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Appropriately timed indulgence - seeing as how I actually indulged before seeing the lesson pop up this morning! Imbibed in a couple of cans locally-brewed suds here in Austin, TX while having a dinner out with an old friend from VT who I hadn't seen in a couple years. Enjoyed some amazing Mexican food (but not too much...) at a place called "Suerte," (highly recommend). It's been fun exploring a few different cities on foot this week - have done runs in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Little Rock, and Austin (yeah, not exactly the itinerary I'd draw up if I were choosing my destinations rather than sticking to a schedule, but fun nonetheless). Little Rock, OKC, and Austin all had water-adjacent running trails, which were quite enjoyable - Austin in particular.

Looking forward to some strength training today - and pleased with how the indulgence went all things considered (buena suerte) - along with the results - that'll tide me over for another few weeks! Not missing beer much at all at this point....


Pics: a larger than life (it's enormous) wagon train statue under construction (replete w/ an accident-in-progress) in OKC, and the "lake" in downtown Austin which has a sweet trail along both sides that stretches for miles....

Day 9: Nice

Set out for the 25-minute jaunt at home and ended up overextending a little, unintentionally, by about 10 minutes. Haven't spent much time running around our neighborhood, and as it's generally pretty flat, ended up exploring a little more than expected. Even though the run wasn't quite as easy as the blue machine pictured above (found along our local bike path), it felt good to stretch it out a little bit. Diet on point... and whatever beer I do have remains in the fridge for the next 7 weeks....

Day 5: Intro

1) The Basics: Where you live; What you do for work and/or play.

I’m a New Englander through and through - live with my wife, two kids (13 and 6), and a one-year old pup in Vermont (home of amazing apples, cheese, maple syrup, and more breweries per capital than any other state in the US). I travel a ton for work, scouring the globe for baseball players.

2) How long have you been around the community and what program(s) have you enjoyed the most?

I Kenzai’d for the first time back in the fall of 2013, which I believe was the initial rebranding from what was formerly known as the Peak Performance Project... I didn’t officially get back on board with a program again for a while - but enjoyed knocking out Body 2 and The Chizz last year so wanted to maintain some momentum into 2019.

3) Do you have any prior running experience? And if so, what experience, and what is the longest distance you’ve run?

Just casual running experience - haven’t ever run more than 6 miles or so but when I’m in decent shape I find that it’s really not so bad.

4) Why did you sign up for this program, and do you have any specific goals for yourself?

Specifically I just wanted to clean up my act again as things had gotten a little sloppy over the winter. My body was the beneficiary of quite a bit of skiing but then not so much from the apres-ing. I was generally looking for something a little different from past programs and the timing of this one fit the bill.

5) What one food or drink do you miss the most when you’re on a training program?

Definitely beer

6) Anything else you’d like to share with your teammates?

Looking forward to attempting to keep up with you!


As the Chizz winds down, so does the travel. Spent the past few days in beautiful but chilly Boston, enjoying the not-so-friendly confines of Fenway Park. Such is life as it pertains to baseball season in October - you win some, you lose some.

Looking forward to polishing off the Chizz - it's been a great experience, and glad to only have 3 more days. Let's finish strong - onward!

Words to live by

Came across this classic bit of NYC last night.

Day 10

Nice to look down at your daily workout and realize that you've buttoned things up and are now 10 days into the program. Ready to take on the ramping-up of the physical and mental toll that KB2 will demand, but enjoying the "easing" into it right now and feeling good.

For no good reason, I've attached a pic of a particularly nice avocado I ate last week - Kenzai or non-Kenzai, avocados hold a particularly special place in my heart.

Training goals

There's no doubt about it. KB1 back in 2013 was life-changing for me: in the way I began to understand food types and what they do to the body, in the way I began to crave whole foods (especially fruit), in the way my mind (and mood) didn't feel right unless I was getting some daily physical activity, in the way I have come to appreciate the rope and body-weight exercises, and in the confidence it gave me to feel unabashedly loyal and committed to a sustainably-designed program that seems to make complete sense.

Here's what I'm shooting for: that feeling of being on top of the world, in the best shape of your entire life, 90 days (more or less) completely free of the bad stuff, with your mind and body rewired the right way to once again to push forward.... until the next time....

I need the will power to efficiently execute both the exercise regimen and the diet - as I travel a ton for work the exercise part should be fairly straightforward - but the commitment to consistently explore new places to find what I need to fuel this journey needs to remain strong.

Here we go!

90 days is a long time

KB1, so long ago! September, 2013 was the last time I embarked on a 90-day Kenzai journey. While I haven’t completely lost touch with the workouts over the past 4+ years, I also have not been heart and soul committed to Total Kenzai Domination; hence, here I am KB2... Onward!

just what I needed 

Reboot was JUST what I needed. It has been immensely satisfying to get back on track with a solid 4 weeks of commitment to both diet and exercise. I felt as if I had taken a significant step in the right direction with my lifestyle on a fairly permanent basis following KB1, so it was great to renew my vows, so to speak. Perhaps I'll do a couple of more of these in the future, but getting back into a more structured mode gives me confidence to continue to make incremental lifestyle improvements as I enter my fifth decade.... 'til next time...!

getting closer

Final blog coming up soon - missed my only workout of the month red-eying it round trip between VT and LA on consecutive days, but now our pursuit of a title is over (earlier than we hoped) and the crazy travel of the last month should be history. I'm running a day behind with workouts but am feeling great, so will tackle the last two cycle workouts (first one today) and finish off the reboot with enough energy and motivation to keep it going....

good old days

Still on the road and therefore my picture selection happens to be limited, but I did find this beauty from high school - a couple of days after I (far right) took a one-hop screaming topspin line drive off the face at SS (giving a decent indication of my skill level on the baseball field)....


Unfortunately I wish I were referring to a nice cup of joe with a shot of espresso in my subject line - I'm guessing I will need one later on today. That being said, after knocking out the day 17 workout after less than an hour of sleep last night on the plane from LAX to JFK that left at 11 pm I'm doing quite well, thank you. Surprising how much better the energizing effects of a solid workout are than sitting around waiting for the caffeine to kick in. Love it! KB keeps stretching my boundaries - nothing like a good workout when you're tired....

in for lunch

Haven't made it out to a meal in a while, but have been ordering take out a fair amount w/ some long days in the office. Here was yesterday's meal: a tremendous salad from Mendocino Farms here in LA, avocado and quinoa salad w/ shaved chicken and all kinds of various veggie goodies/flavors. Asked for them to keep the cheese out, which they did, and then pulled off the tortilla pieces. Pretty filling for a salad, great mix....

new twists

Lots of new twists to Reboot when comparing to the original run through KB1 a couple of years ago. Really enjoying the full body exercises (even if it took a few tries to figure out Hang Time) and what appears to be a little more emphasis on strengthening the core.

Just landed in LA after a cross-country jaunt last night. Looking forward to being here for 4-5 days at least before hopefully trekking home to the cool climes of Vermont for a day or two. I hear the apples are pretty much perfect this time of year in the Green Mountain State....


Didn't quite execute the super-interesting skipping photo I had in mind, but I was able to snap a quick shot of my "barnasium" which sits behind my house in VT. It has a nice second floor with ceilings that are plenty high enough for skipping rope. I pounded out my skips there today as a matter of fact, the only day I will be home over the course of a 3-week stretch....

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