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Too old for all-nighters!

So, a last-minute assignment kept me up working pretty much all night and then a full work-day followed. I'm wrecked and pushing the strength training to after tomorrow's cross-train. I hate to fiddle with the schedule so early in the program, but just don't have the juice at this point for anything. Diet's been good all week, although today was the first day I had sugar cravings--from the tiredness no doubt.

Run 5

Conditions were perfect, I was excited to do it and then felt like running in water or through molasses the whole time. Slow and heavy. Sigh. Frustrating but I didn't stop. Did a yoga class today as well--first time back on the mat in 18 months. Another sigh. Building back after long absence is hard. Have to remember that and not get discouraged! So trying to harness optimistic spirit and looking forward to more yoga in days to come and a great run on Sunday.

All good

Diet on point today, workout went well and did some elliptical and walking to round stuff out. Looking forward to tomorrow's run. Hope everyone is feeling good.

Best laid plans...

Sick kid. Work craziness. Terrible weather. All of that totally derailed best laid plans to run early in the cool. Ended up going out at 4 when it was 92F and terribly humid. Couldn't go later because it's been raining buckets and lightning since 5. Did the run. Slow and felt horrible and stopped to put my head in a water fountain--twice. But did it and stuck to diet and kid is better and deadlines met and my basement hasn't flooded yet so...

Diet day one

Has gone fine so far. Got kids off to school, did a power walk to farmer's market for these guys (asparagus season here, yay), power walked back for a total of 5 miles, did workout and ate breakfast. Skipped one fruit snack as I got too involved in work to remember. Did 15 mins on elliptical to get work stress out and then on to dinner. Biggest difficulty today is just keeping mindful about eating. I.e. remembering not to finish what my kids leave behind on their plates just because it's there (and I HATE wasting food), or tasting too much as I'm cooking, or pouring wine while I cook out of habit more than desire. I didn't indulge in any of the above but had to pay attention. Funny how you can just totally tune out and not even realize the counterproductive things you're doing. Anyway, today was productive and spot on for me. Hope it was for everyone else. Cheers!

One down!

It's amazing how quickly the small improvements come! Made it through today's run without any walk breaks. Took John H.'s advice and started out a little slower than usual and shortened my stride and amped up arms during the half mile hill that's at the end. Did a little over 2 miles in the 20 mins, which is way slower than I'm happy with but upping endurance way more important than pace at this point. And, I did it in a chilly rain, with a teeny bit of a hangover from the glass(es) of wine I had last night in prep for bidding the juice adieu for a while. Anyway, was a great first week; can't wait for the next! So happy to be back with Kenzai and all my fellow run mates.

First cross train

Weather was crappy in Brooklyn so reintroduced myself to gym I haven't been going to and did 30 minutes on the elliptical. As I was a finishing, I saw that a Pilates class focused on abs was starting so I jumped in that. The rest of the class was regulars so I was the one always facing the wrong direction or with my legs in the air when everyone else's were on the mat, so my contribution was comic relief. My abs are screaming at me now but I'm glad to know I still have a few. Hoping the weather improves for tomorrow's run.

Run 2

Yesterday's run was pretty good. A little over 2 miles in 23 minutes. I walked twice, once because I had to take a pic of these beauties (if I were a color, I'd want to be the color of wisteria), and once when I hit a big hill and I just didn't have the juice or the wind to do the whole thing. But I'm determined to push to the top on Sunday.

Was excited to see the diets post. I've been eating pretty clean all week but gave in to a few indulgences. But bring on the egg whites!

Hope everyone else is feeling strong and optimistic!


Hi everyone,

I'm Ellie and very excited to be back with Kenzai and finally getting back to running. I was a distance runner for years, completed a bunch of half and full marathons, but have been off the track for too long due a big move (from Hong Kong back to Brooklyn, which I really didn't want to do), a long recovery from a back injury sustained in said move (don't try to carry big boxes of books up stairs) and, most recently, a new, somewhat overwhelming job that's been keeping tied to my laptop. I'm tired of being fat and lazy and really miss the running--as much for what it does for my head as my bod. When not working, I'm generally cooking, reading, gardening or trying to get my teenage daughters off their phones and into actual conversations or activities. I love to travel near and far and am really looking forward to this program so I can get back to exploring the far reaches of our five boroughs via long runs again. And looking forward to learning more about all of you fellow Penobscots!

Days 1 and 2

Yesterday was great. Happy to be back after way too long a hiatus and was glad to see the familiar icons and read through the Pulse for inspiration. Did the workout and then followed it with a brisk 5 mile walk. All felt awesome. And then today's run felt awful. My own fault for not having stepped anywhere near a track or treadmill in months and months. Did 20 minutes but pace was slow and had to take a few walk breaks. Sheesh. Two years ago I was doing half marathons and now half a mile gets me winded. Nowhere to go but up, I guess! So onward and up!

Felled by Flu

Ugh. Haven't been online much lately. Had friends and family visiting for march activities and then after everyone left my daughter got sick with strep and then I got a flu. Have stuck with diet throughout but exercise has been spotty. But fever broke today so maybe tomorrow I can get back in line.

I did the first few but am not at all comfortable with this one. Could feel my body totally tensing up everywhere in getting ready for the fourth jump. Definitely not worth injuring myself so subbed in standing burpees instead. Not quite the same for upper body but better safe than sorry at this point. Especially given today's lesson about injuries coming from wholly unfamiliar movements---have never come across a hang time before.

Murphy's Fitness Law

Ugh. How can it be that 2 years of hard-won fitness gains can be totally undone by a mere 6 months of laziness? Last year I could do 40 military pushups no problem. And pull ups (though not 40 of them). Today I crapped out after the second set of scoop pushups and had to substitute chaturangas for the last round. And while I got through all of the deep dip chest pushups, I know I wasn't dipping deep enough. And the runs I've been doing to supplement K workouts are slow and short. Feeling mad at myself but hoping to turn that frustration into motivation to really push the workouts going forward. But first I'm going to sulk for awhile and drown my sorrows in a Kenzai-compliant fruit snack.

Steamy Saturday Night

With my family all off for various social engagements, I'm setting up to do a Big Steam (and roast and boil). So much easier to stay on diet (and keep things varied) when you have a fridge full of prepped and cooked veg, grains and eggs. Not the most exciting Saturday night ever but...

Best Frenemies Forever

Wasn't overjoyed to see the Double Katanas in yesterday's workout. They were never my fave in KB1 And I just clicked on today's workout and saw that DaVincis are back too. I hate them both but I know they're just what I need so off to do them. Well, maybe some coffee first...

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