Freya G.

Freya G.


It took a little while to get back to eating right after relaxing on holiday. However, I'm back on track now. Now to work on the exercise...

Ten days already?

I just got a reminder that it's been ten days since my last post. Where did that go?

So Malaysia has not been Kenzai-tastic. I've managed to avoid a few eating faux pas but have had many indulgences too. I've swum every day but not done any workouts. And the effects are obvious. My rounded tummy is prominent and self-satisfied.

I'm slightly embarrassed to see Richard F.'s post about cycling in Malaysia. So it is possible to come here and not feast on every rich, spicy, oily treat on offer? Who knew.

It's back to Hong Kong tomorrow and back on that horse once more. A strong finish is all I can hope for now.

I'm in Malaysia next week - part work, part pleasure. I know temptation will be great as I love the food there, not to mention the cocktails at the E&O.

I have however mastered the buffet breakfast when travelling. It's actually quite easy to pack in the veggies at a good buffet and there are always eggs, cooked any style and served up in seconds. And I always grab some fruit for later.

Solid foundations...

It's a long weekend here in Hong Kong, as well as my youngest's birthday. There's lots going on, lots to do and lots of cake! I'm taking a minimal damage approach. On the upside, I'm pretty sure I'm burning extra calories hunting down butterfly cake toppers, eco-friendly party bags and the right sprinkles for fairy bread.

Some days are better than others and I've definitely not been perfect. But I'm still doing 100% better with my food and 1000% better with my exercise than I used to. It feels good. I used to worry that what my lifestyle would surely eventually make my sick. But now I know that my body's being well-cared for. It's not exactly a Ferrari yet, but at least a well-running Volvo!

After a difficult pregnancy and diastasis, I stopped using my abs for fear of making things worse. That was three years ago and I'm worried they may have given up altogether! I find the ab exercises really difficult and can barely manage a sit-up. Could I get some guidance on gentle ab work that won't aggravate the diastasis?

Falling at small hurdles

The first week of the Easter holidays has not gone well. I let visiting family, kids' parties and dinner parties throw me off course. I'm pretty disappointed in myself as I know I could have worked around these things. During my Kenzai journey I've had some truly insurmountable hurdles, but these were only small. I could have got over them but I just wasn't in the right mindset.

I've got back on the workout track today and I'm going to be reading through the blogs for inspiration and motivation.

No vegetables in Orlando

The last few days have not been great. I've been travelling on business, staying in downtown Orlando with no time to go very far for food. Which has meant very few veggies! All I've managed is cole slaw, some steamed broccoli, salads which are really just lettuce and smoothies with a bit of fruit and veg in. Not ideal.

A liberal dose of jetlag and long hours have also left me with little energy for workouts.

I'll get home on Tuesday and am looking forward to getting myself sorted.

Organisation is key

If there's one thing I learnt in my last Kenzai stint, it's that organisation is key. As it says in the lessons, you need to have that workout time scheduled in and you need to have plenty of the right foods to hand. It's all so much more do-able with a little forward planning.

Unfortunately that's not exactly how the last few days have been for me! I've been rushing around and haven't really taken the time to get myself together. Mental note to sort out my priorities and say no to some of the things that aren't serving me.

I'm just emerging from eight weeks of illness so I'm doing my exercises somewhat gingerly. However, it feels nice to move again. Hoping to feel like I've shaken off the cobwebs soon.

Kenzai Take Two!

I could write so much about why I decided to do Kenzai, but in summary, I want to feel good in my body again. Three years ago, a couple of things happened: I turned forty and I had a baby. It felt like the combo sent my body into some kind of meltdown! I'm still carrying a few extra kilograms of "baby weight" (can you still call it baby weight after three years?), my tummy sticks out thanks to a separation in my tummy muscles (diastasis for those in the know) and worst of all, my body feels old and weak.

I've had enough of feeling this way.

I actually started Kenzai a few months ago and was really enjoying it and getting results. Then I got sick. A cold morphed into tonsillitis, then back into a cold, then into sinusitis. It went on and on and I lost so much ground I gave up. But now I'm back and determined to finish this one with a smile on my face and a spring in my step!

So I'm only just beginning to feel better after the tonsillitis and am still low on energy, and even lower on motivation.

I haven't worked out for ages and my diet has gone completely to pot. Frankly, I've been eating anything I could get past my tonsils, which is mainly ice-cream!

So all in all, not good.

I'm so impressed by everyone in the team who has navigated the inevitable hurdles to stay on track. I'm also disappointed I haven't done the same and sad to think about where I could be now if I'd stuck to it.

Anyway, enough whinging. This is really just to check in and say I am still here, cheering for you all on from the sidelines and hoping to step back into the race at some point...

Sick - round two

So we've been passing around the family cold, and mine turned into tonsillitis. I've spent most of the week lying around sucking on ice chips and the occasional bowl of ice-cream because it's so sore to swallow. :(

I feel like all the progress I had made has evaporated and the muscles I was starting to feel have retreated in disgust.

I'm trying to stay positive and remember that progress is never a straight line, but I must admit to feeling pretty down about it.

So sometimes I don’t have space and sometimes I just get frustrated tripping on my rope, so jump instead. Am I doing myself a great disservice?


Hi all. Happy Chinese New Year from Hong Kong!

So right after seeing results in the mirror and getting all excited, I got sick. The first couple of days, I felt awful and skipped my workout completely. Then I did a "workout light" as suggested in the lessons. I've also been having normal evening meals instead of the egg white. I felt like that was the right thing to do but I'm not sure.

Either way, I'm quite frustrated and am worried I have slipped backwards.

One good thing though - being under the weather made me realise how well I had been feeling in general. Can't wait to be back at 100% again!