Eliza L.

Eliza L.

thank you

I appreciated Kenzai’s lessons, accountability and jump rope introduction! Thanks to Antonia for motivating us to sign up. We had a special little side group in the Bay Area which made it extra fun. I will never look at eggs in the same way thanks to this program.


Hello there!

Sorry for being mostly dark. I’m maintaining my weight loss and am a convert to jumping rope and eating REAL FOOD! In a way, this is easiest diet ever. My palate is adjusted and my cravings for junk are gone. I have a taste or two of the bad stuff when around and enjoy eating good foods. I think I’ll be able to maintain the routine! Thank you!


Greens, grilled chx and fresh chimichurri! 😋

Had to travel for work and love being able to work out in my hotel room!

veggie soup

Loving the end of season bounty and making an ultra healthy veggie soup for dinner. Yum

hanging in

With power outages we stayed in Phoenix a week and I fell off the diet wagon a bit. Still working out and enjoying eating as much veggies and fruit as j want!

avoiding wildfires

No power, no school, raging fires mean we extended our weekend trip in AZ. Good thing I brought my jump rope. Have kept up the exercise but stress and being a house guest is def challenging my diet. One day at a time!

10lbs down

I lost the 10lbs I wanted to so now I’m excited to keep going and really shed the extra layer and get more definition. Diet at dinner is still my least favorite aspect. I wish I could eat unlimited veggies at night!

fed up

I’m sick of egg whites and apples for dinner. Totally splurged this weekend with broccoli and cheddar “snacks” and had a slice of pizza with salad. I did extra cardio but feeling a bit guilty that I can’t 100% stick to the diet. Trying to reframe restriction but the 😈 voice is winning.

Good news bad news! The power is back on and I managed to do my workout after a long day (too dark to exercise in the am) but I snuck a few of my kids’ French fries. Only a few. They were good. Then I had a banana and worked out. Glad I stuck it out. Don’t really regret the fries but glad I didn’t eat a ton! Time for my apple and egg white. Also lost another 2lbs!

Well, let’s see how I do the Kenzai program with no power. We have water and a gas burner so should be ok, but probably will be taking the kids out to eat more than usual. Wish me luck.

smoothie dinner

Frozen banana, apple, spinach, lemon juice and water. Very satisfying. You can add celery too, which cuts the sweetness and gives a saltier taste.

For dinner??? I guess my social life will start suffering now! This feels insane and like borderline starvation. Not happy.

My social life hasn’t really changed too much. Maybe I’ve skipped a few week day outings but no major changes

4lbs down!

Surprised and pleased to see that I’ve lost 4-5 lbs! Enjoying my veggie loading. Still can’t jump for 800 straight but did 200 straight today and take the shortest break I can between the next 100 set. I remember barely being able to do 20 in a row just three weeks ago. Definitely helping my core - and pelvic floor:) My weekends run are getting faster too. I have been known to double up work outs if I skip which is probably less than ideal but seems to be working so far. I don’t have any goal pictures. Anyone have one they want to share?