not quite enough but we did some land warmups before each race (x3)...so it was pretty close. Maybe not enough to justify the homemade power bars and balls I sampled from friends or the copious amounts of bubbly at the end of the day.

It was a fun day with beautiful weather. And I'm a bit sore today but still nailed my 3 cycles of bells!

Awaiting photos from our team photog but here's a fun group selfie (only part of the team - we have 25 total) for now.


On Tuesday and Thursday mornings my team practices for an hour and a half on the water, plus some warm up land training first. But if I leave my Bells workout for later in the day, I risk feeling too fatigued, making excuses, etc. So I'm hitting the workouts before breakfast...which gives me about an hour between that workout and team training. Our first race is coming up on Sunday, so practices are pretty tough at this point. As I sit here at the computer, I can feel the fatigue in the muscles throughout my upper body. It's not soreness...just noticing the effort of holding up my body. And when I get up and walk...I feel that in my legs too.

Hopefully I can stick with the schedule for the next 5+ weeks! I will definitely consider my race day as my alternative cardio! It's not a perfect fit but it's a necessity!

Now to clean up that diet...

*Photo taken by a friend from her balcony during today's practice

Rocking the Bells!

I'm so excited to finally be doing the Kettlebell program!

It's been 3 weeks since I finished Sculpt. I've kept the diet pretty clean at home but on vacation and at other outings, things have been pretty sloppy. I've done lots of outdoor exercise like swimming, hiking and dragon boat paddling - but not much of the workout routine. I knew I was taking only a short break between programs. Plus my knees were not too pleased with me at the end of Sculpt. So I think it was a good break - but I'm quite ready to be back on the Kenzai wagon starting today!

I haven't really worked with kettlebells much in the past, so this will be a great learning experience for my exercise knowledge and physique!


Having a great time on holiday in Bali with my family! Feeling pretty fit and confident in my bikini and easily able to keep up in our adventures at and beyond the beach!
Yesterday we went adventuring around Ubud - which is a couple hours drive north of our perch on the very southern coast. It was fun and a great workout!
We've been swimming, snorkeling, relaxing. The diet hasn't been great but not too bad for vacation. I'm going to have to reign it back in next week so my body isn't shocked when I start Kettlebells in 2 weeks!

Sorry to all my Kenzai friends - I'm not spending time on the blogs these days. Will catch up one of these days!

And thanks to my Assistant Trainers for keeping up with all the KB2 blogs. Keep up the great work KB2ers - just a few more days to finish strong and proud!


I don't think you ready for this jelly
I don't think you ready for this jelly
I don't think you ready for this
'Cause my body too bootylicious for yo babe

Great program! I really enjoyed the change-up of the alternating strength and barre days. Although after today's 1000 reps, I think I'll be glad to give myself a break from the barre for awhile.

I can see and feel the difference in the strength and tone in my thighs...which were already quite a prominent part of my body! I'm not sure if the booty looks a whole lot different, but I did improve gradually on the glute exercises, so it must have done some good there too!

I had another crazy weekend, so I shifted some workouts. Friday and Sunday were cardio days, Saturday was my last strength day and I saved the final barre workout for today. I think that was the right call so I was able to focus on it, not rush through it, and give my knees a little extra rest.

My knees stuck with me for the first month but have been complaining these last 2 weeks. I spent a good long session with my foam roller after today's workout. The right knee is much improved since my physio visit last week. I'll be focusing on stretching and rolling over the next few days before strutting my bikini body in Bali come the end of the week!

I didn't gain or lose any poundage on the scale. But I didn't keep the diet 100% - went for the mostly strict with some extra indulgences - part of my quest to fit a stream of Kenzai programs into a fun and busy life! I'm happy with where I am - long may it continue!

Thanks to my teammates / trainees and all my Kenzai friends for the support throughout!

Not sure I quite mastered the belfie...but not too bad.

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