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Feel that Butt Burn 

1000 reps done and my posterior is on fire! I really loved this program. The barre exercises were thoroughly enjoyable (which made 1000 reps so much less intimidating than I expected), a nice change of pace and effective. While my behind didn't get as sculpted as I would have loved, I didn't really expect to come out of this with a Kim K asset since I've always been flat back there. I do see a difference from my starting and ending photos and my butt feels a lot firmer than it did going in and, most important to me, my running has gotten a turbo boost from behind. So all those goals reached! I missed more workouts than I wanted but I was really good about the diet this time around and I lost some poundage and all my pants are looser now. So awesome sauce! This was a great program and I hope to do it again. But now on to Beach Blast since I'm feeling so motivated. Thanks everyone for support--great training with you all and look forward to seeing you all on the blogs.

One more time

I knew we were going to get one more round of DaVincis before this ended and there they were this morning. But they weren't as horrible as usual! Rest of workout was smooth and just getting a little eager/anxious about the final barre workout! What are people thinking about for next round? Anyone going straight into new program?

I had a little extra workout time today so I skipped the rope (ha ha) and went for an 8 mile run, fairly easy, instead because it was beautiful and cool in Brooklyn today. Then strength training at gym was great--definitely feeling stronger and like I'm doing it all more smoothly so that's good. What's not so good is on way home I stopped in the bakery for a coffee (I swear I just went in for a coffee to fuel a few hours of work tonight) and walked out with a coffee and a brownie. I gave most of it to my kids but it was ridiculously big so a fair amount made its way into my mouth. But it was delicious, I didn't eat the whole thing and I've been so good with the diet that I'm not going to sweat it. But that's it on the cheating.


Those side pistol squats were tough. My IT bands are tight from running so I really felt it today. Should use the roller but that hurts too!

Travel Woes

A long business trip, lots of extra deadlines and way too little sleep kept me off the blog for too long. I feel bad about that. But I printed out the workouts before leaving and managed to do all the Barre workouts but missed a few of the strength trainings. I so admire you Kenzais who keep up with all the workouts no matter where in the world they are traveling to or from. I did stick to the diet as best I could given hotel eating. I was a pain for the restaurant people but I was able to get chicken and fish with no butter or sauce. I lost a few additional pound last week so I feel like I did pretty well given the circumstances. Back to routine now and hope to be better about blogging this last week. Hope everyone is doing well--can't wait to read through what I've missed!

Eureka I found it!

Had to be at a conference crazy early so missed chance to do the workout in the morning. The conference ran all day and by the end I was exhausted and weighed down with anxiety about follow-up work. I really, really, really wanted to grab a bottle of wine, drink a glass instead of dinner and then go to bed. But today's strength training was all exercises I like so I hit the gym instead and feel a million times better for it. Brought my own food and managed to resist the croissants, pastry, sandwiches, chips and even the giant warm cookies during the afternoon break. I didn't think I had one of those inner mules everyone talks about but maybe she was in there all the time lol.

Making it count...

Past two days have been great with workouts and food, in spite of a spate of picnics and bbqs for the long Memorial Day weekend here. I just gave up on the idea that I would be able to put together something Kompliant from whatever was on offer at the various locales and brought my own salad, fruit and carrot and celery sticks. Celery sticks are a poor substitute for the Good Humor ice cream trucks that seemed to be following me wherever I went. I almost gave in and got a Toasted Almond bar. But all's well that ends well. Rest of week is super busy so I have to be mindful of time and temptation and have strategies for warding off any desire to skip or do lame workouts. Anyway, sounds like everyone else is doing their best with last two weeks too. Go Team!

21 done

Did long run today so cardio ended at 90mins but I'm getting into half marathon territory which makes me happy and excited and Sculpt is definitely helping in leg endurance. Quads, hams, glutes etc all feeling strong. Diet's been okay. Last night we had old friends over and my husband made his amazing homemade pizzas. Was really hard to resist. I ate my Kenzai grams and then when that was done and I really wanted just a "bite" I substituted with fruit (which was dessert so no cake or cookie or pie temptations). But I may or may not have eaten an entire watermelon on my own.

Got up early to get workout done (I usually do in evenings), loved that we moved into 2nd position today. It's so beautiful in Brooklyn today that I followed up with a run and didn't feel like stopping so finally broke 10 miles. It was slow, but broke a mental hurdle. Yay. No more illness, no more unchecked boxes for 2nd half!


Well this week was a total bust for me and I just got the dreaded "You haven't blogged" email. Was down with a bad flu most of the week--I don't think I got out of bed anytime Tuesday or Wednesday because I was so out of it. I always seem to come down with something second week of a program. I must be horribly allergic to DaVincis! They literally are trying to kill me, ha ha. Anyway, I didn't stick to diet but I barely ate so wasn't a slip into cake or cheese or nuts. I got Monday and today's workouts in and will try and at least catch up on missed barre workouts over the weekend as well. Hope everyone is doing well--looking forward to reading the blogs and lessons I missed this week.

Week 2 so far

Getting back to normal on the rope and glad it's happening so quickly. Diet has been completely on point--feels like I'm eating too much but it always feels like that to me at the start of K programs. Workouts have been good but I was not happy to see those double katanas today. Those and the DaVincis are the bane of my Kenzai existence. So all the more reason to be doing them!

Week 1 done

I know it's early but I'm loving Sculpt and looking forward to more barre work and amping up the intensity. Also happy to be getting fully on diet tomorrow. I've been eating well for past few months (and lost weight as a result) but I've been too loosey goosey about it all, skipping meals here and there and skimping on protein.

For today's cardio did an easy five mile run. Had to opt for treadmill because it's raining cats and dogs again in NY. We're not getting much Spring here. Anyway, here's to first week down!

Hi Everyone,

Very happy to be doing Sculpt. It seems like everyone who's done it has loved it so I'm looking forward to a great, fun program. I've been off Kenzai for a bit getting acclimated to a new job but I've kept up the running that I started with Run last spring. Hoping to build up glute and hamstring strength for more running and if I get a little shape to my flat posterior in the process, well that would be the cherry on top.

First two days of workouts went well. I'm a little rusty on the rope but sure that will come back soon. Anyway, looking forward to training with all of you!

Bad timing for me

They say timing is everything and the timing for doing this program is just not working out for me. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I started back in a full-time corporate job after a few years of stay-at-home momming it and while I thought I could handle both, work has pretty much taken over everything while I ramp up on the learning curve. So I'm postponing this until I can give it full attention.

Many thanks to those of you who checked in on me--I appreciate that so much. Hate that I was a terrible teammate this time around but hope to be better next time. Best of luck to you all!

So technical and distance runs went okay but I felt slow, sluggish and a little defeated. And I stopped a few times today. Sigh. I'm Ellie from Brooklyn, NY, an ex-distance runner trying to get back in the groove. I slowed down on regular running 4 years ago when I moved to HK (way too hot and humid for me and no sidewalks to boot--massive respect for you HKers who are doing it). But I dragonboated, yoga-ed, went to gym and was intro'd to Kenzai so maintained fitness. Since moving back to states, well not so much. I did KRun in early summer to ease back into it, followed it with Reach to stretch it all out and now hoping to recapture even just a shadow of the runner I used to be. But I'm also just back in workforce after a few years of stay-at-home-mom time and transition is, um, difficult. Anyway, start where you are is what the Buddhists say. Om to that. Looking forward to running with all of you.

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