Gareth S.

Gareth S.

Kenzai Body | Day 11
Kenzai Body
Day 11
Program progress:
Day 9

Happy I am not struggling with the step in skipping. Can’t say the same with the push ups unfortunately!

Day 5

Noticed the skipping stepped up today, five sets, bring it on!

Day 4

Just spoke to a colleague in USA, we both aiming to lose 10 pounds by December. She is getting up at 4am every day to work out and doing 5 spinning classes on Saturdays, think she will be fine doing all that!

Day 2

Did my workout already this morning. Can’t believe my legs were actually stiff last night from yesterday’s workout!

Day 1

Managed to get up early this morning to do my work out so pleased about that!

Day 75

Had to miss a few days of workouts due to early work meetings but got back on it this morning! Still 185 pounds, looking to lose a few more before the program is over.

Day 64

Was happy to get on the scales today and see my weight at lowest yet, 185 pounds. Around Christmas time I was at 200 so quite a drop. Now hope I can see the 70s next !


Been eating really well but exercise not so much. My routine was broken due to holiday and coming back to stressful work situation. Got back to exercising this morning so will hopefully be able to keep it up!


Struggling while on holiday in Thailand for 5 days... have been eating really well but skipped two work outs to hike instead. Will get back to it when I get home.

Day 32

It’s been going really well but didn’t manage my work out this morning as had sore throat. Will be back at it tomorrow!

Day 15

Really struggled this morning with the increased skipping requirement, was okay last week but the extra 200 jumps really made things difficult. Calf muscles hurting today.

Enjoying the food, eating much more than before and don’t really feel like snacking as much as before. Was a bit difficult over the weekend not having a drink or any treats.

Day 8

Got a massive shock when saw this mornings workout, will need to be up earlier tomorrow!

Pleasantly surprised at how much food we get, ate far more than I normally do for breakfast this morning.

Day 3

I could feel my thighs aching this morning which I take as a good sign! Skipping was better today, push-ups still a nightmare!

Day 2

Freezing cold morning, was extremely difficult to get out of bed to work out but did it. No push ups! Otter exercise was new and challenging.

1st day

Found the pushups tough, have never been any good at them! First step on the road back to fitness hopefully.