Emma P.

Emma P.

Liking the circuits

Enjoyed the change in the workout today, though shaking like a leaf now. What did the rest of you think?

The final countdown

The lesson on Senioritis hit home; definitely suffering from a bout of it over here. Had a couple of off days this week after over-indulging while a friend was in town. I was amazed by how appalling I felt after 3 glasses of wine and a meal in a restaurant (it was Vietnamese food too, so not exactly rich or heavy). It took me a good two days to recover. Serves me right, I suppose! With the end so close now, the kids' houmous and the dark chocolate buried at the back of the fridge is impossible to resist. Going to really try and finish as I started though, and be good next week.

Day 90 falls on our first day back in the UK. Not ideal after 13 hours on a plane with 3 kids. It'll be off to St James's Park with the Kenzai kit in tow - should give the tourists a good laugh.

Here's to a FAB final six days, everyone.

Feeling gross

Took the indulgence too far, but loved every second of it. Feeling it now and think it shows in my photo too.

Indulgence night happily coincided with a delicious curry feast cooked by a friend, which Philippa M and Vatche M, plus husband were indulging in too. There was a lot of curry and a lot of wine. The hangover led to me scoffing two slices of chocolate cake at another delicious feast the next day. Whoops. I feel fat and bloated, but it was heaven to enjoy a weekend away from the scales.

Back to the grindstone this week. I'm ready for it now I've blown off some steam. I feel like there's a lot still to achieve and am panicking that it won't get done by day 90.

Still completely baffled by my diet vis-à-vis my husband's. No idea why it is that I continue to be eating more than him when he's taller, heavier and has less body fat. His stomach has shrunk. Mine has not (probably not helped by the chocolate cake!).

Can't believe one week is complete already. On the plus side, it's flown past and I've realised that having three children at home (nice timing, Easter holidays...) is no excuse not to exercise. Before this week, I'd never have dreamt of marching up the nearest hill to a flat, skipping friendly spot to do 25 mins of exercise with three kids in tow, but I did it, and now - moving forwards - I know I can't use them as an excuse. They actually really enjoyed coming along too.

The low - as I think with most of you - has been leaving 25% of the food on my plate (on the occasions that I've remembered to...). I've been super hungry and seriously grumpy. I've hated it.

However, another lesson is that I don't think I eat a proper mix of food groups at every meal. Looking at next week's diet, I think the reason I've been so miserable is down to not eating the right balance of food. We eat healthily at home, but I guess I don't get the carb / protein balance right. Anyway, next week will tell.

Well done everyone for getting through week 1. I'm off to savour my last glass (or two) of red wine...




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