Elizabeth J.

Elizabeth J.

after the programme

I will continue on the programme 😀

weighing up

The easiest part of the process for me has been the exercise. It’s been enlightening to just follow the workouts without having to think for myself. Hardest part, the diet. Hands down. I’ve struggled with illness throughout and my old habit of leaning on comfort food when feeling ill has been hard to overcome.

lifestyle changes

Mine haven’t altered considerably. I would previously run or walk most days so fitting in the exercise has been ok although I admit doing something every day has been tiring. I’ve not been 100% on diet this week for various reasons so will tighten this up as of tomorrow.

Energy Levels

My energy levels are on a roller coaster really, some days I feel like I can do everything and more, other days I’m lagging. Just about over my lengthy illness so hope energy levels will full pick up fully in the coming weeks!

Definitely a Saturday as we’ve usually got so much on and with the children not in school it’s particularly hard to carve out the time, but I’m managing just about.

Rough Week

So I’ve been put on a second course of antibiotics as my cough is not easing and I’m wheezing, got an inhaler. Got a full on head cold with it as well so feeling really run down. I’ve stopped kenzai this weekend and rested. I will see how I feel to resume tomorrow. I’m not quitting Kenzai because I’ve come so far and don’t want all my effort to this point to be wasted. I was starting to feel stronger and notice some body changes. I’ve got summer goals so I hope I can pick up where I left off this week.

Going well

Kept my head down this week and largely compliant on all counts. Still fighting a chest infection and on antibiotics so I’ve paced the skipping and taken a few pauses. Slight blip last night, I joined a “normal” family dinner. I’m away this weekend visiting family so yet again away from home and routine, but it’s not too tricky. The thing I’m fed up with is eggs but I don’t mind them and my taste buds have been hit by the antibiotics so everything is tasting a bit meh anyway.

Good Week

I’m not a chocolate eater so all the eggs knocking around last weekend weren’t a temptation. I’ve been battling a cough and cold for 3 weeks and this weekend I’ve had to rest. The diet has gone well this week. I wasn’t going to take the treat but I succumbed to a small glass of wine and a slice of cheesecake on Friday night and felt pretty sluggish afterwards. Good to be back on it, and much easier now I’m home.

quick post

To say that I’ve been on planes and in airports most of the last two days so have skipped a few workouts. No major changes noticed so far. Back on it tomorrow and the diet will be stepped up a gear. It’s good to be home.

Question of the week

Pretty easy one for me to say this week’s exercise has been going well but the diet hasn’t. I’m travelling and completely out of routine with not being able to cook and jet lag meaning I’m not hungry at particular times then very hungry late at night. I have another week away so I will be tough on myself and keep trying to make the right choices but I’m looking forward to kicking it down when I get home.

Tough week on the diet

Travelling, living out of a suitcase this week and sticking to diet has been tough. Trying to make the right choices. Workouts still fine, not finding it too demanding.

3 Qs

1. I was inspired to join kenzai because I’ve heard great things and seen fantastic results first hand.


3. My greatest weakness will be being time poor, mum of small children and travelling a lot, but I’m determined to stick with it.

good first week

Pretty comfortable intro, looking forward to seeing how the diet develops.