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Kenzai Iron | Day 84 (Member)
Kenzai Iron
Day 84
Program progress:

Diet has not been going according to plan but the workouts have been helpful in keeping me sane.


This is the longest I have been traveling while on program. I have not hit every workout and... I have not been too good on the diet. Yet, the strong foundation created in the beginning is paying off.

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My lower back has been sore from traveling. Stretching and lifting have helped.

Still Alive - Traveling

That is more grueling on the body than the exercises.

I’m Alive and Kicking

Will write more about my travels and workout. Been slowly increasing weight on my lifts. Leg days still kill me.


Adventures and hilarity to resume!


Everything is good to go and I am loving the workouts!

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Leg week has started and it should really be named burn week. My legs are on fire today after a wonderful week of just the mild burn during week two. I know that I will feel that residual pain later in the week as well.

What is interesting after one places a nice deep burn into your legs after squatting some serious weight is how normal squatting reminds you of the effort you put yourself through earlier in the day. Squatting to reach items in the kitchen... ouch! Squatting to sit at a table... umph! Squatting to sit on the... well... let's just say the time was not my normal leisurely reading.

I am looking forward to some great workouts!

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KB Iron Round 2

Happy to be part of team Mercury and looking forward to what the next 90 days will bring.

Coming off of KB 3 about two months ago and keeping up with the maintenance routine (not the diet), I have been adding some extra sets to the workouts. I am really concentrating on my form and taking my time to get it right. All in all, I feel good.

Another Program Completed 

I enjoyed KB 3 very much. Especially the different ways to attack the exercises though negatives, centuries, and the all-time favorite... 21s!

This program was not as fraught with humor and stupid human tricks like the others. It was more of a grind and each day I looked forward to it. Of course... it leaves me wanting more.

The photo for this post is from Melbourne. An interesting touristy fact about that city is that in narrow lanes that crisscross the Central Business District (CBD or Downtown) are countless artistic forms of graffiti. The walls are forever changing and if I were to return, this portrait will probably no longer exist. A perfect metaphor to how Kenzai, and the attitude it brings, helps you change and morph into the version of you that is best for the lanes you are walking along.

A rest... then perhaps... another program?


Last week was a mad dash of closing deals, negotiating contracts, and motivating the team to hit the number. Got my workouts end (secretly love centuries) and did not stress break the diet. Been running more than skipping and enjoying that again... for now.

In the last week!


This past weekend I wrapped up my trip to Australia.

Downsides of the trip are getting my bags searched because of the bands, missing workouts while diving (but that was a workout in and of itself), and I am way behind on my lessons. Like really behind.

Positives of the trip are that I worked out hard when I did, switched from skipping to running prior to the exercises when I could (when you add tropical humidity creates a whole lot of sweat), stuck close to the diet, and had a great relaxing time off.

I added some of my run times during the trip. I got slower as the weather got more humid. Running was a great way to add a twist to the workout and see some different views of the city.


My trip across Australia continues.

I have been skipping the jump rope for running about 5km+ each day (except for four days when I was diving off of the Great Barrier Reef) in the humidity. I figure it is like running in water with a hair dryer on full blast. My workout clothes are drenched in sweat and it makes me feel like I am making giant weight loss strides. By the way, when you run in drenched clothing it adds weight to your run making each stride a little harder.

The one thing I have noticed in my foreign travels on KB is how easy it is to stay on plan. In the States, when I travel, I find it harder than when abroad.

I celebrated my birthday on a liveaboard boat where I learned to SCUBA dive. After four fun days of adventure, I am now certified for open water diving, deep water diving, and enriched oxygen diving. I saw four giant sea turtles, I saw Dori, I found Nemo, and I saw some sharks. I highly suggest that you take a reef adventure in Australia. Even if it is just snorkeling, it is totally worth seeing all the life below. It is another world completely just below the surface.


If I am on Kenzai then it is a given that I am traveling. Five programs, three continents, four countries, and hilarities continue to ensue.

For the first time, I am in the same part of the world as some of my fellow KB teammates. Granted, I am not in the same time zone as most of them but I am on their side of the world. To my teammates in Asia, you may not know it but thank you for the kind welcome you have given me.

Now, where am I? You might be wondering (or probably not really.) I am in Australia. For me, at least, it is like entering a parallel universe. I think I am starting to understand why the show Sliders chose Australia as the nemesis for the United States on the parallel worlds. Like the show, that contemplates the reality of such different parallel worlds, I have found it to be so in Australia.

Everything is different... and then the same. It is so weird.

The commonality... the bands. Traveling with them is traveling with danger curled up in a bag. This time, while going through the domestic terminal in Melbourne, (Terminal 3 if you really want to know), I got my bag opened and searched. Just like on KB2, I entered into that Kafka-esque circular argument over how the bands “look like ‘suspicious’ wires” and that I should know better than to travel with them in my carry-on luggage.

Now you would think that I would have learned my lesson from the previous encounter... and I did! I am in a foreign country! I am not going to be completely asinine and argue for the sake of arguing. No... not this time or any time for that matter. I do know better.

Except... I did say, “They are just exercise bands, what’s the big deal?”

An innocent question. An innocuous question. An irreverent question. Which resulted in a complete thorough search of every piece in my carry on. Everything was swabbed with the bomb-sniffing patch. Everything was analyzed with a sharp eye and inspected with skepticism. The bright side out of all of it... I got my carry-on packed better than when I did it myself.

On a more exercise note, I ran each day in Melbourne. Each day earlier than the next cause the heat was incredibly insanely hot! The last heat wave of the Summer there. I usually don’t run when I am on KB. I stick to skipping. When traveling, and the weather permits, I do like to get out and enjoy exercising in the locality that I am in. If you are in Melbourne, I highly recommend you run the “Tan” around the Botanical Gardens and Remembrance Shrine. From where I was staying to running the route, it was a good 4 miles. Each morning run was better than the last and a bit of an ass kicker as well.

Been Traveling...

More to come.


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