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Fergus L.

Finishing Post 
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Wow that was some experience! Wasn't sure in the initial phases if I'd make it through or if I did whether I'd still be in one piece.

But am amazed (and delighted) with the result... look great, feel great and to top it all off did my final body fat analysis.  Lost a whopping 14kg (82 to 68), body fat went from over 25% to 14%.  I did lose 2 or 3kg of muscle along the way, but that's ok.  My abs are now starting to reveal themselves particularly after a good work-out.

Now am determined to keep up the good eating habits and to continue with a similar exercise regime.  I have been pretty disciplined since the last day and think I even dropped maybe a half kg in the 5 days following- hoping that's still the diet.

Good luck to everyone with your new physiques!

final stretch

Looking forward to the final week. Easter fell off the truck a bit- some chocolate and my mum's  world famous rhubarb crumble.

Travelling at the moment and the lack of support for Explorer is a pain.  Mobile just doesn't work so well and my company only supports Explorer.... just sayin!

Crash and burn
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Tried out the "to failure" regime for the DaVinci exercise.  It was never my favourite but I have to say I enjoyed it better when I knew all I had to do was feel the burn! Who would have thought that DaVinci would bring out the masochist in me?  Maybe that finally explains Mona Lisa's enigmatic smile!

Just had my second body composition analysis- looking good!  The last one I had was 30 Jan, so about day 16.

The results now are (with the last analysis in parenthesis followed by my guess at what I was when I started the program- Day Zero)
Weight 72.5 kg (78.7 kg; 82.0kg)
Body fat 16.8% (22.0%; 25.2%)
Fat Mass 12.2 kg (17.3kg; 20.7kg)
Muscle Mass 57.2 kg (58.2 kg; 58.2 kg)
Visceral fat rating 10 (13; no idea what this was on Day Zero!)
BMR 1667 Cal (1713 Cal)

So I've dropped 8.5 kg in body fat and dropped from 25.2% body fat to 16.8%.  Awesome!
Oddly my muscle mass dropped 1 kg to 57.2 kg, with 1kg lost from my torso.  Arms were up slightly, legs down slightly also.  
I guess that's because I was doing some pretty serious weights before I started which I simply cannot keep up now!

All in all, the fat analyser sang a very sweet tune!  Hope the next 30 days result in more improvement....

Does this entitle me to an extra cookie in my diet????

Peaks and troughs

I am really starting to notice the highs and lows this week. 

After Saturday's rest day (although I did try the 8 minute Ab workout which wasn't as bad as I feared), I felt like master of the PCP universe on Sunday.  Energy levels were high, form was great, no stopping me.  On Monday, I felt like lead- couldn't move my b*tt if my life depended on it.  Really struggled with the exercises.  Tuesday was even worse for my legs, although once I got into the skipping they warmed up a bit.  By weds I was back to normal... just waiting now for the next superman moment!


Went for a serious dinner this weekend and had to try really hard to restrain my indulgence!

I had a mixed reaction to some of the aspects of the meal:
I found a lot of the food really salty! I guess reducing my salt intake has definitely influenced my taste buds.
The wine with the meal tasted great but I noticed I wasn't drinking anything nearly as quickly.
Until that is the desert wine came- god did that taste good.  Like sweet angels dancing on my tongue.  I think I overdid it a bit with the desert wine.. in fact I know I did from my hangover the next morning.
Last lesson (as if I didn't know beforehand): alcohol tolerance drops quickly and the pain of hangovers increases even more.


body really starting to ache now.  not sure if it's good.
bottom of left calf very sore after skipping
right knee feels strained
my groin tweaked also.

Pistols at dawn

Now I know why they are called pistol squats. I wake up in the morning feeling like I've been shot in both legs.

It's like a Mafia revenge shooting while I sleep.  just hope there isn't an exercise called horse's head!

No sunday blues today

Feeling a lot more parky this weekend.  Skipping even went well yesterday.  Just about to go again today- hope it's the same!

Weekly weigh-in was great 75.5 kg- wow down another kg this week, 6.5 kg overall. 

Morning vegetable

Pretty much describes me as a person- a morning vegetable!
So when I'm getting breakfast ready I really need a routine that requires no thought and is as simple as possible. The vegetable bit had me stumped until I found the perfect solution- tinned organic tomatoes, heated up in a non-stick pan with a touch of olive oil. Don't know if this is cheating - it seems too easy!

OMG 4 kgs!

jumped on the scales this morning for the first time in a while and was 4 kg lighter! How is this possible?

Skipping is still killing me, other exercises are all fine.

Finally have discovered that the best way to complete a skipping set without tying myself up like an English Tory MP is simply to just focus on the nothing space in front of me.

Mediation and skipping... who would have thunk?

weak one

just as I'm getting the hang of this half sizing, it's off to the real food plan.

Day 5

I had half a beer tonight with a colleague.  The first time ever in my life I've drunk a small beer. I feel dirty ha ha

Day 4

Holding up well.  Body aches a lot, particularly my legs.  I think one is shorter than the other or something.  Or else I can't skip.

Press-ups are the easiest bit for me.  Tipping over while lunging wasn't cool. Just glad no-one was watching :-)

Diet is difficult but managing OK.  Dreamt of cake last night, but I couldn't have it or eat it.

Final Photo

Week final2




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