Gagan A.

Gagan A.

Kenzai Body | Day 20
Kenzai Body
Day 20
Program progress:
day 18

As each day passes the 600 skips become that wee bit easier & each round I go a little longer..... whether it's the enthusiasm or stamina.. I just can't tell.
As expected the shoulder blade pain didn't show up during the excersise. I must confess though that some of the excersises especially the abs excersise towards the end were tougher than expected and I cheated on them a little bit , hope I wont need to do that again. Not to say that they didn't give me the abs burn.. that was certainly there but the excersises I did were not exactly as per the calendar.

Patrick mentioned about a cheat day coming up.. where is it..
due to election season and Easter i had an extended weekend, typically would have spent the afternoon with chilled beer and junk food, binge watching Netflix but...

now I sleep, read, and eat fruit ..& of course burn..
my weight reading as of today 78.. kilos where did I start I think 80 kilos

happy Easter friends

day 17 ends

Hi friends, I'm back home at Chennai so keeping a check on food is much easier now and at least I get whatever I want when I need it. Next 4 days are much easier till another trip yo Mumbai. Sadly missed the day 16 excersise. But did it today so I'm a day behind on the excersise front but will catch up in a day or two.
I'm having a strange pain in my left shoulder blade area. it doesn't impact my training though, it hurts only in certain postures and in I cough or sneeze and when I'm getting up from a lying down position. Hope it will go away soon with rest.

day 15

if you remember I planned to dodge the single malts in the post meeting team booze huddle, well I was successful 😜. 2 salted lemon bubbly water was passed off as stiff vodkas and I managed not to look like a nerd and keep away from the booze at the same time. close shave .

on the excersise front never realized 600 skips could kill , I'm reaching 100 skips at a time but more than that is excruciating for my calves, though I'm sure on the +ve side they are getting tougher , today while doing my squats I noticed my thigh muscles above my knee, dont know their technical name but they looked good. on the whole today was a tough excercise routine for me and due to my day long meeting with uneven meal times I wasn't happy as I should be since I'm sure I could have skipped a couple of cookies.
I know I'm supposed to cut down on junk & if in case I do eat something out of routine it's a reflex that I will cut out something else from a meal.

I can feel this is gonna be a tough week. Cheers to all.

Day 15 begins

Back in Mumbai fir 2 days but small meetings planned so not so difficult for eating but I can see a drinking session planned by my peers coming up today evening.. will update u guys in how I dodge this one 😜

day 14

Well I couldn't do 600 skips at a go definitely my calves burned beyond my endurance so I did take shirt breaks of 10 to 20 secs , don't know if that's good enough , my plan to cover up day 12 and day 10 fell thru as friends dropped I for an evening, the only saving grace was that i didn't share the bottle of wine that was opened for them 😣 so here is week 2 gone by.
mixed feelings for the easiest or the hardest part of this program.. hmm let me think noe🤔
I find that if I keep my tight schedule and the discipline intact the program isn't too hard till now though I would bet it will get tougher soon.

the hardest part is the measure of food to be managed and the timings of the training when one is travelling. If I'm at home then it would be much much easier

I must confess, due to excessive travels and a train journey back to Delhi that made me arrive at friends place dead tired at 12.30 at night I just couldn't make the excersise part, plus during the train journey I had too much tea and coffee just to kill time. Day 12 was thus a proper washout. only postive highlight I think was that normally in a train journey I would have eaten anything and everything the vendors offered chips , savory items , sandwiches.. name it and it would certainly have found its way into my tummy but barring the coffee and tea i was able to control.
So in order to try to compensate for my laziness yesterday I added another 3 sets of skipping to my cardio and I plan to complete my day 12 work out tomorrow. I already had two rest days in this week already. Just wanted to check with Patrick if that's ok

day 11

back on track with the excersise!! much relieved, but still on travel , news is that I need to travel again Monday and Tuesday...😕 struggle continues. At Haridwar visiting my in laws & gathering brownie points from wife 😜

day 10 ends

Too much travelling yesterday, just about manged to keep diet in check and returned too late at night to excersise, should I skip the day and move onto shou6 I treat yesterday as a rest day and skip the rest day on Sunday.. big dilemma any suggestions friends, feel terrible but then nothing comes easy right ??

day 9 ends

one of the most difficult days to get thru yesterday, I managed to avoid the after meeting cocktails and sneaked into the hotel gym , did my work out as already reported, the gym hand was wondering what I was up to since I wasn't touching any of the fancy equipment but was still gallivanting all over , workout over a sauna and a chilled water shower made my day, then I saw the encouragement from team URSA and it was well worth it.

I'm still travelling so managing meals is tough , trying to keep it as simple as possible, visiting a cousin's family in another city after a four hour journey and of course my darling sister in law insists on feeding me no end , but I managed to stave of the attack, even turned down a single malt from my cousin, then at 9.30 PM I realized my work out still not done. so here I am post work out of day 9 turning in for the day. Cheers team URSA.

day 8

phew that was one tough excersise routine, with my level of fitness I really had a tough time today but panting and struggling I managed to reach the finish line. hopefully it will get easier in the coming weeks/days. my push ups are still a struggle, I'm doing the half pushup and covering by increasing the reps and sets, I want to get this right soon.

went for a long long brisk walk of 30 min to cap my cardio instead of skipping since j wasn't really sure I could do 400 continued skipping. I'm at my home town in Rajasthan visiting my sick mum , who despite her illness came up with a huge dinner with all my favorite dishes. didn't have the heart to avoid a dinner , so not sure what I really ended up with. poor marks on the diet control frontvfir today. next 2 says of company conference I need to watch food big time , another big headache, the next 9 days including today are vegetarian & fasting days for Hindus, though I'm personally not that religious, eating meat & eggs in this week is gonna be little tough, I'll probably hide and eat it under a blanket. cheers all
all the best.

Day 6

finally the week is over and what a difference the short workouts are making , I'm more energetic in office and if I need to speak to someone I don't call I walk over now, on the other hand next week is gonna be tough as in travelling all week 2 days of meetings then some family visits up north I just hope I can keep the diet in control. Will share pics

Day 5 ends

A modified pushup helped as I could actually feel as I was doing a push up and it was hard enough to hurt so that felt good. The additional reps in the skipping and another in one other excersise felt that I was challenging my body a bit more and will improve my strength. little aches and pains here and there but nothing to crib about. Cheers to all for a great weekend.

Three questions

Here Goes

1. What inspired you to sign up for Kenzai Body? 
2 reasons

My sedentary lifestyle was more of a cycle I had fallen into and try as i might i couldn't get out of it, lacking guidance & method and motivation. It was effecting my productivity and self image. I want to break this cycle.

My 23 year old daughter is also not that fit and being so young , it hurts that she would find it ok to be unfit. I want to make it happen so i can set an example for her and give her a goal.

In terms of the Kenzai Body challenge, what do you think is your greatest strength ?  Too early to say but i think i can control my diet pretty well and i can be very tough on myself on controling my appetite.

3. What do you think will be your greatest weakness ?

I never been very physically strong, so I am a little worried about the tough excersises. Hopefully i can manage this part and actually enjoy it.


Day 4 ends

Reached home at 9.30 back from Bangalore. Completed my work out and that's day 4 ended . Highest I went in one round of skipping was 100 yesterday then eased up back to 50 to 60 for balance sets. Other three excersises were much easier this time round.