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Week 9, woohooo!

Glad to start week 9 knowing that we're getting closer to the finish line. Last week was a tough one. With travelling, I missed two days of exercise which I'm not happy aboit but I keep moving on to the next day trying to do my best.

Despite all of this, I'm celebrating small victories along the way. I met my weight loss goal last week and now any more that i lose is a bonus from here on out. I also managed to fit into one of my favourite pair of trousers today that I haven't worn in two years because I couldn't even zip them up pre-Kenzai.

I'm seeing the difference in how my body moves and feels and it's great! Looking forward to the last month.

Week 7 done

Just did today's exercise.

This week I feel like I've hit a plateau. I struggled to get the exercises done with long days at work but I'm hoping this week will be better.

I'm seeing a big change in my waist and stomach since I've started this, but not much around my hips and legs which is my 'problem area' that I want to feel better about by the end of this program.

I'm also missing my workouts with weights at the gym. Is there any chance I can switch out some of the resistance band work for a session or two at the gym?

Onward and upward to week 8.

Almost half way!

Just finished day 44 with a lovely run by the canal and a beautiful sunset to top it off.

Excited that we're nearly halfway


...is my word for the week. It's been a rough week and i'm finding it hard to stick to the diet and exercise on top of this. But then I remind myself to keep going, to push for another 200 jumps, to get that last set in and keep eating those egg whites (that I'm surprisingly getting used to).

I hope next week will be better but just have to get to the end of this one first.

Day 8 done

Workout today was good.

I'm not sure about the new meal plan yet, I felt there was way too much food and I couldn't finish my lunch. I felt bad for throwing some of it away.

I'll try again tomorrow and see how it goes.

400 skips!!

So yesterday my plan was to complete the day 6 workout when I got home in the evening. Unfortunately, my meal planning wasn't so strong yesterday. I ended up coming home with a terrible headache because I left too much time in between meals and without a snack on me.

I'll be honest that this week had its tough moments as I struggled trying to get the portion sizes right. I left a couple of meals feeling really hungry about 30 mins later. On the bright side, I normally put a drop of agave syrup in my tea but I've stopped it this week and I'm pleasantly surprised that I'm not missing it.

Today, I decided to do both yesterday's workout and today's. I know I'm probably not supposed to do that but I really didn't want to miss out on yesterday's workout since I was looking forward to it.

I'm excited that I'm getting better at skipping. I can go longer without tripping or whipping myself and I'm going faster. I even enjoyed the 400 jumps and feel ready for the day now. It's supposed to be 22C in London today so I'm going to take a nice stroll downtown.

Happy Sunday everyone!! ☀️😎


So the last couple of days have been beautifully sunny which has made it easier to get up in the morning to do the workouts. Yesterday was a good day and I felt energised to do the workout. I think the grind of the week got to me this morning and I really wasn't feeling the skipping or otter kicks but I kept going.

I'm looking forward to resting and recharging this weekend, it'll make getting the workouts done much easier.

Food wise I've been sticking to the 25% less rule and I've left a couple of meals still feeling hungry, but overall, it's been good. It does really highlight how easy it can be for me to eat more than I need. I just need to get the right snacks between meals which should hopefully help to keep the 'hangry' mood away.

Day 2 workout

Just finished the workout for Day 2. I definitely feel energetic and ready for the day. But the skipping was a challenge. I managed to finish 200 jumps but I kept hitting myself with the rope.

I didn't get a chance to blog yesterday but I'm looking forward to the program. I heard about it from a friend at work and it seems like the perfect opportunity to reset before the summer.

Let's see how the quarter rule goes later today. I'm trying to cut down on sugar and salt to ease myself into this, but I admit I'm going to miss chocolate and the occasional glass of wine.




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