Emily D.

Emily D.

Kenzai Body | Day 81
Kenzai Body
Day 81
Program progress:
what comes next

with roughly 20 days left, Ive been thinking about what comes next. For me, I know it's continuing clean eating (with obviously the occasional indulgences), but the positive changes ive seen from this all the way around (from cleaner teeth, to less to no BO, to less emotional changes throughout the day), are to big to ignore. I also think it might be a Kenzai membership for me. i like that you can do the workouts anywhere, and Target different activities and abilities. but for now, mostly focusing on a strong finish!

anyone else sore everywhere? I see you last 20 day push

I've spend probably longer than needed trying to determine what parts of the program are easiest and hardest, and am finally realizing that I'm having a hard time with it because it varies for me, with different things being harder or easier on given days such as getting up early to workout, only eating on diet, socializing and being the only one not eating or drinking etc. but each day I see a hurdle and over come it, I feel more ready for the next day! ready to finish strong!

My life style has changed quite a bit. things are more routine and talked about because we need to find time for meal prep, and we get up every morning and work out. I don't really go out on the town anymore, but am finding a new groove with not drinking at all and still going out. Feeling great, and physically sore! let's finish strong!

since the diet change started I've notice energy changes during different phases or events. but this last week I've been going from Nashville, eating about half meals off diet and celebrating so some alcohol was had. on my return it knocked me on my butt and I had zero energy and got super sick for two days. now a week back on diet and exercising my energy is back and steady, and but the workouts are also getting tougher so I'm ready for that buff sleep pretty early. it's been cool to see how different foods affect my mood and energy in different ways.

the hardest day to get diet and exercise right is Saturday. it's less routine than the rest of the week, and more likely to see delicious things. with that being said I just had my bachelorette party in Nashville, and had a blast but absolutely died after going to a place that loves deep fried! have never been more excited to be back home eating egg whites!

3 reasons why

There are probably 3 reasons why I'm not quitting. 1) the obvious wedding still around the corner is keeping me motivated 2) I feel the best I've felt in a while (with valleys of course, but minor in comparison) 3) my wonderful partner whose made it very easy to keep going.
But also these are changes worth making and so we continue on!

So we were suppose to answer the question what are we fed up with this, but I'm writing this after weighing myself for the first time since starting the program, so I'm feeling very optimistic. Not only have I broke 160 for the first time in years, but I'm down to 155 after only a little over a month! While I've totally fallen victim to the occasional pity party for not being about to see friends as much, or wanting to eat something more exciting- I do feel great, and already reaching goals I've had since forever! Don't let your dreams become becomes friends, it's worth the work! Let's get it month 2.

a third of the way there!

finally hitting a stride with the routine. my body is pretty sore, and my body still thinks its hungry at the end of the day, but it's all getting easier, and changes are becoming more noticeable.
for my indulgence I went to brunch on Saturday and while I enjoyed every second of eating the food I did noticeably feel kinda crappy and lower energy for the rest of the day. so touche indulgence trap!
and as for my social life, its gone to almost zero. it's harder to find places to clean eat than I thought, and it turns out people don't really want to drink alone as you have water next to them haha so that's a thing. but turning all of this into routine is time intensive and I'm looking at it as an investment! my friends will still be there in two months.
here we go kicking off month 2!

Week 3 in review

Still chugging along! My body and mind feel like they are in a serious state of transition. I have taken this opportunity to make the changes I've been trying to make for a while. I'm now getting up before work to workout and eat right, and I'm starting to feel the difference. Getting up early is getting easier and I'm feeling more energetic with less coffee through out the day! Eating right also physically feels amazing, I feel less bloated and weighed down, and as an odd notice my teeth even feel cleaner! Still battling my mind at night as my roommate eats an entire pizza or makes homemade Mac and cheese for dinner. But I'm starting to notice just enough good change to keep pushing through. Excited to see what week 4 brings.

end of week 2

we're two weeks in and all things considered things are going well. I definitely greated some pizza cravings as the end of the week got a little stressful, and that there is a real pull toward wanting to have a beer with friends over the weekend, but I've held strong! saying no to beers on the weekends and my traditional comfort foods is hard. I'd also say blogging is hard for me, I haven't been one for social media things, so this is a first for me, but I'm working at it all. and things will only get easier if I push through now. the works, although certainly making me sore is something I'm good at, I've been holding routine and that's been helpful! let's see what next week brings shall we!

1) What inspired you to sign up for Kenzia?
I want to say health and fitness inspired me, and it did, but honestly I think my primary motivation was that I'm getting married this summer, and who doesn't want to be fit for that? But also, I am inspired to be truly healthy - not to be if I don't eat 2 meals I can face this whole cake 'healthy.' Fortunately, both are motivation!

2) In terms of the Kenzia body challenge, what do you think is your greatest strength?
Although my diet has been shaky at times, I love physical activity, I love the way it makes me feel (when I'm done at least), and the head space it provides for me. I've tended to be more cardio based, but after recovering from a major surgery last year I realized how much better the recovery could have been if I had, had some muscle! My enthusiasm for physical activity and desire to build muscle is certainly a strength.

3) What do you think will be your greatest weakness?
I think my weakness comes in two parts, food- I love all food. So at times, I know it'll be hard for me not to crumble and eat outside of the diet. This is partially because of the prep time, etc., it takes to maintain a healthy diet, but also because I am probably addicted to sugar at this point, so that will bring about it's own challenges! Either way I am fortunate my partner is also doing this program, because struggling is easier together! So lets all support each other!

Most of the times I think I get away with pretending I don't have an emotional relationship with food. But as we're here gearing up for a real diet change it's like suddenly my body is telling me to eat whatever I can! On the bright side hopefully after 90 days of this ill be able to start thinking about food differently!

Day 1

Hello, hello

This is my first kenzai experience- looking forward to experiencing the ups and downs with you all! Feeling ready to get back in shape.