Felicity P.

Felicity P.

Day 87 - Plan B

Although I like the idea of a quick fix and have the perfect body over night, I will never opt for 'Plan B'. I am annoyed that I didn't stick 100%, or even 50%, to the programme but it has made a difference for me. I lost a stone in the first 6 weeks and trimmed down a lot. The excessive just ramped up too quickly for me to cope with my current living situation so probably not the best timing for me, but a shift was made so I'll take that gain. Progress not perfection.

Day 80 - Blogging

I've fallen but I'm blogging.

I'm in complete awe of you guys. You've dug in deep and only have 10 days to go. Good luck out there.

I have definitely fallen with my Kenzai programme, but today's lesson talked about people giving up and that would've been me had it not been for Kenzai. Although I won't complete kenzai to the best of my ability, it was the health kick I needed to change my mindset.

When not on diet, I'm making wise choices by having salad with no dressing, cutting down my carbs and focusing on having my fruit snacks. I'm also eager to get out and do exercise. It's not the whole kenzai hog but it's something. As it's not completely kenzai I don't hit the complete button as I don't want to lie about it.

For a while I felt guilty for not doing better but it's progress not perfection and my progress will just have to be a lot slower.

Day 67 - Indulgance 3

Considering I've indulged far too much, I might skip this one. I seem to fall off the wagon every weekend and struggle to climb back on each Monday. Have fun guys!

Day 65 - Husband is Back

Now that the husband is back its time to kick it up a gear. He's noticed a change in me which is good.

It's been hard without him and my motivation has wavered but I still have a month to make some kick ass progress. Watch this space.

Pretty much what I said before. Argh. Annoyed with myself.

I'm still not on full programme but getting there. My diet is fine, it's just trying to find the time for fitness. Progress not perfection!

Day ? - Feeling Guilty

No excuse. Been shit this week. Tired as all hell and not having the motivation to leave the house again once getting home after 7:30pm after leaving it at 7am. I know there are so many of you out there killing it and doing such a great job on top of your personal lives so shame on me!

But yay me for getting a job today. 10 months grafting multiple jobs trying to get by (parents are funding my Kenzai body - bless them) so celebrated with champagne and curry. Naughty!

Day 34 - Feeling Good

After struggling through the first part of Kenzai I've reached the point where I actually have some fitness. I walked up Blue Pool Road the other day and I was barely panting.

I'm pumped for the next ramp up. Yeeha!


As I finished my dinner of 2 egg whites, an apple and a banana, I was rather put off by what looked like two eyes rolling around my plate. So ignoring what my mum has always told me, I played with my food. Meet Kenny, the Kenzai Kid!

This post is a repeat of last weeks! As was said in a few of the comments, the weekends are much harder without the routine of the week. When my husband gets back it'll be a lot easier.

In fact, I've not told him I'm doing Kenzai. I thought I'd surprise him with a new and improved body. Better get to it then!

Day 23 - Step Up Monday

Had a slack weekend because of social functions, friend in town and other stuff so it's time to whip some butt and get back to business.

Day 19 - Sore muscles

Sore muscles can only mean one thing...progress.

Day 16 - The Editor

I was thinking the other day that I remember it being hard last time, but this seems to be harder. This time, it really shouldn't be. I know I've got another little person biting the ankles, but living in Hong Kong now I have full time help and my parents down the road so I should be able to find the time.

My last Kenzai I didn't finish strong because it was just too much to juggle and I could feel my mental health taking a hit. My editor is allowing me to fixate on this too much.

I don't want to be the moaning one on here, but I sometimes feel like I'm standing at the podium at an AA meeting and need to bare all.

I'll use the words from our Gordon, progress not perfection.

Day 14 - Feel grumpy

Struggling a bit at the moment. Very unenthusiastic about food. Over veggies. Can't find time for exercise.

To be honest, it's because I'm fired. My son is waking up all hours and I've never coped well without much sleep. Need my 'buff sleep!'

End of Week 5





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