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Reboot graduation 

Great program and I got out of it what I put into it. I didn’t find it as super hard as I remember the first time I did a reboot, and that helped a lot with my motivation to stick with the workouts. The two weeks of apples and egg whites for dinner was tough, but I also enjoyed that given the simplicity of meal prep.

Was surprised at how limited the blogging was. . Felt like we all just wanted to put our heads down and chip away at each meal and each workout. I liked not being too tied to the technology of it...and it showed as I posted very few photos, but that kind of helped me stay in the program as I can find the photos discouraging more than encouraging sometimes.

Challenge now is to not blow up over the Christmas and New Year holidays.


Feel much better the next morning when I don’t have carbs at night. So, let’s try it.

Still here

Uh oh, Kenzai blog police, pull over please!

Sorry, 8 days since last post. I’m here. Went traveling with a friend and fell off the Kenzai train a little, but enjoyed it. Have missed the last 2 workouts, so that’s a bummer, but I’m not going to beat myself up about it as it’s been a good program thus far and I’m achieving what I wanted.

Happy thanksgiving to all of you!

Photo was from my 4 day trip of pure golf bliss!


What happened? Biggest change, is the hair for sure. The photo on left is from my senior year of high school, while the one on the right it about 30 years later, taken when my first daughter was going to Senior Prom.

Life is easier with no hair :)


All pretty good here. Missed one workout last week due to a 14 hour work day and just didn’t have it in me. Weekend alcohol was the only slip I had on the diet.

Failed the challenge as I never went out to lunch last week,....which I actually think is a good thing on many levels.

I always laugh but also get irritated by the Keznai “rest day”. Running, then 180 jump push-up squat thrust things followed by crescent kicks!!! I mean should I be sore from “resting” on sunday!? Our rest day is more than most of America does in a week! Not complaining though as the lesson last week rings loudly,...there are many out there that are not as fortunate to have good health and good fresh foods, I am forever grateful!

Picture is just frost on a windshield from last week, and I thought it was cool. Well, actually it was freezing cold :) ha ha


Well maybe it’s not cool or majestic, but here is my Kenzai on Location post fo the weekly challenge. It was 27 degrees this morning, so I always workout in my happy place,...I mean garage.

The challenge was about a photo of us in a place that kind of says something about us. Well, this one does, as I love tinkering in the garage, love Porsches and right next to me and the car are my golf club. All of those things make this my “cool” place for the daily routine.

Easy workouts?

Today’s lesson is exactly what concerns me about sticking with Reboot. I do Reboot because I have fallen way off the kenzai wagon in last 60 days. That means zero true workouts. So, I am actually finding the first week doable, but not “Easy”, and I am VEry sore in some spots. The lesson talks about others that think first week is too easy. Okay, sure, that might be true. However, if the 2nd week is such an increase in intensity, it has the same impact on me as if it was the first week and intense and folks drop or perhaps get injured.

Not throwing in the towel, but i recall this from the last time I rebooted, the workouts got. So hard so quickly that it crushed my motivation.

Staying positive and will wait and see. Message is loud and clear that it is more about. The diet! Let’s go!

Intro to Reboot

Hi, I’m Gary. Live in New Jersey, in the USA. I have fallen off the Kenzai cliff after finishing Kettle Bells about 45 days ago. It’s been awesome eating and having fun and almost no working out. Unfortunately I really enjoyed it and now I have to pay the fiddler. I’m definitely worried after the first work out as I am truly way out of shape. All of it was hard.

Let’s go!

Oh yeah, what motivates me to Kenzai? Well, my clothes no longer fitting and everything jiggling when I drive my car and hit a bump!

Kettle Bell Graduation 

Excellent program. Ward was terrific as always. I basically met my targets given challenges. Of work and life balance along the way. Went on holiday the final 4 days, so that definitely kept me from finishing strong, but I made gains and learned a lot and had a great team by my side. All of us seemed to blog the minimum, I think because we were all just tuned-in to the execution of the program.

Thank you Kenzai and Ward.


Today is great as it’s a work day and I get to have a nice hot kenzai breakfast as I work from home before business travel today. The picture are the veggies that went with my over easy egg and egg white.

Due to work, i had to take my “rest” day on tuesday instead of Wednesday, so I did tuesday’s Cycles yesterday, that was brutal in the heat!

Hope all are making it!

Last week was my worst week of the Bells program. I’m still a huge fan of the cycles, but I ended up. Missing 3 workouts for a variety of reasons and putting priority on other things. Business trip killed 2 of the workouts due to time constraints, and also went off diet on the business trip with dinner and drinks. That said, I’m really happy wiht my speed rope results.

This week, will do my best for first half, then have to travel again on business Thursday-Saturday. I might end up working out on the Wednesday rest day knowing that I will be missing the bell workouts towards the end of the week if I cannot find bells at my destination.

All in it’s been great and I’m so far happy with results given the misses I’ve had a long the way.

Wishing everyone a strong final week.


Day one of speed rope VERY frustrating. I had more trips than I ever have had in any program I think. I know we are supposed to count the jumps in the 1 minute speeds, but each time I tried it broke my concentration too much and made me trip. So, I’ll take an incomplete on this week’s assignment to count the skips. I found that too frustrating.

Some diet slipps giving holiday weekend here. I definitely find weekends better for workouts and much worse for diet temptations.

Photo here is the wonder setting I had post workout,...was exhausted, it was a nice 72 degrees with a slight breeze and the sun warming the area. Both my daughter and fell fast asleep in the cool calmness of the days’s weather. A nap is a rare thing in my life!


This week’s challenge: #oneperfectset, I almost fear I wouldn’t get it since the workouts are intense and tiring, and so far this week I’m having to do them after 13 hour work days at 9:00 at night and before eating dinner.

Probably not the “right” answer, but for me the perfect set was my mid cycle jump rope sesssion on Monday. One of those where you aren’t tripping at all, a great song comes on, and my speed and intensity pick up like a well oiled engine. I get lost in deep thoughts and don’t even realize the 4 minute clock stopped as I just kept in the zone and jumping as it was “perfect” mode.

Lastly, I’m quite tired on this particular program. Keznai usually gives me sustainable energy, but I’m finding the 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. area has left me wanting to nap and having bad attention span. Not sure why?


Been a really good last 7 days, but did have a work trip that led to me skippping two workouts,...and also had a ‘big cheat’...see picture.

Unreal golf course experience at a place called Castle Pines. So, they are famous for their chocolate shakes!.....I couldn’t resist and i really enjoyed it for all it was worth knowing I was on the program. Have worked extra hard since then.

Lastly, I think so many of my muscles are out of balance. Some exercises my heavy Bell feels like it is way too light, and some exercises I can barely get through the required repetition count. Is that just because parts of my body are much stronger than others?


All going well. Have done 100% of workouts. First week diet was not terrific given vacation, so glad it wasn’t the measured diet plan. This week on point so far and feeling better. Some. Work. Travel coming up and that will slow my progress some. Have to manage it best I can.

Picture taken during vacation. I was about 4 feet from this guy. It’s called a piebold. Very rare form of deer not often seen.

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