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Emily M.

Reboot | Day 22 (Member)
Day 22
Program progress:

The last week has been wild. I’m a lifelong hockey fan and been a Washington Capitals fan for 20 years+ and would you believe it, but my team won the Stanley Cup last week! What a run and DC has been bedlam since last Thursday. And the games all started late, ran late and completely upended my work, personal and Kenzai schedule. Sure, it’s a lot of excuses, but this past week hasn’t been my best. And then to top it off, I forgot to put sunscreen on my stomach at the pool last Saturday and still have a red belly.

So, time to get back into our normal, healthy routine. No more late night hockey and later nights recovering from the excitement. Time to get serious for the rest of reboot and beyond. Applause to my teammates who are kicking it - time for me to join in!

Hi everyone - wow, big group of rebooters! Welcome, everyone. I’m in Washington, D.C. and need to get back into the Kenzai exercise habits. I will need a lot of bloggy support from my fellow rebooters and old Kenzai friends. I’ve gotten a bit pudgy, especially since starting a new job. Lots of time to sit at my desk and nibble - and lots of unhealthy food just kind of hanging around the office, waiting to be eaten. They supply free soda, so it’s an endless supply of ice cold cokes. I love coke. But really need to pretend they aren’t there. And that darn fridge is about 10 feet from my desk.

Anyway, this is my second reboot since I finished KB1. I’m trying to position myself to do a full 90day program, starting mid or late summer, so this is getting me back in the groove. I missed day one due to out of town meetings and then a long drive back to dc. But now I’m ready to go! Good luck everyone!

Reboot graduate 

I did really well on reboot for 3 weeks! The last week kind of fell apart. The diet went mostly fine, except for this weekend (but hey - it's my birthday on Monday, so I had to celebrate on Saturday, right?). My exercising did not go according to plan. I did get exercise, but it was mostly just playing tennis and moving lots of heavy boxes around. The heavy box moving continues next week, so I'll keep that up! So does the tennis....

I enjoyed the reboot and think it was the right length for me right now. Not sure what I'll do next, but glad to have gotten back into the routine.

Congrats to the whole team and great job!


Rebooting is continuing - I'm doing okay with the skipping - my stops to catch my breath are getting fewer, which makes me happy. The food is a challenge. Breakfasts are small, snacks aren't satisfying, lunch is great!, but the apple dinners are getting old. At least I'm enjoying the all-I-want-to-eat vegetables in the evening... I also keep thinking about the lesson from a few days ago about being grateful that I'm in the position to have the ability, time and resources to do Kenzai. Powerful lesson and puts things in perspective.

In response to the challenge - I'm around 9 years old and clearly spending quality time with the family cat. I was also sulking about something.


Per Kenzai instructions, I had lunch in a restaurant today. For the first time in a month, it was lovely and almost warm, so I decided to walk to nearby Shirlington Village, mail a birthday card to my mother and have lunch in a local restaurant. I made it easy on myself and chose a kabob place. I left off the dressings and the sauces, ate half of the rice, all the salad (except the raw onions and a couple of odd lettuce leaves) and vacuumed up the chicken. I had to eat more vegetables when I got home, though. It seems to me that while it isn't hard to find compliant foods, it is difficult to get enough vegetables!

Nice break from home cooking - and someone else did the dishes!

Keep chugging along, team - almost to the halfway point!

I did alternate cardio today - 90 minutes of tennis. It was a nice break from the skipping. I felt stronger than the last time I played (a couple of weeks ago). Also, my tennis skirt is a bit loose on me. That is very satisfying. After, I ate my apple for a snack. That really wasn't very satisfying. I want a slice of pizza! But I'm resisting.

Rebooting continues....

One week done...

First week of reboot went fairly well. I was very compliant on the diet but didn't complete one workout. But that day included a ton of manual labor, so the muscles got a workout.

I'm enjoying the skipping because it is giving me a great workout, but more importantly - I can do it! Prior to KB1, I developed plantar fasciitis and I had to do alternate cardio for all 90 days. It was hard to find all that extra time and I don't think the workouts were as good as they would have been if I had been skipping. So, I am so pleased that I've made it through the first week with no relapse!

Off to the grocery store to buy more vegetables. I had forgotten how much I go through on a Kenzai program!

Keep it up, everyone!


I really pushed myself hard in the workout yesterday and that emphasized again that I haven't been exercising over the past few months. I was very tired after finishing the skipping! But I made it through, with a couple of short breathers during each set.

Food hasn't been top much of a problem because our normal meals are usually fairly compliant, aside from too many salty and sweet snacks. I am craving Christmas cookies and candy, but we solved that immediate problem by removing them from the house.

My achy calves are feeling better! And I'm 100% compliant for the first 4 days. Onto say 5...

Achy calves

I am so out of shape! I had very important job interview today and had to chug down some Advil because of how sore my calves are! I could hardly walk. But I made it through the interview and then made it through day 3 of jump roping and the rest of the workout. I know the soreness will fade - I remember in KB1 how much my abs hurt the first week. I embraced that as proof of making a difference. I'll embrace my sore calves in the same way.

Off to take a hot bath.


Candy, cookies, cheese, champagne....been a great holiday season! Now it is time to reboot. Why is it so easy to forget all the good habits while we embrace the bad ones? Oh, that's right. Because the bad habits are easy and taste good! So, now I'll reboot and reignite those good habits. Good luck everyone! I'm very excited to see some familiar names in this program!

Bendy - kind of. 

I have to admit to myself and everyone that I didn't achieve my goals in this program, although I can now touch my toes, albeit barely. Between some personal issues and long term houseguests, I didn't stay motivated and push myself like I did in KB1. I feel like I let myself down as well as teammates because I wasn't engaged.

That being said, I did do many of the stretches and am more flexible, but that makes me realize how much more I could and should have done.

I also did fairly well with the diet, especially with a lot of outside pressure. One thing I do like is that a Kenzai-friendly meal is standard in our household now at every meal and non-Kenzai meals are treated like an occasional treat. That helps long term. I also like having a number of stretches in my repertoire that I can do anytime and continue to work on my flexibility.

I'll take December off from a specific Kenzai program and hit the ground running in January with important lessons learned.

Happy holidays to everyone!

Still here!

Our houseguest has departed after a pleasant, but lengthy visit. It was very hard to follow diet and to get all the stretches in while she was here. But I have no more excuses and not only can buckle down for the remainder of this program, but have some good stretches in my repertoire. I'm definitely bendier than when I started, but want to keep working at it and see how bendy I can get!

My 76 year old houseguest can touch her toes - hell, she can place the palm of her hands on the floor without bending her knees. While that makes me feel like I have the tightest and shortest hamstrings in the history of the universe, I am seeing progress in my pictures. So, there is that...

My diet is still struggling at dinner (roasted pork loin and stir fried vegetables for dinner last night at someone else's house). But breakfasts and lunches are mostly okay.

So, this is a new week and a new determination to follow the whole plan - diet and stretching. I hope everyone had a great week!


We have a house guest for the a little while - it's been a wonderful visit so far and I expect that to continue. However, my diet has gone to pieces. I'm sticking with breakfast and lunch fairly well, but dinner is getting me. Salt, sugar, processed foods. And it is all so delicious! She's here for two more weeks, so I have to find a way to work this out. Smaller portions, avoid the carbs at night and more vegetables. I can do that.

Thankfully, it's Halloween so we should be able to get the rest of the candy out of the house as well and not replace it. Now I need to ignore the ice cream and Oreos in the kitchen.

Sun Salutations

I found myself really enjoying the Sun Salutations last night. I've been trying to be very deliberate with all of my movements and breathing and liked the smoothness of the moves. I'm holding each pose for a full inhale/exhale. I also seem to have good balance. Still working hard on the bendy part, though....