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Emily M.

Kenzai Reach | Day 51 (Member)
Kenzai Reach
Day 51
Program progress:
Still here!

Our houseguest has departed after a pleasant, but lengthy visit. It was very hard to follow diet and to get all the stretches in while she was here. But I have no more excuses and not only can buckle down for the remainder of this program, but have some good stretches in my repertoire. I'm definitely bendier than when I started, but want to keep working at it and see how bendy I can get!

My 76 year old houseguest can touch her toes - hell, she can place the palm of her hands on the floor without bending her knees. While that makes me feel like I have the tightest and shortest hamstrings in the history of the universe, I am seeing progress in my pictures. So, there is that...

My diet is still struggling at dinner (roasted pork loin and stir fried vegetables for dinner last night at someone else's house). But breakfasts and lunches are mostly okay.

So, this is a new week and a new determination to follow the whole plan - diet and stretching. I hope everyone had a great week!


We have a house guest for the a little while - it's been a wonderful visit so far and I expect that to continue. However, my diet has gone to pieces. I'm sticking with breakfast and lunch fairly well, but dinner is getting me. Salt, sugar, processed foods. And it is all so delicious! She's here for two more weeks, so I have to find a way to work this out. Smaller portions, avoid the carbs at night and more vegetables. I can do that.

Thankfully, it's Halloween so we should be able to get the rest of the candy out of the house as well and not replace it. Now I need to ignore the ice cream and Oreos in the kitchen.

Sun Salutations

I found myself really enjoying the Sun Salutations last night. I've been trying to be very deliberate with all of my movements and breathing and liked the smoothness of the moves. I'm holding each pose for a full inhale/exhale. I also seem to have good balance. Still working hard on the bendy part, though....

Stretching continues!

My parents are here this weekend, so they got to watch me doing my afternoon stretches. I think they were a little confused, but a bit impressed that I'm doing another Kenzai program. I'm feeling like I gas are limbering up a little bit in places. I continue to enjoy the stretches overall, but am beginning to think I just have oddly tight hamstrings! I'll keep stretching them....


I'm traveling this weekend and just did my morning stretches in the hotel room.now I'm settling in to eat a partial breakfast. What I think is interesting is how much I enjoy vegetables and milk for breakfast. It's not hard at all to "make" myself eat this. As I packed this up last night at my sister's house (she had seven 9 year olds staying at her house for a slumber party, so I chose a hotel), one of the adults commented on how healthy my snacks are. I guess that's true, but this isn't a sacrifice or even hard to do.

I love that KB1 made this into a habit, that I continued it while I wasn't on a program and am now having no trouble sticking to it during Reach.

Get bendy, team!

End of the first week...

Although I still need to do my nighttime stretches, I've completed the first week of Reach successfully. I'm feeling like things are loosening up a little bit - a little creaky, but starting to nudge in the right direction. I do feel like I'm eating my weight in vegetables! I like this pace - even with the expected uptick in time commitment and difficulty. This is the right program for me at this point...

Getting bendy

I love that idea - getting bendy! The assessment pics were eye-opening. I know that I'm not flexible in some ways, but I thought I was more flexible in areas that clearly I am not. This is the right program for me right now! Im going to get used to jumping out of bed to do my morning stretches. I think I'll like that!

Looking forward to getting to know my new teammates - and a message to Team Rocky who might stumble across this, I did jump ropes yesterday! Foot has healed a lot since KB1. Hope I can keep it up.

Hello to all!

I just joined Reach last night and will do the assessment a little later today. I finished KB1 about a month ago and need something to keep me "Kenzai-engaged" and on a good program for the next couple of months. I have very tight hamstrings and am looking forward to being able to touch my toes in 8 weeks!

Just joined!

It's been a month since I completed KB1 and I've spent much of that time pondering my next move. I've also had to come to grips with the fact that I need to be on a program to achieve and maintain my goals. I've loved how I've looked and felt since KB1 (and I love the compliments, I have to admit...) and I'm afraid of returning to my old ways (and weight).

So, I pulled the trigger and spent the money to rejoin at the special alumni rate. Over the next year, I plan to do Reach, Kettle Bells and KB2, plus various special programs, reboots, etc. as needed. Provided my foot injury heals over the winter, I'd also like to do a run program. I'm right now debating between doing Reach, which starts today, or Kettle Bells, which starts next Monday.

I'm looking forward to getting back with the Kenzai community and hope to see and support all my old Team Rocky teammates as well as all my new teammates!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.... 

Six months ago, I did not fit into my interview suit. I had worn it last just one year earlier and had gotten it brand new for that occasion. I was depressed.

I've been aware of Kenzai for a few years and have been urged to try it. Now was the right time. As I had mentioned in a blog post earlier in these 90 days, paying the large fee to join KB meant that I would take it more seriously.

Now it is done and I succeeded. I've lost weight, although I'm not sure how much because it doesn't matter. None of my clothes fit now, except for my interview suit! And it is timely, as I got laid off three weeks ago and will need that suit again.

I worked out for 90 days. I missed a few days here and there, but that's okay. I've learned to love a big breakfast and to be satisfied with fruit as my snacks. I didn't snack when I was bored or just hanging around, watching tv - except for that fruit. I've been cooking without salt, I haven't had a coke in 90 days and my candy habit is broken.

When I first started KB, I thought of the blog and the support group as something that I would play along with, but didn't think it would be important. I was so wrong and I realized that very quickly. I could not have done this without Team Rocky Balboa. My blogs allowed me to whimper, vent or cheer myself and then my team was right there to support and encourage. I tried to do the same for the others. I read all of the blog posts for my team and saw that everyone was facing the same challenges. And many were facing challenges that I couldn't have coped with myself - and succeeding.

Thank you, Karen, Georgina, Shifali, Melvyn, Nagender, Chris, Scott, and Joseph for being awesome teammates on Team Rocky Balboa. I've been inspired by your posts and your triumphs over struggles. I think of you as my friends now, and hope that we cross paths on Kenzai again. I couldn't have made it through this without your support on my blogs, cheering me on and pushing me to reach the goals.

Thank you to Nate and Adelyn for being there every step of the way and supporting us, boosting us up and being so darn optimistic that we could do this! Thanks to Patrick for coming up with this crazy idea as well. Also, thanks to the rest of the Kenzai team who took the time to answer questions and cheer us on when we needed it.

And most of all, thank you to Mark D, my number 1 booster, for being there for me from day 1. Giving me the push to get going, to keep it going and provide non-stop and unconditional support. I wouldn't have started this without you and I couldn't have finished it without you.

On the road....

I'm at my parents house for a vacation and just completed my workout for day 87. I'll be finishing Kenzai here. My mom watched me workout for a few minutes, but had to leave because watching me was making her back hurt!

It will be a challenge not to go off track wth food once day 90 passes, because there is so much good food here! Fortunately, my family tends to eat mostly home cooked food made from non processed ingredients, so it will be generally healthy. Just can't walk down to the ice cream stand every night!

My aunt asked me today what would happen if I just stopped now and didn't workout for the next 3 days. Such a strange question! I told her that after 87 days of working out, following the diet and getting to know all of you, I couldn't imagine stopping - I can't wait to finish, but am going to check those boxes all the way through.

One week to go

I am amazed at how hard it has been to motivate to workout over the past few days. This might be the toughest week for me so far. I'm also finding myself to be low energy and taking forever to get through the workout like some of you have also experienced. Are we burnt out? Are we all just starting to coast to the finish? I don't know, but I don't like it. I'm going to dig into that last tiny reserve of motivation and willpower and finish this strong.

The good news is that I'm still sticking to the diet, so I've got that going for me!

Keep it up, everyone! We have one week to go....


Day 79 - just finished the workout and my post-workout milk. Glad to finish the workout for the day. I feel like I've been kind of low energy for a few days and off my food. I'm not eating non-compliant foods (with a couple of small exceptions), just not eating when and how much I'm supposed to. Starting now, I'll focus on getting all that food eaten!

I'm thinking about post-Kenzai, and since you asked...as others have mentioned, many of the diet guidelines will be easy to continue. I love fruit and vegetables anyway, so keeping those as snacks and big parts of my meals won't be hard. I'll keep drinking milk because I've really grown to like it and like how it makes me feel. I'll continue to eat a well-balanced, large breakfast. I like how that makes me feel all morning.

I'll reintroduce some of the forbidden foods, but much less than before. I don't feel compelled to salt everything anymore. And I'll work out to some degree 4-5 days a week. Check back in 6 months and we'll see if I managed all of that!

Yesterday I played golf and took a moment to admire the eclipse. We got about 80% in DC. It was really cool!

Keep up the fantastic work, everyone. 10 days to go!

Final indulgence

Oh my word. The long anticipated "final indulgence" and we went all out. Cocktail, steak, potatoes au gratin, dessert. And I have visual evidence that we had broccoli too. So amazingly tasty. I could do kenzai for the rest of my life if I could eat this meal every 75 days. We went to Ruth's Chris where they are famous for cooking their steaks in butter.

However! The real excitement was fitting into a dress that I own that has never fit me properly. I spent more time then I care to admit preening in front of the mirror. I enjoyed my meal, but am ready to get back onto Kenzai diet tomorrow.

I'm not feeling really fantastic right now - tummy is a little rolly - but I'll be okay, in a while. I am looking forward to good, clean food tomorrow and rockin' the last few weeks of training.

PS - my gin and tonic had a slice of cucumber in it. I was pleased that at least one part of my meal was Kenzai-friendly.