Eliza L.

Eliza L.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner...at the office!

  • Sep 12th, 2019 at 2:13PM

I work at a company that provides AMAZING food as a perk...they seem really healthy and tasty, BUT I'm getting the sense that this will be a problem...They have salad bars and "simple" station with plain chx, steamed veggies, and rice but I won't be able to weigh my food without feeling awkward. Any tips or proxies on the weighing front?

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Jim MattJim MattKenzai Member
Assistant Trainer6 months ago

I've know trainees who aren't shy about bringing a scale with them to weigh things out. After that initial awkward phase has passed, you (and they) will get used to it. If anyone asks, you can always tell them you are on a strict training program and weighing your food is the best way to get it right. A lot of times transparency earns a lot of respect and support from the most unlikely of people.

    Jess SwarbreckJess SwarbreckKenzai Member
    Trainer6 months ago

    I agree with Jim. Best to fly your fitness freak flag high and let people judge...but in my experience they’ll be more curious and want a piece of your amazing discipline.

    Failing that, you could do some experimenting with the scale at home. Weighing out a sample plate of food and working out how many spoons or handfuls of each food add up to your allocated grams and then repeating this at work. Does that make sense?

      Eliza L.Eliza L.Alumni
      6 months ago

      Thanks! Both good suggestions!

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