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Frank F.

Kenzai Body | Day 76 (Member)
Kenzai Body
Day 76
Program progress:

All continues to go well -- I feel my upper body getting more defined and larger, and some enhanced definition in my abdomen. (Am slow getting pictures up as my wife is the photographer and she travels a good deal -- my coordination has not been great.)

But Patrick responded and said it was a good sign. Was glad to read that, as it's unusual for me to have sore legs. Glad too because the squats and related are among my favorite exercises, as opposed to the push-ups!

All good

Am a little sore from the squats, so took a break from them. Odd for me to have sore legs -- maybe I overdid it?

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Feeling good and have been able to avoid missing any workout. Always quite a surprise to feel stronger vs. my starting point.


Keep reminding myself of the fact that I can execute the dreaded Plank for the reps and time in the program. Couldn't do that when I began the Body program first time around. Feels good to make such progress. No longer scroll down the workout page to see if the Plank was on the list!

All good here

I feel the program is going well -- feels good every time I do it, and the feeling continues throughout the day. Aerobic side is going slowly due to frigid temps, but that will change.

Moving ahead

For the first time, I'm trying to fit in all the workouts with a demanding travel and work schedule. I note others have the same situation. I've tried several approaches, but haven't reached the right balance yet. Rotten weather hasn't helped either. Sometimes I break up the workout -- aerobic in the afternoon when the weather is better and the rest first thing in the morning. As long as I don't run into work demands later in the day, this seems to work, though I know it is a dangerous strategy.

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Hi -- been traveling a great deal and starting my days at 4am and ending just before midnight. However, am doing my best to keep up with the program. Wonderful to meet everyone. Frank

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All good.

Body Graduation Post 

As Dickens wrote, it was the best of times and the worst of times. The last phrase was due to my getting bronchitis and dual ear infections around the 5th week, which put me into catch-up mode for the remaining workouts as I lost about 4 weeks. But the 'best' phrase is serious as I was able to gain much of my strength back and, in the end, could do the plank. I feel wonderful, look decent (a ways to go!), and am psyched about the next step. Frank

The Plank

I can now do the plank -- and no longer curse it out, every time I see it on the workout routine. Feel the progress!

What's next?

I liked Silver a lot, especially the initial stretching. Now that Body is coming to a close (though I did miss about 4 weeks due to illness), that has worked well too -- I can actually hold the Plank! Any suggestions? Thanks. Frank

Today's workout

Raised myself to the next level band and am doing well except for one exercise. Push-ups and plank are still murder for me, but doing what I can. Be well all. Frank

November 19 Post

All continues to go well, even the push-ups and plank. Thinking about what I'll do next -- likely returning to Silver. Also thinking about the upcoming holidays and my (lack of) discipline. Friends brought some treats to our home yesterday and I'm finding them hard to resist, though generally am. Then my wife my bread, which will be harder for me to resist.


I wanted to note that I finished yesterday's workout, but clicked next Sunday's. How can I fix that? Does it make a difference? Thanks. Frank