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Workouts are going ok. Sometimes I combine the 5 km and strength day just coz it’s more efficient. Yesterday’s reason for doing that was it’s really cold in Shanghai now and all my cold weather workout clothes (that I used in London) were still in the wash. So I went to the gym today, banged out the 5 km on the treadmill then did the strength workout. Boxes ticked!

I need to start ticking the boxes on diet. I’m back now and there are limited excuses. Just need to find time to make it to the supermarket. Although I may be travelling again for work on Thursday so stocking up seems a bit futile.

I did weigh out some food from leftovers for today’s breakfast and lunch so I’m going to count that as a win since it’s my first time I’ve done that since the program started! It’ll get worse before it gets better I suspect if I have to travel on Thursday and we are going away next Thursday for our annual family holiday to Korea - the land of fried chicken and ramyun! Luckily I don’t like soju in all its variants so one less temptation.

Anyway, good news is that I’m still here and somewhat on program. Hope everyone is doing better on the diet front than me!

KMa - Day 12 - In London

Second week on program and getting chased by blog police already!

But at least winning on the workout front despite being in London for work. Usually I can’t manage Kenzai and travelling in a vastly different time zone but somehow it’s worked this time. I even managed to get up and out for a run this week. Amazing (some pics).

Diet is not perfect and to be honest I’m not trying too hard as I am at partners’ conference and it’s pretty cold so I’m just eating everything. And drinking is pretty much the only way I know how to get through this annual event.

Best part so far is catching up with R over breakfast on Wednesday. Great time as usual!

I’m thinking I will be able to get in the 13 km run tomorrow before I head to the airport... let’s see!

So here I am, signed up to the longest Kenzai program ever. If I didn’t have such a great K Body 2 earlier this year and then bombing quite badly on K Beach Blast recently, I might not here.

Why am I here? Since I didn’t get the slot to the Tokyo Marathon (looks at A).

Well, it’s called missing Kenzai, being supportive and preparing for a massive food marathon in Tokyo (while A runs). Maybe one piece of sushi per KM that A runs? 😝

Anyway, here I am. We’re 2 for 2 workout wise so far and wondering if we will actually run 28 km in total this week after having not run in a long time...

Anyway, still happy to be here (for now) and training with all of you! Let’s do this!

KB2 - Day 90 - The finale  

I started the program in Iceland at the end of a holiday and finished the program in Singapore, about to start a holiday. A good “sandwich”.

Our gym membership allows us to access the sister gym in Singapore, which is great. We walked into the gym and was just blown away by the space, the light and the equipment. A really great spot to finish the program! Some pictures... Heck we might just come to the gym when we’re in Singapore next to play with the Spartan equipment!

I came into KB2 with no expectations on myself. I knew I needed to do a hard reset to clean up eating habits and fit into my clothes again. I also wanted to have the clean energy levels again. But I’ve also got a 50% completion rate on programs so I told myself that if worklife got too crazy and I dropped out halfway, it wouldn't be the end of the world.

So... I’m really grateful to be here today, having achieved all the goals! With my work schedule I don’t take it for granted - to have an hour to workout and some time to food prep, is not a given. Some days it would be completely impossible to find the time and those days I just let go and focused on diet. And some days I just needed a whisky. I’d say I wasn’t too hard on myself but I was tough enough to achieve results.

In terms of results I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought I’d finish around the KB1 levels but about 2/3rds through the program I felt like I had surpassed my KB1 results already in terms of fitness and strength and the clean energy feeling. Suffice to say I’ve been feeling pretty good for the last three weeks. Some before and after pics...

All this wouldn’t have been possible without A’s support who slogged through KB3 at the same time despite her insane work travel schedule. A lot of credit also goes to Elissa and Jenny who have been super supportive! And of course Team Oak!

We’re heading to Bali tomorrow for a week. While there’ll be lots of off piste food, I’m sure we will be swimming lots and trying to fit in some surfing and yoga. Really looking forward to it!

After we return to Shanghai we plan to do two weeks of maintenance workouts as we’re heading to Peru in mid August for A’s birthday where we’re going to hike the Quarry Trail to Macchu Picchu! We’re really super excited about this trip as this is a bucket list trip. The timing is perfect as coming out of KB2 we should be fit enough to do this.

Enjoy the time off team Oak and see all of you on the blogs soon!


Cycle workouts are my absolute favourite. Go hard, go fast and they are over quick and you’re in a puddle of sweat at the end. Love them!

The only issue is when there are chin ups and chest dips I have to figure out how to work the whole cycle, hog the magic chin up / chest dips machine and hang on to my mat / gear. Discovered that the stretching zone (near magic machine) has workout bars to anchor my band for turbine, perfect (pic). Plus it’s a really zen spot. Loved it.

The work ball is really heavy and big this week. Thankfully A is in town the whole week (quite rare) and has really been a Godsend helping me with food packing, prep and puppy care. I’ve missed one workout so far but I think that’ll be the only one. Usually I miss one workout during the week and make it up on Sunday but I’m not planning for that this week. So today is either a double workout day or bust.

Two more days team. Let’s do this!


That’s the million dollar smile from Fudge! Taken last night at the park where we enjoyed some unexpected cool breeze and they got a nice runaround.

Can’t believe we’re at final week already! This program has just gone by... It’s not been super hard (as I’ve just not sweated the slip ups) but I’m also ready for a bit of off program fun! We’re heading off to Bali via Singapore on Friday so the timing is pretty good!

Let’s do this team Oak!


For the last three weeks, Tuesday has been my favourite training day. There are chin ups and pull ups and then scoop push ups. All super hard but I’ve really, perhaps perversely enjoyed it because while it is super hard, I can push myself and do it.

I’ve come a long way in particular with scoop push ups that I first experienced last year during chisel, where I just couldn’t figure it out. Took a year of yoga to get to a level where there is some smoothness and being able to do minimum sets with decent form.

It helps that the gym has this awesome assisted pull up and chest dip machine (pic) that has been a game changer for me. Until I used this machine I actually couldn’t figure out how to activate the right muscles. I can feel the improvements already. It is probably my favourite machine at the gym.

In other workout only news, I have new skipping ropes! My old ones are worn out (although they haven’t broken) and A was ordering new ones so I jumped onto that order. Loving the new ropes and loving the words - forward motion.

Only 11 days left now! We can do this!


I decided on a whim to take the girls out to Chong Ming Island today. There’s a park there which allows dogs and miles and miles of trails.

I got up, hit my Monday workout (missed it as we were packing up to leave Tokyo and get some last minute things). After that I headed out with the girls for a 2 hour walk as alternative cardio. A great day! The girls loved all the space and blew off some much needed steam. China really isn’t all city.

After that we went for a local meal at one of the homesteads, which is one of my favourite things to do. Had a ton of freshly harvested veggies that are currently in season. I didn’t even bother with the chicken as I just stuffed myself with veg. AMAYW right??

This week hasn’t been fantastic diet wise. I always have blips but this week was a little looser than usual. Maybe the kraken is out after Tokyo so had some noodles after client drinks on Friday night. On other programs this would have sent me into a funk but there’s so much of the program that I’m getting right that I’ve blown it off and just focused on getting the rest of the program right.

Now, off to food prep for the week. Let’s do this Team Oak!


So it seems A and I always go to Japan when we’re on program. And coincidentally there’ll be an indulgence that weekend. Although what really happens is the whole long weekend turns into one big indulgence. But we walk a lot and try our best... so there’s some balance.

We actually had one very kompliant meal at the brunch meet up with Fish and Ren plus their kids at the American Club. A and I attacked the salad buffet with gusto. We did miss our veggies! It was great catching up with them as usual! And super nice to meet their kids IRL. Missed Janet again... one day we will meet IRL I hope!

There was protein galore in Tokyo, wonderful sushi and each night we hit a whisky bar. Japanese whisky bars are my absolute favourite so could not pass up on that. Some pics...

Arrived back on Monday night. Flight was delayed by 2 hours which was annoying as it meant I went to bed much later as I was doing some basic Kenzai food prep once I arrived home and had an apple and some milk for dinner.

Last 17 days! Planning to run it as tight as possible. We can do this!


I was in Shanghai the past week, didn’t have a crazy client entertainment schedule and work wasn’t too insane for the first time in five weeks.

I took the chance to do some life maintenance and some self care. Diet was good (I survived no carb breakfast week!!). Sample pictures of food I’ve put together over the past week, curried potato buried at the bottom. I hit all my workouts in their proper order for the first time this program. The past 8 weeks, I’ve usually missed a workout during the week and made it up on Sunday / cardio day.

I think the work put in over the last 8 weeks is coming together. 20 min skipping no longer feels like death, the workouts are hard but manageable, energy levels are up and some clothes that were too tight at the start of program now fit easily! Certainly encouraged and looking forward to finishing strong. I was telling A today that when I look back to when I started Kenzai, side sit ups and V sits we’re almost completely unmanageable. Today, I can do them! Still hard work but at least it looks more like the demo. And scoop push ups this week (thrice!!), last year during chisel I couldn’t figure them out. This week, they were hard but I could do them. Yay!

I get my breakfast carbs back this week but I quite like my breakfast potato frittata so I’m going to continue with that and skip the breakfast carbs.

A is going to Tokyo for work later this week so I’m going to follow along to do some work meetings and then we’re staying the weekend. I’m quite sure the weekend will be full of carbs and lack of veggies and there will be some whisky. So I’m going to try to run it as tight as possible before I head there on Thursday.

Hope Team Oak is doing ok! Let’s do this!


Kenzai can be a ball. Usually at the beginning when it’s all shiny and new and at the end where hopefully we feel brand new and look the part!

Actually today I think was one of the most meaningful Kenzai lessons I’ve had about the jar and balls... and sand...

For me, Kenzai is a beach ball. Sometimes I blow it up and it’s the one of the most important balls in my “jar”. Usually it’s a combination of determination (clothes too tight and not feeling great) and timing is right (work ain’t too crazy) that makes me decide to blow up the beach ball labelled Kenzai.

Sometimes I’m in maintenance mode and the ball deflated a little and has to fit around the other balls in my life. But it’s still there and I’m sort of on program but far far from a tight clean one.

And there are definitely times when the ball is completely deflated and it’s squashed down by all the other balls in my life...

At the moment I do feel like my Kenzai ball is getting a little beat down by the other balls in my life, particularly the work ball. My key associate is taking an important exam in 2.5 weeks time and she’s on study leave now so now I have to cover for her as well as my own work. Plus our team is pretty busy at the moment so we’re all pulling hard. I tell myself just another month of juggling Kenzai on top of all the other things in my life that needs tending to, I can do this!

Finally, and completely randomly, pic of egg white veggie breakfast frittata. I think it’s only ok... A really likes it but I’m sure she’s completely biased!


Is it just me or did nobody blog about their indulgences?

Anyway, I deferred the indulgence to this weekend as A and I had a big occasion to celebrate. If you know who she is, there are some good food pictures on her blog of our first meal. We decided to each plan one celebration meal so she organised Friday night dinner and I organised Saturday night’s dinner. The Friday night dinner was probably the best meal that I’ve had in my life so far. The food, the textures, the service and the wine / whisky. It was amazing!! We had Japanese food on Saturday night and it was pretty good too! (some pics)

Anyway we are now back on the straight and narrow. Planning a big food prep session this evening for the coming week. I’ve lost all my breakfast carbs it seems but I have AMAYW veg so I’m going to try to make a potato, asparagus and bell pepper egg white frittata... will post pics if successful!


I feel like in every program, there comes this point where if you haven’t been semi-locked in (diet, blogs and exercise) there’s no way to continue. Physically and mentally the habits haven’t been formed, the body is not ready for the exercises...

So far, aside from skipping, the rest of the workouts have been manageable. Today, the exercises were insane. Five sets are starting, more exercises. By the end I was like - ok, we have crossed THAT LINE.

And I’m still here. It’s been awhile since I’ve been somewhat committed to a program. And now I’m quite sure I will finish (my completion rate so far in 2 plus years is 50%).

A and I were discussing what’s different about this program. I think we know we can do better if life permits but if life does not permit, we take the small wins and we live with knowing we’ve done our best. It helps that we can see and feel the differences. Sure, maybe we could do even better but at what cost to our sanity?

In other news, we’ve decided to do our program mainly in the gym when in Shanghai. We love how you can Kenzai anywhere but we both felt like we needed another space where we can focus on our workouts and not worry about tripping over the puppies etc. So a pic of our new exercise place. It’s swanky but so so so nice. A much needed change of mental and physical space.

Let’s lock in and do this team!


Being on the road is always challenging. Being on the road for two weeks where one is in HK including plenty of client entertainment and a massive farewell party with a lot of drinks (pictured)... “messy” is probably an understatement!

The only bright spots are that I did try quite hard to stay on diet (save drinks) and was on top of the workouts, until I came down with something at the tail end of the trip.

Yesterday was a holiday in Mainland China so came back from HK in the morning and spent the rest of the day sleeping off the bug.

I’m better now and should be in Shanghai most of the second half. The plan is to lock down on diet and focus on a strong finish!

Let’s do this team!


Wow we’re almost halfway through!

I’m in the midst of a mad work travel spell (but nowhere as crazy as A). Been hitting the workouts. The diet has not been on point but I try to make good decisions. Have had a couple of drinks on this trip with clients. The drinks are waiting for me when I arrive so it seems churlish to tell them to drink it for me...

Before I went off to Taipei, we went to Anji with my parents and the pups. We love Anji and workouts on the lawn was awesome! Some pics, including one of Cookie “supervising” my workout from the house.

I’ve had a really good week of skipping. The last five weeks, I’ve tripped a lot and generally hated it. Not sure what happened this week but suddenly it was quite smooth and the 18 minutes went by easier than expected. Let’s see how it goes next week.

Maybe it’s the hotel gym (a pic)? There’s a great wooden flooring space and view so I’ve been zoning out to music and the view and skipping...

I head to hk tomorrow for a close friend’s farewell do and expect to go quite off piste. Then it’s a week full of client entertainment... it’s going to be very very challenging. But after that, I should be in Shanghai for the rest of the program. I shall report back next week on my damage control efforts.

End of Week 1





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