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Kenzai Body | Day 20 (Member)
Kenzai Body
Day 20
Program progress:

Few observations/confessions

So, potatoes feel like cheating as a veg.... does anyone else feel the same?

I’m finding my food dry which makes it rough to eat. I need to add some moisture somehow....

Went to a bbq today, stuck to steak and salad. Totally avoided the crisps, although had to guesstimate weights. Proud of myself for that.

Easter has been my toughest will power challenge yet. This momma has a sweet tooth fo sho. Kids did an egg hunt and I want to eat it all!!!

I think my first indulgence will have to be a bag of mini eggs.... is it wrong that I am pre planning it?! 😂

Off to Vietnam for a few days tomorrow, packing brekkie but a bit anxious about how easy it will be to stay compliant. Will power but also, other people cooking for me!


So. I have had some success with skipping. Stamina wise I am doing pretty well! Managed 300 skips without tripping or stopping last night. Properly pleased with that! I am also really enjoying it, I put my podcast on and skip away. I know it’s going to get harder and hope I feel the same way when that happens 😂. However, my pelvic floor is making me want to cry, I am brutally aware of the 3 kids I have had 😔. (It’s not as bad as the meme!!!)

Feeling much trimmer already which is a lovely feeling and great motivator. Hoping that helps me through the 5 day break to Vietnam we have starting Sunday!!!


So, having been very apprehensive and finding the food a bit challenging at first, I really quite enjoyed this week! I have found the food planning hard as I am planning 4 different meals at the moment 🙄. (Me, hubby - he will eat what I am but requires some more jazz, 2 fussy boys and a 7 month old just exploring food). I know I will pick up tricks and it will get easier though. Already started batch cooking roast veggies which are very handy! Loving the fruit, it is really keeping my sweet cravings at bay and I am eating fruits I have not eaten for ages!

Exercise I have really enjoyed. Got into a good routine, put the baby to bed, then skip, read a book to the big kids and say goodnight, eat dinner and then do rest of workout. I am definitely feeling stronger too.

Having a few issues with my milk production but I am pretty certain that is sleep related more than anything. My little one has decided on a horrifically early start to the day 😴. I Have started taking some herbal supplements which should help.


Argh so, food.... only day 2 and I am finding it hard! For the following reasons...

1. Sugar withdrawal, I assume that’s what what it is, headaches, short tempered and tired. I know that this is in the long term a good thing as I will feel soooooo much better in the long run
2. Baby feeding, I think my milk must taste different, the baby is crying while I feed her 😬 (I know I have enough milk as I checked thinking I might be empty) .... I wonder if she is having sugar withdrawals too!!! Milk has gone from maccers milkshakes to skimmed 😂.
3. Trying to eat the right amount of food, it’s a lot!!!! Protein I could eat a bit more of 😏 but veg and fruit! So much! I have not managed to eat it all both days (I know how bad that is and will get with the programme)
4. Food prep, the weighing, the chopping, the cooking.....

So I sound like I am defeated but only 2 days in. I promise that is not the case, just sharing what I am finding challenging as I know it would be nice to hear other people say it’s not been easy too 😂.

I know soon it will get easier and things will become second nature..... I just want that to happen quickly - ha ha.

Week 1 done....

So week 1 done! I have managed all the work outs and have been surprised that I have actually built up a sweat as on first inspection I thought, meh, this will be easy 😂. Diet has felt all wrong but I think it has taught me above all else the changes I HAVE to make.

Finally onto answer the questions Patrick laid down in his welcome mail!

1. What inspired you to sign up for Kenzai Body?

I did kenzai body post baby 2 in 2015 and I looked and felt the best I have in my adult life at the end of it. Hoping for similar results this time and also hoping to stay in the kenzai zone a bit more. After the last kenzai body I got a hideous recurrent parasite and was then diagnosed with coeliac disease which made the prospect of diet seem more challenging. I am past that now....

I also want my kids to see me making healthier choices and to be motivated to make healthy choices themselves.

2. In terms of the Kenzai Body challenge, what do you think is your greatest strength?

I am a stubborn one. Many people have doubted my ability to give up booze, chocolate and generally follow the daily plan - it only makes me more determined.

3. What do you think will be your greatest weakness?

Exhaustion.... I am 3 kids deep, the youngest being 7 months and they are total sleep thieves. I think we all make decisions that we regret when we are tired....

All this being said, I am anxious, excited and delighted that I am training with a friend here in Hong Kong... let’s do this Tumshie!!!!

Booze hound

This, is a vodka and Diet Coke. I am at my obligatory 1/4 point so it is time to throw it away..... I am finding this so hard! It all feels so much like I am cheating, eating chocolate, biscuits, drinking booze! Honestly, I am rather looking forward to my egg whites and rules. I am a bit of an all or nothing girl.....

On a positive note, exercising is going well! I am managing to do it happily after putting kids to bed and before dinner.


So already I have messed up 😬. I thought the message from Patrick was the daily lesson and so have only just read yesterday’s lesson. So here is my log post that I should have written yesterday 😳.

Welcome back to kenzai for me! I am now 7 months post baby 3 and my diet is a disgrace, as a result so is my body. I had a horrific sweet tooth with this bubba and it has not gone away yet.... time to sort myself out.

I was horrified when I took the pre photographs and weighed myself. It totally confirmed how ready I am for this. I can’t wait for feeling fit and strong again. So not feeling good about posting this picture but I know it will be good to see the change.

Feeling a wee bit uncomfortable with the still eating chocolate and drinking booze thing, feels like I am cheating! Going with it though....

Here we go!

I ❤ bells 

I have absolutely loved this programme. The workouts have been fun and fast paced which is right down my street. I have found the diet to be totally manageable and have seen great results. My guns and tum in particular.

I would be really intersected in doing another bells programme or even a maintainance with bells programme if there was one.

Still got one more workout to finish as I did find in the last few weeks work got a bit cray cray. As a result, I did not finish every workout so wanted to play catchup in the last week.

Lost about 2.5kg, nothing ground breaking but look sooooooo much better. Proud to don my bikini right now! Also, quietly relieved I have sculpted guns (sculpted compared to before 😂, it's all relative!) for my sister's wedding where I am bridesmaid in late July. Just need to keep up the exercise!

One positive difference between this and body, is that I do not feel the urge to binge like I did at the end of body. In fact, I am going to continue no evening carbs because I feel so much better for it! Moving forward. A goal for me is to really work on the amount of sleep I get. My final pic for the programme is the 23rd June pic. Think I was too late to add it to the kenzai bells ones.

Thanks Kenzai - such fun.

Not done yet!

So, after my bubbas second birthday celebrations this weekend workouts were missed. I will post my graduation post in 3 days as I want to finish all workouts. Will continue diet for this time too.

Sorry! Heccers

Sorry I have been so lame with my updates.. ridiculously heccers few weeks at work with reports and assessment etc.

So, here it is...

Final week has gone well, diet good, exercise good (I missed tuesdays workout because of reports but Wednesday was a rest day so just did the workout then). Found the final week exercise hard but doable and enjoyable.

Food wise, I have found my peace with vegetable, faves being cauliflower rice with garlic, lemon and parsley and coodles.

Really enjoying this programme and loved seeing the definition in my arms. My third boobs, also known as the meaty bit where your armpits meet the body, have really gone down and I have guns like never before!

Going to crack on for a few more days next week to try to make up for the workouts I have missed which have averaged about one a week.... not ideal but I want to finish strong.

Baaaadddddd week

WARNING - guilt confession about to commence.

Stax are NOT a Kenzai food but I had them for my tea tonight. Bacon is NOT a Kenzai breakfast, I had it today. Vodka is NOT kenzai compliant but I am sinking one right now. Having 2 hours sleep is not Kenzai guidelines, it has been my average over the last 3 nights. Skipping 4 consecutive workouts in NOT Kenzai behaviour but I did....

Explanation (excuse time) both kids have been super ill, the youngest was admitted to hospital this weekend. All is fine and he came home tonight but I have been hospital bound apart from me leaving him there with my husband at 2pm to attend a savage meeting which I got home from at 8:30 tonight. I am ashamed, I feel guilty but I was very weak and hospitals are miserable.

I took my weekly pic in the hospital loo this morning, apart from the giant bags under my eyes, I am reasonably comfortable with my progress which makes the guilt even greater.

Confession over, cramming the last bit of booze in before bed and a strict finish of the last few weeks of this program starting tomorrow. I am back in the game. FACT.

Ups and downs

So, again. Weekend has been my downfall! Work is epic at the moment, report and assessment season as a teacher so come Friday I was ruined. Passed out again stupidly early and missed Fridays work out.

Had a BBQ on Saturday night here so did not weigh food and probably (aka definitely) ate too much although it was all very fresh and kenzaiey as I catered!

Loved my free cardio again this week, went out our new paddle board for 35 mins in the crackin sunshine. Feeling much fitter and really enjoying the workouts.

This week

So week has gone great M-th. all workouts complete, diet picture perfect. Friday the problems began, I was so ruined I fell asleep before working out, Saturday I ate a little off plan as I went to a friend's for tea (nothing major but she cooked the fish in butter), today we had lunch out so was again a little out with weights etc.

Free cardio was an hour at a trampoline park, too much fun!

Having a bit of a struggle with gluten free carbs as I am gagging for a baguette, quinoa just does not cut it.....

Added my kettle bel pic, sorry it is. Little late :)

Free cardio love

Had a good first week fitness wise, just did my free cardio and bloody loved it. 5 mins skipping followed by 25 mins dancing (hip hop and Bhangra) aka sweating my ass off. SUCH FUN!

Diet was picture perfect Kensal style (based on my KB1 diet) until the weekend. Booze and cheese have been consumed as a naughty final blow out before full on diet structure tomorrow.

Loving the exercises so much and raring to go for full diet compliance tomorrow.

Day 1!

So, after a seriously half assed attempt at reboot following my coeliacs diagnosis. I am raring to go with this program.

Just did my first workout and loved it! Cleaned up diet today, full on kenzai breakfasts lunch and dinner.... Except one cheeky mini egg fed to me by my toddler (how could I say no!)

Looking forward to this. Boom!

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