Emma B.

Emma B.

Done and Dusted 

So glad we made the hasty decision to sign up to KB1 after a particularly boozy and unwholesome weekend. Was certainly a challenge both mental and physical but for the most part I really enjoyed it. I wish I’d had a nearer perfect 90 days but I’m really proud of what we achieved. And I can skip now. And dare I say vaguely enjoy it too! It’s been a great test of discipline and I’m so grateful to the Kenzai community - both cohort and trainers - for helping me through It. I’ll definitely be signing up to another program soon! Thanks again all.

Post Kenzai plans

I really hope to maintain a lot of my Kenzai habits. Skipping, hearty breakfasts and an abundance of fruit and veggies especially. Need to stop thinking of them as part of a plan and adopt them as a way of life. I'm still prone to all or nothing extremes so am very tempted to sign up to another program to keep me on the straight and narrow for a bit longer and especially as we approach silly season and Christmas and all the indulgence that usually brings. I'm definitely going to get membership. I've recently spoken to a couple of serial kenzai-ers who see dramatic results on the program but then go back to old habits and end up back where they started. I can see how easy that could be and want to stay conscious of it.
Is it weird that im almost feeling a bit sad about the end of Kenzai? I definitely wouldn't have predicted this 80 odd days ago. I think its because it's nice being able to outsource the burden of making good decisions about food and exercise and now its all down to me. I hope i meet the challenge. She says as she is about to leave for Tokyo to watch the rugby with no plans to be strict on food or saki. I do have my rope and resistance bands in the bag though...


Well the indulgence couldn’t have been more timely. We spent the weekend at Disney for my sons 6th bday treat and were ill prepared so it would have been tough to stick to kenzai. ‘Luckily’ the food options were mostly revolting. Not a burger or chip in sight at HK Disney (sadly). Didn’t stop me eating copious amounts of caramel popcorn, ice cream, something that claimed it was a curry and really indulging at the hotel breakfast. You genuinely couldn’t get an egg that wasn’t fried so I opted for not even vaguely low fat yoghurt, mini croissants and pain au chocolate. I think it’s safe to say I got my thousand calories in there. As usual I didn’t feel sick I just absolutely loved it but that’s because I still haven’t achieved cutting out sugar enough and that’s going to be something I have to keep working on post kenzai. This is definitely, and surprisingly, the hardest thing for me as I’ve said before. Im pleasantly surprised that the easiest thing has been the daily exercise. I’ve never been particularly fit and will often find any excuse to avoid it so am really pleased that I can say I’ve not missed a day and a lot of the time have done some extra PT or skips or a class here and there. Usually to make up for the extra treats I let myself have because I’m still an ATM thinker. My goal now is to think beyond this as a 90 day program because I’ve got one of those brains that will tell me to get a Big Mac meal, a bottle of wine and do no exercise on day 91 otherwise! I can already see myself signing up to kenzai body 2 just to avoid the temptations...

30 days to go.

Can’t believe this is suddenly upon us. Having had a rocky couple of weeks where willpower failed me a number of times I’m hoping to have a near perfect 30 days. Nervous about the length of the exercise sets and fitting them in during a typically extra busy period at work but determined to make it happen. And happy to see some extra carbs creep back in - though am sure these will be much needed. I don’t know if my brain will be very good at facilitating exercise ‘to failure’ but no doubt it will be another kenzai lesson learned. Like others my husband and I really want to keep a lot of these new habits going. Daily exercise and an abundance of fruit and veggies being my main goals. I haven’t done as well as others on keeping sugar at bay but I’m going to keep working at it.

More confessions.

Have had a really terrible kenzai failure of a weekend. The worst yet. Only thing I got right was the exercise but had a hen do to attend and willpower deserted me at all times. I should have made up for it by being really good today but I just ate rubbish repeatedly and lots of it. and now I feel sooooo guilty. Finally seeing results and think I let myself be complacent as a result which is disappointing. Hoping my commitment will be restored with the new week ahead. I really want to give the last month my all and hope I haven’t undone too much of my hard work. On a more positive note I’ve been trying the 8 min abs workouts most days lately and Ive really enjoyed them which surprised me. Though v sits I’m still useless at but plenty more time to practice. Hope everyone else had a good weekend.

I’m definitely an ATM thinker. Every time I’ve slipped up and had something I shouldn’t I’ve done extra skips ‘to make up for it’. Sometimes even in advance so I can earn whatever it is I’m craving - usually m&s flapjack mini bites. And sadly they don’t taste too sweet or too salty when I eat them. They just taste awesome.
Last night we went to a dinner where I took the indulgence to the extreme. The wine was flowing and the food was just so delicious. I avoided carbs at lunch time because I knew I’d be having a bigger dinner but I still feel super guilty about the amount of everything I had that my first reaction is to hold back on carbs and do more exercise today. But at the same time I really just want to get back on track again and am pretty hopeful that another day off won’t totally derail my efforts so will put it behind me and look forwards.


I'm amazed to say I haven't actually thought about quitting. I've thought about cheating occasionally- and have done on more than one occasion but am hyper-aware than I'm only cheating myself when I sneak the odd treat in that I shouldn't.
Like others, I feel we've come way too far to quit now and I'm still curious/impatient to see and feel the 'end' results. I also don't want the money we spent on this - and the endless amounts of fruit, veggies and sparkling water- to have been wasted on a half-hearted attempt at something great.
The group and the blog are a real motivator for me and I also like that I can see much of the discipline becoming a way of life for us a family going forward. I have a genuine slightly-more-love-than-hate feeling towards skipping and egg whites now and am just hopeful that we don't get too many curve balls thrown at us on the diet and exercise front over the next half of the program but I'm sure thats very wishful.
Having had a couple of weeks where I could have done A LOT better I really want to go into the second half of the program 100% committed and look forward to feeling energised by day 60 as Patrick mentioned in the weekly message today.

Travel mishap

Just got back from a work trip where I really struggled/failed to stay on diet. Breakfasts were sort of ok but was so hard to get vegetables that weren’t covered in sauce or butter. Lunches were almost impossible and dinners not much better as I was expected to attend work events and just didn’t get a chance to shop or leave which I wasn’t expecting. Even had my scales in my bag at all times but they weren’t put to much use. Went totally pear shaped at one of the functions and ended up drinking a ton of wine and eating very badly as a result. I stuck to the exercise and did extra runs or skips every day I was away but still feel lousy. I can’t wait to go back to my hermit living and Kenzai ways now I’m back in HK. Hats off to all of you who’ve been so successful on your trips. I thought I’d be much better than I was. Off to do the 8 mins ab track to atone for my sins.

Not looking or feeling better. I feel exhausted and crabby at the moment - which is probably in part hormonal - and am often asking myself is it worth it. I just really want to feel more energetic and start noticing a real difference but I know the next couple of weeks are going to be testing and critical to overall success and I really want to succeed. I really like the exercise - and even my skipping is definitely improving. I trip but just keep going and I feel so good after I hit the target. Hoping everything else will fall into place in the same way. The blogging definitely helps. Love hearing how everyone is doing and it’s so reassuring when people have similar struggles and hearing other perspectives on the challenges. Daily lessons are also often so useful and mind reading at times as I’ve seen many others comment. I’ve slipped up a bit in the last week and I’m looking forward to a fresh start to a new week - but apprehensive about impending travel. Will take the advice of others who’ve travelled and prepare myself as best as I can. Hope everyone has had a great weekend!


I’ve been feeling very coldy and run down the last couple of days. Have pushed through the training but yesterday I didn’t go to work and the temptation of the flapjacks and Percy pigs in the fridge was all too much. Let’s just say i didn’t only have one of each. Made me realise how easy it is to cave into temptation and especially when I’m off my routine / at home. I did a lot of extra skips to make up for it but I feel like I’ve gone backwards. Guess I need to put it behind me and get on with it but should we be making adjustments to our food if something like that happens. Obviously I hope will power kicks in next time I find myself in that situation.

Like others, I'm feeling pretty pleased to have got this far without veering too much off track. I've really quite enjoyed the discipline of the workouts and I've definitely never done so much exercise consistently or eaten so well for so many days on the trot. I love that on this program we never have to go hungry and even though im exhausted at the end of a day I dont lack energy. Even though I can't see much of a difference yet I think I'm starting to detect (very limited) evidence of a bicep and my skin definitely looks better thanks to all the fruit and veggies and no doubt the absence of my long lost friend, white wine.

There have certainly been ups and downs and I'm already pretty bored of hearing my own voice querying how many grams of something im allowed - HOW do I still not remember even though its the same for 7 days in a row! Equally the endless discussions about what we will have for lunch or dinner sometimes send me over the edge but I am grateful that my husband is doing it with me and its actually quite nice to spend an hour together doing meal prep and discussing kid admin.

However, I am starting to think about the sustainability of all this and how far I want to take it. I want to be able to enjoy wine (maybe less regularly) but also know that I'm not going to ever be the person who doesn't want the cake because of what it 'does to your body' and even if for a day or two I find things overly sweet or salty I know I'm going to get used to that pretty damn quickly. I don't want to be defeatist about it but I do want to be accepting of future choices I'm going to make because I didn't go into this with an intent to cut all that out on a permanent basis - even if that's what I should be aiming for. If that means no 6 pack for me im ok with it - I just want to be more balanced with my choices, mostly healthy and physically fit and strong. I hope that doesn't make me sound like I'm on the way to giving up because I'm definitely not and am looking forward to seeing what the next 64 days (yikes) bring. Who knows I may eat my words- but hopefully not all the salted caramel fudge im craving!

Well done everyone and sorry for the essay! Have a great weekend and enjoy your treats if you haven't already...

Week 3 blues

Aside from lacking energy I'm also feeling a little less enthusiastic and positive this week. Last couple of days especially. My skipping has gone backwards and I don't feel that I've gained anything in terms of strength /fitness or muscle tone which is what I really want to get out of the program - as well as a more balanced attitude to eating the right foods and drinking less.
I'm trying to focus on the positives - namely that I'm not eating junk and not drinking wine which surely has to be good. And that I'm doing some exercise every day so my heart must be healthier even if I'm seeing no change physically. I guess Rome wasnt built in a day. It just makes me think - well why dont i have those M&Ms and that glass of wine - what difference will it really make. But equally, I want to get to Sunday when I can say I've been making better choices for 21 days in a row. whoop whoop.
I remember reading that week 3 was where we started to look and feel different. I haven't got there yet but hoping others have. Sorry for the downer post. Am sure a better and more energized day is round the corner. Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend.

End of week 2

It’s come around quicker than expected and for the most part I’ve enjoyed the routine. Hard as I find them I’m enjoying the exercises and getting them done first thing is a great start to my working day. 600 skips aren’t for the feint hearted though and I wonder if I’ll ever be able to do even 100 in a row with no trip or break. I’ve adjusted to the food amounts now - and am curious to see how the no carbs at dinner this eve will go. I think we have been mostly compliant but have resorted to a few soy sauce (v small amounts) marinades occasionally as know if I get too bored of the bland food I’ll be more likely to make even worse choices. Still getting those pesky sugar cravings most days but the fruit does help. On that note is it bad to have the evening fruit as a desert rather than an evening snack. I just can’t find the hours in the day for that.
Good luck with week 3 all. I hope it’s true that this week we will start to look and feel different.

Feeling bloated.

Anyone else’s shorts feeling a bit tighter? I’m making sure I get all the food in and doing all the suggested exercises - sometimes a few extra skips when feeling brave- but today am feeling so full and bloated. I love that we aren’t left feeling hungry but am I doing something wrong? I haven’t gained weight- not that the number is what I’m focused on - but my midriff isn’t shrinking that’s for sure. Writing this after polishing off yet another delicious but sizable breakie and almost feel daunted that it’s nearly lunch time.

Food questions

Are we allowed any condiments like hot sauce, soy, mustard, butter etc or is it all off limits. I guess most are processes but when I google ‘kenzai recipes’ it seems people are using some of these ingredients. Also are we allowed any non processed cereals - like rolled outs? I don’t usually eat breakfast but keen to get organised and change that. What veggies will people eat for breakie??




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