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A look at my breakfast today. Feels great to know that I'm inching my way towards being 100% Kompliant.

Back into it

Did the work out today and followed the diet after a long time today. I feel good to be back into this and hope to inch my way back into the program fully. Thanks, Kim for telling me that it wasn't all lost and I can hop back on it.


I've been struggling to keep up. I don't know how to get out of the comfort zone of just pushing myself out and getting the workout done no matter what and eating right. It's easy to just pretend like I don't have to do anything. I'd like to reach out for help to the trainers and see how I can get back into this.

Day 41

Nearly half way through the program and I feel better for doing this, though it is a challenge. Some days are better than other and there are difficult days too on the way. But I'm staying on this journey and bouncing back each time.

The jump rope is still a bit of a challenge. Is it ok to break it into 2 separate sessions at different times during the day?

Day 30

I can't believe it's been a month already! I had a rough 10 days or so, and fell off the bandwagon for a bit. It's disappointing, but not insurmountable.

Back now and with a more renewed focus and with a strong desire to keep it up till the end of the program and not let the moods, lifestyle and all other distractions come in the way.

I got excited with the results that I was seeing in the third week and let myself go a bit, and am equally disappointed with how quickly the good results go away too! So that's a lesson and a reminder for the future!

So I think I'm a combination of The Rollercoaster and The Excuser personality types - or at least have been in my life.

Kenzai has made things better but don't feel like I'm 100% there yet. Still feel like a work in progress on gradually adopting this new lifestyle. I'm pushing myself everyday and some days everything's great and 100% and some days the diet and exercise is about 50% there.

The daily lessons do say it like it is! I'll keep going to best of what I can do and not fall off the bandwagon because I'm already starting to see results - clothes feel better, I feel confident and have also lost some weight!

Day 14

Last couple of days have been difficult. I've been feeling quite low and not motivated to do a lot of things. Have managed to stick to the diet, but accomplishing the exercise has been difficult.

Today was the same, but I just decided to nudge myself a little bit, and start easy on the jumprope once I put on some peppy music.

I finished the 600 count in no time, and I've improved leaps and bounds on the jumprope itself.

Now hopefully I can continue the momentum and get some work that I've been procrastinating done to start the next week with a bang!

Day 9

So today was a long tiring day at work and the cook didn't show up to make the dinner, so had to come home and do the cooking and the workout!

Feels like a small personal victory for persevering and doing the workout even though my mind was trying to trick me into skipping the workout as compensation for having to do the cooking after a long tiring work day!

P.S. I'm sure many of your will be envious of me having a cook, but that's one of the luxuries a developing country offers :)

Did the workout and stayed true to the diet today. Took the Sunday to come up with a proper meal plan for the rest of the week and stocked up the refrigerator accordingly.

The workout is getting serious now. When it gets tough, I try to push myself but sometimes feel like I'm not pushing myself hard enough. I'm not sure what the correct approach is here. I do complete it, but at a pace that I feel comfortable with.

Website Suggestion

Week 2 is about to start and our diet plans are starting to become more concrete. I feel that some of the conditions (no added salt, sugar, oil, etc.) are going to be quite challenging to meet, but am looking forward to it at the same time. After all, I am not the first and only one who is going to be doing this, right!

I thought that the 'Recipe' section of the website is therefore a great resource for this purpose. However, I thought it would be helpful if the developers could insert a filter so that one can sort recipes by various categories (vegetarian/non-vegetarian, training program meals/regular meals, etc.).

Day 5

So couldn't wake up at 6 am today because I had interrupted sleep last night and couldn't fall back to sleep until 2.30 am!

Did manage to do the workout later in the day though and felt great about it! The 5 sets of jump rope did work up a sweat and was out of breath after the 4th set.

The wall press stretch was much harder than it appeared. Guess it's because of the really stiff hamstrings.

The sneak preview of the diet does look like a challenge, but I'm sure that if I manage to follow it, I'll be in the best shape of my life at the end of 90 days!

Really looking forward to this!


Third day in a row that I have managed to wake up at 6 am and keep the promise to myself to exercise. Feels great to have a routine building and hope that it promises to be a life long one!

I don't ever want to feel lazy about waking up early! Lazy mornings translate into lazy days and a lazy lifestyle! Hope I never fall back into that trap again.

I am also enjoying discovering the Kenzai platform and look forward to the reading every morning!

Day 1

I did it! It's a start to a new chapter.

There are many questions in my mind as to how did I let myself go to a point where I am so unfit, have put on so much weight! But I have learnt from experience that brooding on the past just adds more stress to the present.

So here I am, looking forward with a renewed spirit, optimism and only grateful to the past for allowing me a fresh start.

Hope to stay on this journey of loving myself and respecting my body forever!

End of Week 6