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Emily D.

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Sculpt graduation 

Well my glutes are sore in a way they have never been, but they also feel stronger than ever! I honestly could have been better about the diet, but the holiday seasons bring out some extra goods, and I still feel good about what I've accomplished!

sculpt Day 31

my legs hurt everywhere.

food prep

nothing like some good food prep to make the rest of the week easier!

back at it!

after missing a week of working out it's feels nice (and sore) to be back! it really shows you how much better it can make you feel even after one go! it's worth it to find the time, and I'm back in it with you all!

sculpt week 1

after taking a month and a half off from the grind- glutes and abs are definitely feeling the return and I'm excited to be back to the routine!

Running Graduation Post 

Hello Running crew,

We made it! Running this past 2 months has been great for me and I'm excited to use these new techniques to continue to help me run in the future.
Although the plan was to run a 10k the day before the wedding, life happens and it still has yet to be run, but we did run more of a spiritual 10k this weekend and officially got married!

I sometimes run with music and sometimes without. for last week's challenge I went back to the music of the 90's my old favorite jams. while it made it hard for me to keep a steady pace cause I was getting into it, it did make for a good run! it's nice to mix it up

Running Spot

I am getting married to the love of my life in less than one month! We are overjoyed to have the opportunity to have it on Martha's Vineyard and got to run our 7k here this weekend - beautiful motivation everywhere!

yes, you can!

I've decided this week that my running montra is yes you can, it's simple and to the point. I'm not sure about other people, but I know for myself I can psych myself out or make things bigger in my head than they really are. I'm putting all of that aside, because i can do it! And self reminders is a great way to do it!
happy to be reaching the halfway point and starting to find my running stride again!

Hello team,
And happy start to week 3- as we're kicking this off I realized I forgot to fully introduce myself !
1) The Basics: I live in Portland; Work in public health, and spend most of my free time in the summer playing frisbes.
2) I've been in the community for a glorious 105 days, only doing Body one before this, and thoroughly enjoying it!
3) I've had a long-standing love for running. In the past it would be runs outside ranging from 3-6 miles, but in the last couple years I've start to keep most of my running on the field and would say that mostly now all the running I do is sprinting.
4) I chose this program to help my ultimate game, tournaments are long and roughly at least a 10k, and am hoping this will help with endurance.
5) most missed training food, that's easy, PIZZA!
6) I will try to work hard at being a good teammate and blogging, it's not a skill I have or one I really hoped to develop, but here we are and I am going to try and embrace it, because working hard as a team is a wonderful thing!

running wk 1

hey running squad! I am new to Kenzai but fell hard and fast for the program after finishing body 1. Excited to dive into this running program with you all!
it's been a while since I've ran to just run, and I'm ready to get back in the swing- let's have a great 2 months yall?!

Holy smokes we did it! 

hard to believe we're already here, 90 brutally glorious days behind us! feeling proud for pushing myself to get all I could from the program, and hungry to continue the journey! great work everyone 💪

holy smokes we did it!

hard to believe we're already here, 90 brutally glorious days behind us! feeling proud for pushing myself to get all I could from the program, and hungry to continue the journey! great work everyone 💪

what's changed

looking back to the beginning, I suppose a lot has changed, for example when I started my mind would perseverate on carbs, especially if I knew they were about to get cut again somewhere from the diet. but now, I more worry about over eating them, or anything high in fat. I'm approaching more things with a can do attitude, and excited to keep it up!

what comes next

with roughly 20 days left, Ive been thinking about what comes next. For me, I know it's continuing clean eating (with obviously the occasional indulgences), but the positive changes ive seen from this all the way around (from cleaner teeth, to less to no BO, to less emotional changes throughout the day), are to big to ignore. I also think it might be a Kenzai membership for me. i like that you can do the workouts anywhere, and Target different activities and abilities. but for now, mostly focusing on a strong finish!

End of Week 4





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