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Elizabeth T.

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My absolute favourite of all. I feel happiest pumping weights and now I have my own squat cage there is no need for the gym. I only wish there was an Iron 2 as the rigor of diet and the blog helps to keep one focused and on track.

Woe Is Me!

Pretty frustrated as I have had to rest due to my groin pain. Following Ward’s advice I have taken a 3 day break from cardio. It doesn’t feel as sore so fingers crossed normal service will be resumed soon. Have a great week everyone.


I am sure I have just written my final post but there may have been a hitch! If I am repeating myself please forgive me. It has not been an easy time completing this challenge. The early morning workouts, the need to more plan everything you eat, when all you want to do is order in a take out and watch the telly. I feel so much stronger and leaner. I could not have done it without the support of my team mates, trainers and work colleagues. Thank you for all your helpful hints and wisdom. I still have a long road ahead to me my fitness goals but at least I am heading in the right direction. I will celebrate tonight and come Tuesday I will be back at the gym for spin and weights workouts. I hope to complete a running program and then follow that with KB3. For now I will enjoy a glass of wine and think of my next challenge. Keep strong!


Just had my designated indulgence. Red curry prawn with rice and grilled nan bread, with cheese cake to finish. Before being on this program I would have scoffed the lot but not now. Left my rice and shared my dessert with hubby. I feel so much more in control. As I am away I did my skipping and exercises in the outdoors. Managed to fit in a 2 hour hike with the dogs. Life is great and I am feeling good.


Thought you might like to see what I and my fellow Kenzai following colleagues eat during morning break.
Yep fruit and eggs. What a combination! It is great having fellow Kenzai members working with you, we compare our routines, and chat about food tips. It is like having your very own team of supporters egging you on. Thanks Carrie and Roddy for sticking to the plan and helping game reach my goals.

Feeling a bit jaded!

I must say today’s lesson was well timed. I really wanted to stay in bed as Thursday’s are hectic at work. Then I have the 3 hours of travelling. Why shouldn’t I stay in bed it’s ridiculously early. As usual I read the lesson and bam, it is all about how I am feeling. Thank you Kenzai for providing that little bit of extra insight to keep me going.

End of Week 7

It has been another good week. Thanks to the advice of many I have been more aware of my neck muscles when working out my shoulders. It feels great to hear that I am not the only one feeling the strain. For my indulgence I wanted to pop into my favourite French cafe but it was fully booked. My second option was the pub. I enjoyed a lovely meal with my family and had a glass or two of wine. I enjoyed a bread pudding which was fab. I woke up this morning with a wee headache. I wonder if it was the wine or the sugar! However spent the morning speed walking in the sunshine and finished off with the full body. Man the kick butt exercises are hard. Looking forward to more weird crab walking and clockwise planks to come.

Back on Track

Just wanted to say a huge thank to those who have lifted my spirits as I was recovering from flu. I am happy to report that this week has been great; I even managed to pack in a spin class this week too. Diet going well and feeling the burn in the legs with the increased exercise. I have not enjoyed an indulgence but don’t feel deprived in the least bit. Looking forward to keeping healthy, happy and exercised.

Week 3 Not so great

It has been a really bad week hence the reason my blog is late. I am just getting over the flu. I have been bed ridden for 5 days straight and just returning to work. Totally off my game. I hoping next week I can get back to normally but definitely not yet. Just started eating after 5 days of barely nothing. Feeling pretty down but hopefully the return to work will bring some normality.

Week 2 Done

A bit off an upset on Friday as I was ill in bed and did not manage to eat or exercise. Pulled it back on Saturday doing 2 workouts. Still feeling a little below par but determined to dig deep and push on.

Day 1 KB2

I have been itching to get started and that is probably why I was awake at 3:30am. Having spent the holidays with family I got out of my routine. I am looking forward to getting back on track.

What have I noticed

I don't think my thoughts have changed much over the months but my habits have. I am still enthusiastic about exercise and I like following the diet. I realize that if I want to change it is in my control. I am worried about coming off the program as I really don't want to slip back into old ways therefore I have decided to join KB2 in the new year. I look forward to getting stronger and leaner in 2018.

I am feeling pretty tired at the moment but not sure if that is down to my hectic schedule or the reduction of carbs. I am pretty good at following the exercise but I have noticed that my Achilles are sore again. I certainly feel the burn with when doing the shoulders and triceps. As for the V sit I am no where near being able to do that. I have adapted it and start from the V sit position and hold it for as long as possible before lowering to the floor. I have to be careful as I have lower back issues. On the whole all is going well but I think next week will be a challenge. Hi

Off the grid

Just letting team A know that I will be off the grid for 4 days. Outdoor Education calls. I am off to the hills and taking 38 grade 12 girls and 3 staff. No tech, no phone just the clean air and rain. Lots of rain.....

Ah delicious

Curried lentils delicious

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