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reboot . . .  

Reboot wasn't my best effort. I finished it loosely, but was not entirely proud of my work. I had two really spot-on weeks but failed to end clean. Here is to a real reboot in 2020!

catching up

Ugh. I’ve had a horrible cold so took two days off from workouts. After catching up on my lessons I’m motivated to give it a go today, along with getting back on diet. This weekend I was off diet, not too badly, but it was hard to eat so many veggies and yogurt when I was feeling so awful and stuffed up. I did well last week though so I’m going to stay the course this week. One thing that’s frustrating me is my sound isn’t working on the Kenzai app and it’s also not always registering when I check off a workout. Hmmmm...
I’ll check in with everyone else’s blogs later and will add an overdue photo.
Off to jump. 🤸🏼‍♂️

Still rebooting!

Hi there everyone, sorry for the silence. Still enjoying the workouts, especially now that I found my jumprope and don't have to do high knees and jumping jacks! I start my egg white, yogurt, apple dinner tonight - yay!!


Definitely excited for a 28 day reality check! Gained back my weight I was so proud to lose two years ago with my very first Kenzai Body program. I know what it takes but evidently need the boundaries of a program to comply. Psyched to get started!

ticket 1

Used my workout pass yesterday but we did go for a sweaty little hike! 🤷🏼‍♀️ Just finished today’s workout and so psyched with how much stronger I feel since Day 1!!


I’m still staying strong with workouts (that may or may not nearly kill me everytime!) and now the diet too. Kind of bummed out bc I’m at home in MA for the weekend and got on the scales to see I’m actually 3 pounds heavier than I estimated without a scale when I signed up. So now I need to use that as more fuel for my fire... off to jump rope and get blasted!

Beach BLAST off!

Sorry, day 4 and I am just getting going on the blog but I have been getting in the daily workouts and weening off the summer indulgences (ie french fries, strawberry shortcake and rose all day).

A bit about myself, I live in MA during the year but spend the summer near my hometown of Camden, Maine. I actually look across the pond to Heddy's house - a fellow Beach Blaster! So while we are sweating through the workouts we can take solace in the fact we are both blasting.

Dream job? That's the million dollar question . . . when I figure that out I will have it!

Loving being back on the Kenzai train, I need some boundaries to my lifestyle and I can always count on a program to do that for me. I am committed to making the most out of the four weeks and look forward to sharing the journey with all of you.

Truckin' along

Hi Team!

I have been working hard to get my workouts in, and I loving them. I am really into the cycle workouts. It keeps my mind occupied and seems to make me work harder. Feels good to be a bit sore and motivates me to stay on diet after putting forth all of that energy, time and motivation.

Keeping it brief for now, but I am still with you! My best to all of you for the remainder of Week 3!

This is my first almost-Kenzai-fail. I needed a kick in the butt so I signed up in a mood where I was going to fix all my problems and even hesitated when it asks, "Are you sure?" when you join a group. But I was strong and told myself how much I needed this. Now 10 days have passed and I have only worked out once, haven't looked at the diet, my beloved lessons, nor the blogs, and I have ignored my workout clothes in their way too neat pile, just waiting for me.

But tonight I am telling myself it's not too late. Tomorrow is my day. I am setting my alarm. I am going to jump rope and I am going to workout. With that workout I will start my new routine. I will give myself this program. I will not question whether I am up for a challenge, or in shape enough right now to crush it the way I'd like after a 90 day Body. I am just going to do it.

So, apologies for the first crazy blog post. Just had to get all that out so I can feel honest and pump myself up.

Regarding the questions first asked - I live in Massachusetts with my husband, two kids, and dog Dusty who is my workout buddy. My husband Sander is also a Kenzai warrior, he got us going after he did the 10K run program way back when and is still enjoying a much healthier lifestyle he adopted then. Kenzai has done great things for us. It's early spring here and we are psyched to jump rope on the deck in warmer weather now that the snow is finally over. I've never formally used kettle bells but a little bit when I used to work out with a trainer. I am really excited to learn a new technique. I am looking forward to getting to knew a new crew and trainer - thank you!


A little late to the finish line but I just sprinted to the end! That last workout was a doozy to say the least, but it feels good to officially have completed KB3.

In parting, this has been an awesome team. I loved our small group of dedicated KB3-ers. You were all awesome with your comments when I needed them and you made me feel like part of the team even when I wasn't the best blogger/member. Thank you for that! Your dedication and determination kept me going.

This time around it was more of a head game for me. I know what I need to keep working hard on in future programs. I know what my pitfalls are, and my triggers. I know what I enjoy and what to look forward to. But most of all I was reminded how much I really just like this program as part of my journey in life. It suits me at this stage in the game as I crest mid-life and want to explore more about what makes me tick in a healthy way.

So thank you again for being part of this adventure, all of you - now go forth and strut your stuff and FEEL GOOD about your HUGE accomplishment - KB3 was the real deal!!

xo Erin

The Thanksgiving week was a huge distraction with all the preparation, hosting, delivery... but still worked out and was only nonkompliant during the meal on Thursday, but even then my tummy can only take so much and I genuinely crave clean food right now so I guess it could’ve been worse. Going to workout right now, missed two due to travel this week but setting my sights on crushing the final lap! I’ll visit other’s blogs when we head home from Maine tomorrow but hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Week 11

I appreciated the lesson today. After a weekend spent at one potluck, one gala, and hosting out of town guests needless to say I have been off track. However, working out remains constant. I am not too far gone that I can't see positive changes and recognize how these last three weeks really matter. Fortunately, there are no more events on the calendar in the foreseeable future so I feel good about being able to finish strong.

I've been using KB3 to really figure out how to make Kenzai part of the long game and that means learning to navigate the real life I live which is one filled with socializing and events. I get that while on program I am supposed to dedicate my life to scaling back all of those things for a specific amount of time, 90 days, but within that time I am trying to figure out how to make it real when the 90 days are complete. It seems that for me what works is the routine of exercising because if I put in that time and effort I in turn don't want to "waste" it by eating crap. When I stop exercising I get in that dangerous cycle of "not caring" and "what difference will it make".

Anyway, a bit of a ramble but letting you know I am still doing this! And feeling good in my skin.

Oh - and to answer the question, where would I go? Japan!! And I get to go this spring!! Dreams do come true.

working it

Working out continues to be my favorite part of program. Just love the time that feels like ALL mine. Truth be told I often do it with no music so the monk challenge was more like the norm for me. Really struggling with getting all my snacks in on KB3. This week I want to intentionally do that.


Just stepped on the scale. Wish I hadn’t. 🙈
Great week of workouts so far, including the very rare evening one last night as I couldn’t fathom skipping it. I’m going to go crush today’s. Happy Halloween!

working out, plugging along

I loved the workouts last week! I sweat a ton, felt sore in a good way, and enjoyed the mix up. Looking forward to working hard this week and eating more true to the diet. Last week was full of social gatherings, dinner, and Sander's birthday. I was off the diet more than I care to reflect on. This week I am psyched to tighten it up, and aside from Halloween with the kiddos I should be able to do it pretty easily.

Have a great week everyone!

End of Week 1





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