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week 4

I have to say, even though it’s been a bit uneven at times—workouts have been 100% but diet was a little tough on some days due to family visits and such—I’m so thankful to have done the program. It gets me in the mindset of eating clean and feeding my body what it needs...and cutting out carbs from dinner! I also have loved the fact that I am getting up every day with renewed purpose, and eating that big breakfast with a tall glass of milk, which keeps me from “rewarding” myself later with an unneeded snack.

As promised, here is a picture of my typical work lunch, which I strive to make compliant. Rice, plenty of veggies (roasted tomato and arugula), and fish. On the side is a bowl of corn soup—no cream or anything like that, just puréed veggies.

Eating at Work (Pt 1)

So, one of the great things about work that becomes a bit of a headache when I’m “on-diet” in a Kenzai program is that my work provides free breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and I just can’t bring myself to skip out on that by bringing food from home. The good news is that the kitchen at work provides a lot of options. I don’t want to use a scale in the cafeteria, but I’ve gotten used to weighing out food at home and really honing my eyeballing skills. It’s not an approach I’d necessarily recommend, but it’s the way to make Kenzai work for me. Anyway, I figured that (partly to keep myself honest) I should post an exemplary breakfast and lunch. This pic is today’s breakfast: an English muffin (I ate 3/4 to approximate 60g), bok choy (today’s breakfast veggie), an egg (today was over easy), and avocado. Not pictured is the glass of milk. I’ll be back tomorrow with lunch!

woo-hoo! reboot!

Boy, I need it. While I’ve been very diligent about working out, running races, and generally eating healthy, I’ve spent the last year or so making WAAAAAY too many exceptions on the diet front. The time has come for a reboot so I can jump headlong into a full on KB2 and take it from there. Really looking forward to bringing some more discipline and rigor into my life! But also looking forward to this last beer I’m about to have...

As for me, I’m an early 30s dude living with my partner in the SF Bay Area and working as a lawyer in the tech industry. I’m into all your usual stuff—fitness, videogames, cooking, and making cocktails. I also play music and write on occasion, and love to read nonfiction books. Can’t wait to get to know you all and cheer you on!

dog days

Hey folks,

Sorry for the lack of updates, but even more than that for the lack of attention to your thoughtful and inspirational posts! I am in a real crunch at work meaning 9-2 AM (or later) every day, including weekends, with a short break for my workouts some time in there. But not much else. That leaves me not only unable to surf Kenzai, but also GUILTY about not surfing Kenzai, which makes me even less excited to go online. I’ll get better!

Happy to report that diet is going pretty well despite the stress and workouts are still perfect!

Indulgent Weekend

So, this weekend was my boss’s wedding, and besides just being pretty excited for her, I was also asked to be the officiant, make a speech, etc. Needless to say, I was very nervous. As a result, while I managed to stay very good and compliant throughout the rehearsal dinner, following day, and most of dinner, I did hit the alcohol and especially the DESSERT CANAPÉS pretty dang hard as a release of tension.

I felt bad, of course, but not more than I immediately felt good stuffing my face with little peanut buttery things and mini cheesecake bites. It was very decadent. I have no excuse. :(

On the plus side, as I said, I did stay pretty good for the remainder of the weekend, including extensive exercising. And this week has been a real exercise in diligence.

Not quite an inspirational story, but maybe you folks can be inspired by my perseverance!


Man, I need some new ideas for morning veggies. Today, I panicked and ate just a bell pepper raw! Anyone have some hot tips?

Workouts and nutrition still going strong!

In many ways, Kenzai has become completely internalized. I eat my breakfast grams and then my fruit snack and keep that momentum going through lunch and beyond. I have been pretty rigid about food, but do allow myself A BIT of dried fruit, since I get AMAIW of fruit for some meals.

Exercise has also been excellent. I am locked in, doing lots of pull-ups on back days, and looking forward to every workout. I love the soreness I feel every day.

On the other hand, certain circumstances at work have led me to have a few drinks this week--probably 7 total. I feel a little bad because I can literally sense (maybe psychosomatic) the alcohol undermining my diet and exercise choices. That's something I really have to fix next week.

coming out of the valley

The last two weeks have been the most challenging of my life, professionally--and, consequently, also presented quite a challenge for Kenzai. I was working almost non-stop while traveling all around the country. It was, frankly, terrible. But the good news is I took my scale with me and kept my meals mostly or even almost entirely compliant while switching only one workout to "emergency version" last week. Food-wise, even when I was not in control, I tried to make good choices (e.g., ordering a Rueben sandwich with no cheese and no dressing, side salad instead of fries). Extra props to the hotel kitchen, who did not skip a beat when I asked for two scrambled egg whites, some apples, a glass of 2% milk, and a bunch of steamed veggies for dinner. Because cooking was not an option, I am sure some salt and oil snuck in there despite my best efforts. But I tried!

However, at the culmination of all this was my indulgence meal. It was, in a word, epic. I went with friends to a fancy steakhouse, where I tried 4 different cuts (including an ounce or so of ridiculously marbled Kobe Wagyu). I had portions of many sides (including mac and cheese!), a cocktail, a glass of wine or two, and even a couple bites of dessert. It was fantastic. I certainly felt a bit of a heaviness afterwards, but to be honest it mostly just made me miss access to these flavors on a regular basis. One more month!

In other news, I am starting to see a tiny bit of definition in my abs! That's a first! I'm hoping this steak dinner didn't do much damage to that progress, and look forward to seeing it develop more!

proud and somewhat humbled

I can't believe we have all made it more than halfway through our training. It seems from the blogs that everyone is sort of hitting their stride and locking in to the training and diet, just as it is getting most tough! I am so proud of myself for sticking to the diet, especially in the last couple weeks. Every meal that I nail gives me a little boost of confidence, regardless of how annoying it may occasionally be to actually plan my meals and make the right choices.

That said, this work has been incredibly though, work-wise. I am leaving home at 8 or 9, coming back at midnight, and working until 3-5. I have found it very difficult to do anything other than work and sleep when I can, but I didn't miss any workouts. Nevertheless, the workouts themselves are not as vigorous as I would hope--fewer reps for sure, I couldn't do all the prescribed pull-up reps, and I removed one of the two resistance bands (I was doubling up before). So definitely not ideal.

What's more, starting on Saturday I am traveling for work all week. Exercise should be a little easier, but food will of course be tougher. Especially egg whites. I'll see how accommodating hotel room service will be.

This whole experience has been quite humbling. I did not think I would regress a bit in my strength, but it seems to be the case; at least while I am not sleeping. Ah well. Back in the saddle.

Looking forward to my next indulgence! Steak dinner with old friends in Las Vegas at the end of this week!

(As an aside, I checked my body fat scale for the first time, and while I have lost a lot of weight, my body fat seems to be unchanged. That appears inconsistent with what I see in the mirror--just caught my first glimpse of core muscles I had no idea were there--but still, weird).

Mid-week 1

I have been enjoying the program so far but must say that some meals are much more practical to quarter than others. For the most part, I've just been eating 75% of each food item, but it did feel strange trying to limit myself to 75% of a soft boiled egg and 75% of a banana for breakfast. And last night, I went to one of those cool movie theaters with the food and drinks, and thought "Hm, if I want two beers, should I finish 3/4 of each, or just half of the second?" (I ended up just having 3/4 of one and calling it an evening). But then it clicked for me--this 75% exercise is definitely affecting my relationship with food. I am constantly thinking about what I am eating, and furthermore realizing that if a food does not lend itself to being split into fourths, then I should just not eat it. In other words, I am shaping what I eat around my fitness goals, not the other way around.

As for exercise, that has been going along swimmingly but, as mentioned in the kickoff post, is a little underwhelming so far compared to what I am used to. On Tuesday and Wednesday, I supplemented with Barry's Bootcamp, and will probably continue doing that as long as I feel like I could use a bit more active time in the day than just the prescribed workouts.




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