Eliza L.

Eliza L.



  • Sep 12th, 2019 at 2:02PM


Hi all!

I live outside of San Francisco with my two kids, husband and canine-child, Rubi (bed head photo attached).

I spend a lot of my time working and commuting these days, but when I'm not doing those things I love to be active with my family -- running, biking, hiking, swimming -- and working the garden listening to podcasts.

Success for me will be having more energy and losing the 10 lbs I packed on over the last year in a vicious stress-eat-numb cycle. I am a former athlete and feel far from athletic these days.

Making myself a priority will be my biggest challenge. I struggle with putting my needs before the needs of others. To navigate this, I will remind myself that exercise, sleep, and nutrition are the building blocks for my best self.

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Jim MattJim MattKenzai Member
Assistant Trainer6 months ago

Team Fornax is loaded with trainees in the Bay Area...which is a great city in which to be active! I love the pic of your furry 4-legged family member there Eliza, Rubi is quite photogenic but not quite so innocent looking in that photo. :)

Don't feel guilty making this program about you Eliza, because if YOU don't take care of YOU, then who will?

    Antonia C.Antonia C.Kenzai Member
    6 months ago

    Well said!

      Jess SwarbreckJess SwarbreckKenzai Member
      Trainer6 months ago

      Fantastic into, Eliza. And Rubi is adorable!
      As an athlete, I imagine you’ll spring back into shape in no time. You’re in the right place, girl!

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