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This is not my proudest kenzai hour but I am trying to be kind to myself. Finding my feet in a bigger role at work, battling illness and family emotions. Diet is not on point, exercise is not on point but, I am making good changes and seeing and feeling improvements.


So, back in the game but first time in the game in the current role I am in at work. Honesty time. Not finding it easy.... game is on with exercise. Nailing it, all fine. Diet.... not so much. I am such a sugar fiend! Weekend has just hit and I shamelessly drank a Prosecco and ate some crisps. I need to regain my self control......

Stacked (for me 😂) and so happy  

So delighted to write my second graduation post for Kenzai body and so very pleased and happy with the results. Don’t get me wrong, different to last time but still beyond happy. I lost more weight last time but definitely did not have the definition I have this time.

So 9kg off, about a dress size smaller and oh so very much fitter. I feel amazing! I have to confess, I finished on Friday as I flew to the uk with my 3 kids on Saturday (ON MY OWN) and exercise and compliant eating was beyond my even greatest will.

Again, the prompting start for me doing kenzai was the need to get fit after having my third baby (last body was after baby #2). Terrible behaviour like chocolate in bed, cookies for breakfast, crisps every night before dinner. All habits I have escaped as well as gaining some brilliant new habits (not the wind inducing egg whites, that’s one I am looking forward to easing off), daily exercise! I am going to work really hard to keep up the skipping and exercise at least 3 times a week. However, today and for the next few days until my skipping rope etc arrives, I will be eating some of my fave forbidden on kenzai foods (although I am feeling very guilty about it!!) I am keen to eat my kenzai brekkie tomorrow though!

The community this time around has been great. Special thanks to Patrick and Talya, great support and advice, especially cool to have the kenzai big dog looking after us! Lucy, Miya, Kit, Tumshie and Kathryn such great co-trainers offering invaluable support and advice and Jane, my original inspiration for doing kenzai doing body 2 along side me!

Kenzai you have again shown me the way. I am excited to have a crack at another program (maybe not immediately though 😂)

Quad joy

So, one thing that I have noticed is that my quads are amazing!!!!! While I know that this sounds cocky. I am seriously loving my thighs right now. All those bloody squats and gremlin walks as my husband calls them (or creeps as named by kenzai) have totally paid off!

Still not managed 100% compliance owing to an incredibly full on last week of term. Going to do my very best and try to go out with a big, realistic smile on my face.

Go team!!!!


Blimey after the 6 min sets, I did not think it could more difficult!! 7 mins is looooonnngggg.

So, bad weekend. Leaving do, son’s birthday party, baby with bronchitis. Diet slipped, exercise slipped but had 2 solids days now and back into the kenzai swing.

Hard to believe we have such little time left now! It is such a difficult time of year to stay totally compliant. I am a teacher so leaving dos and end of term celebrations are in abundance right now. Not quite the perfect finish I would have liked but I am still feeling good.


Sooooooo - it has been done, literally on the day it was approved (no messing around here) 😂.

I went to a hotel for a spa day for a friends leaving celebration. Had a lush massage, sat by the pool and then afternoon tea (which in a hotel in Asia, is not a dainty tea set, it is basically a giant binge). Boy, did I binge..... it was all very decadent and I definitely achieved the intended outcome. My previous indulgence was steak and potatoes, I felt absolutely fine after it and most people said it was a tame indulgence so maybe that was why!? This time, oh my, did I suffer. Afternoon tea was at 3pm. I came home, feeling dreadful, sick and tired. I lay on the sofa and in the end succumbed to bed at 9pm (very unlike me...). The next day I woke and still felt sick, it was almost like having a hang over with no booze! Seriously sucked. The next day I was happy to eat my crunchy veg and egg whites. I was happy not to feel sick!!!!

Lesson learned I am guessing! It’s not always a treat to eat crap.

Home straight now. Really pleased with the difference in my physique and I hope to a realistic level I can maintain it post Kenzai....

Final third!!!

After a VERY rocky week last week, I am feeling much stronger. The exercises while hard are enjoyable and having a bit of evening protein back in my life has made things seem much more achievable. I even did my skipping in my lunch break at work today!

I think aside from the fatigue, another problem I had last week was that my expressed milk output had dropped diabolically low and it was stressing/upsetting me. Unfortunately I have this crazy obsession with giving third bubba the same as her brothers had. I know there is nothing wrong with formula and I don’t have a problem with it but I feel guilty I am leaving her to go to work and this in someway makes me feel less guilty. Sadly, the milk output has still not improved so I think I will need to really battle to get more sleep and eat a ton of spinach!

All in all I am excited (no really) about the last few weeks and feel so happy I took kenzai on again. Such a great feeling now I am looking and feeling more like me.

I hope this positivity lasts!!!


This is what it looks like if you boil eggs for 2 hours....


I am struggling this week. Just so tired and kenzai fatigued. Work all day, bubbas to bed and I am finding the last thing I want to do or have in me is.... skip, exercise, prep food, cook food and boil eggs.

I am slipping... a small grating of cheese is the only thing encouraging me to stay on egg white suppers. Tonight I had some corn chips and dip too.... I really felt the need,

Lower back is sore and my job is sooooo demanding physically.

I know what I need to do and I will get back on track but I felt like I should fess up..... I know we are encouraged to blog, good or bad.

I have now lost 7kg and I am fitting back in my pre baby clothes. These need to be the things I hold on to! C’mon Emily, 32 days of intense training to go!

Am I being watched...?

So weird! So many lessons seems to address the feelings I have that day.

I had a tantrum about skipping threw all my toys out of the pram and kicked the sofa - lesson the next day, don’t throw a strop when skipping goes wrong.

Went to a party thinking oh well, I will have extra carbs now and non tomorrow - next day, atm thinking lesson.

This week I have had serious exercise fatigue - said to my hubby last night “I am not sure I can do this anymore” then read the lesson..... don’t worry, that feeling is normal.

I feel like someone has bugged my house 😂.

Onwards and upwards!!! We can do this!


I know, I know...... the indulgence said light meal, but in my defence, I did not prepare the meal, so technically, it’s my husband’s fault....

How do I feel about it? Well, I was soooooooo excited about (which honestly, worries me a bit!) l planned it, planned tv to go with it, did me exercise in the morning to make sure we could fully enjoy it.

Last time I did kenzai, I remember having an indulgence and feeling sick. Not the time I am afraid, I loved it and I feel super guilty about that! However, it was incredible salty which was very alien to me and I did not like all the Salt very much.

People have really started to notice the changes in my body this week which has been lovely and has made me feel proud of my hard work. I need to hold on to this as I pick steak out of my teeth! Back to the grindstone tomorrow!


Mmmmm bank holiday weekend.... fessing up. I have been a bit naughty.

So, one thing I find really odd is, I am seeing such a change in my body. I actually wore a bikini today without feeling super paranoid. I have lost (Almost) 5kg which is incredible. I am loving the way my legs look. But seeing the progress has not motivated me to continue but made me feel ok about cheating a wee bit!? How crackers is that!!???

We had a friends 40th, it was a big Chinese food sharing affair on a stunning beach (see pic of hubby and the youngest 2 in the water) and so I ate what was there... had a couple of the kids mini eggs 😬 and (pun alert) skipped my skipping on Friday night.

I have been more angelic today and will try to stick with it all tomorrow (another event 😳). I need to be motivated to continue, not use it as an excuse to cheat!!


Question of the week. So, I would say the thing I am finding the hardest is the lack of sleep. By the time I have got the kids to bed, pumped milk, prepped food, made dinner, done exercise and got kids stuff ready for the next day, it’s 10:30! Then it’s shower, clothes out and bed for 11. Up at 6. If like last night, the baby is up, it’s not much sleep!

Once I get going with the exercise, I love it and I am feeling much fitter.

Another positive, found a palatable meal that filled me right up using egg whites last night. A bit random but it worked for me 😂. Egg and onion with cauliflower rice, tsatsiki, passata and some homemade bread.

cannot ....

Way too full of cold to exercise, I am afraid. My head feels so full and I am certain that a round of exercising is not going to make me feel better. I am also on exhaustion level 9. Kids with fevers Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night and me and the hubby with a cold last night (which means he is snoring like a 200kg trucker). I reckon I have clocked about 26 hours sleep since Saturday 😫.

So excuses out of the way. I will stick to the diet and hope that I am up to so my exercises tomorrow. Maybe I will skip my rest day this week. Don’t want to undo everything!


So, not blogged for a week, got the email reminder. This week has been tough. My baby turned 8 months yesterday and I am back to work full time tomorrow. I am so devastated. I have loved, loved, loved being a full time mum to my 3 brilliant babies for the last 8 months and it so going to be so tough to leave them in the morning. I am afraid I have been a bit slack this week, missed an exercise, had a drink (vodka) and picked up a crumb of Easter egg my children left behind. I am so sad 😔.

Managed my workout tonight, dreading the morning. Thanks to Tumshie for her mum’s quote - “Your kids know they are truly loved and that’s the most important thing ever”. It will get me through tomorrow 💔.

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