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Gary O.

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Intro to Belz

Name is Gary. Sorry for the delayed intro, but I’m on vacation this week with family and really not trying to be on the electronics at all . Have done all the workouts though!

I’m a married father of 3 and live in New Jersey. I spend all my time either working, or with family or golfing,...and a bit of Kenzai when I am in the grove.

What part of Kenzai makes me happy? The results when one is disciplined, and the sustained energy levels when I am hitting it 100%. I also love the checklist type workouts. I need that.

Obstacles the same as always, travel and vacations and such that make diet and workout, especially with bells, hard.

I have struggled with Kenzai this year, and will do my best to get back on track.

P.S. Ward is my Yoda! He rocks it.

Been MIA. I failed the vacation and work travel challenge this time on this program. Was super disciplined for first 20 days or so, then fell off a cliff and haven’t recovered. Road the wave of fun indulgences and free time for golf and family. Oh well. Trying not to beat myself up about it, and will look to regain self control and do another program.

Sorry team, but I’m tapping out. Too far off course to recover, I’m afraid.


All good. Minor slips on Fahter’s day but well worth it, and then a celebratory cocktail at one of my team member’s retirement gathering this week, but otherwise totally on point. Feels good. Definitely worried about the motivation subsiding when the workouts get really intense.

Challenge next week will be vacation trip plus business travel. It always interrupts my progress, but I will do my best to limit the misses. It’s so very hard to do Kenzai to perfection when business and travel enter the mix.

Picture is the wonderful and thoughtful cheer that my 3 daughters brought me on Father’s Day. The home made cookie cake was part of my cheat, and I like this photo because you can see the Kenzai fruit stash and avocados in the background reminding me that I’m on a program!

Into Post to Bells

1. Where are you at? I live in a smaller town about 40 minutes west of Newark, NJ near Morristown. It’s rolling hills, rivers, horse farms, and not what people think New Jersey actually is. Have a wonderful wife and 3 teenage daughters, and a great dog named Murphy that gives me an outlet to hang with “the boys”.
2. Are you new to bells? Are they old friends? What do you find appealing about them? Not new to Bells. took Kettle Bell 1 last year and loved it. Been trying to get to Bells 2, but timing has not worked. Was going down the wrong path to wait for bells 2 next month, so just signed up for bells 1 because I need the structure, and figured I forgot most of it anyway.
3. Make it fun, tell us something about a passion project or hobby you have going on!
In addition to my passion project of fighting off the man boobs constantly,....I am obsessed with golf these days. Golf is winning though. I plan tons and i seem to get worse and worse. . It’s the opposite of Kenzai, where dedication and commitment show measurable results. My golf results are measurable, sure, but in the wrong direction as my handicap index is increasing, not decreasing. Last year, after Bells though, golf game improved a lot due to the core strength build up. SO LET’S DO THIS!

Hello and goodbye

Sorry, I have to drop out. Only did 2.5 workouts this week so far, and won’t get to do today’s due to a 6.5 hour plane flight after full work day. When I start off like this, mentally I rarely recover And then I get crappy results. Mentally it’s not good for my being, so I am dropping out team. Very sorry team. Good luck!

KB2 completed, ....phew 

Well, quite a journey. Actually might have been the hardest one for me mentally and logistically. Work interfered way too much in KB2, and it impacted my sleep and my workout compliance. That said, I learned a lot and had great support from the Kenzai community, both on my team and off my team. Most of all, Ward was a rock-star trainer, and my Jedi master of thought and motivation to continue after almost dropping once or twice.

Struggle — i continue to struggle with 7 day a week workouts, especially when they get intense. I do them, and had really good compliance towards final few weeks, but mentally I get super negative just having to walk in the door, not really see my family and go right to the garage at 8:00 p.m. or later to do a 45 - 55 minute workout when I am exhausted already. Head down and push though, but doing this for 90 days weighs very heavily on me.

I’m definitely a fan of intense for 40 days, maybe 60, like Bells or Chisel, but I learned much about doing what one can on KB2 and control what one can control and don’t worry as much about perfection. However, my results disappointed me a bit,...but that is all on me and my lesser compliance overall than all the other programs I have done.

Bottom line, is that I am far better off than I was 90 days ago, far better,...but not as good as I could have been given better control of my work life and schedule. A worthwhile journey for sure.

Picture - admittedly I missed the final 3 workouts as I was celebrating on a buddies golf trip during the final 4 days of our program. I wanted to enjoy it. So picture is an ocean front pina colada, celebrating my partner’s hole in one that day to help us win the match!

Be well all. Thank you Ward, Nick, Matt, Tom, Fraciois, Africa, Nick, Lori, Patricia, Nathan, Paul and Chi.

P.S. had my whole golf foursome eating Kenzai breakfast every day before golf. Veggies and eggs. They loved it.

Nice change of pace with cycle workouts. Been tough to motivate for workouts as always, but I am not missing any. Could be tighter on quantity intake on diet, but I’m pretty much eating all as prescribed. Heading out to a guys’ golf trip tomorrow night, so I’m predicting my final 2-3 days of KB2 will not be very compliant. I’ll do what I can.

Only blogging today since it’s been 7 days.

Hope everyone is finishing strong.


10 days to go! Things are well this past week or so. Basically 100% workouts this week and I’d call it 90% diet. Still always need more sleep.

I basically trade my morning yogurt for milk froth or sometimes cream in my coffee. It’s a vice of Kenzai style for me and it’s my morning reward for making it through another Kenzai day.

Good biking cardio on Sunday, finally with some sunshine and 50 degree temps!

Lastly, those V sits are just super hard for me. The first set I almost get excited, then instead of 12-14, I typically max-out at like 6-8 and look liked an upside down wounded grasshopper in the process!

Started week with super high hopes and optimism after a strong last 2 weeks of KB2.

So far this week, I’m only 1/2 workout on Monday, and missed fully on tuesday. All because of work demands leaving me flat out exhausted, tired, and no time, or at a decision point of sleep for 5 - 6 hours or sleep less if i workout for an hour.

Thank goodness my wife is helping with food prep these days. I feel like I shouldn’t eat my full diet if I am not grinding a workout like I should.

Frustrated and disappointed right now because I know this is the time for serious gains!

Grind and indulge!

- Really excited that I only missed one workout in last 14 days.
- Really bummed that my photo seems like it is way worse than the prior week’s
- Really excited there are only 2 weeks left and I’m primed to grind them out
- Kind of bummed there are only 2 weeks left to make gains

Indulgence was nice. Daughter home for spring break, so our family of 5 enjoyed a nice meal at Sterling Tavern. Indulgence pictured included a bourbon, some fried pickles, some Asian cauliflower and my meal was a phenomenal beet salad with steak, indulged on the goat cheese that made the salad amazing really. Great family time made it wonderful.


Was really pumped to be home last week and hit 100% workouts and 95% diet. Was pumped to do it again this week, and 13 hour work day yesterday and getting home at 9:15 p.m.. with starvation, low energy, and food prep still needing I skipped the workout! Pissed I did that, but I likely ate fewer calories yesterday in exchange. Following my 4.25 mile run sunday, it was good to rest the legs, but I purely wanted to do 100% again this week and now day 1, I’m playing catch up! Grrrrrrrr.

Side note,....I love AMAYW veggies!!! Morning noon and night ! (Picture)


I realize I make a lot of perhaps down and frustrated type posts. It’s always easier to focus on the negative I guess. Just wanted to drop another quick post that being home finally this week and sleeping better, on diet and hitting workouts....= last night’s workout was one of those amazing ones that only comes along once in a while ! Felt great! Yay!

Life, and especially Kenzai life requires tireless focus and discipline.

I’m not quite religious, but I love this particular quote from the Bible:

“No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been.”

Let’s do this team!!!


The blog police sent me the dreaded e-mail. Sorry for the delay Officer, but it’s been tough to keep up with life!

In short, I’m super frustrated, but sticking with the big picture. Don’t want to complain or make excuses, but the true reality is that my work travel schedule has made a very large dent in my KB2 progress, both diet and workouts. It’s one reason I didn’t want to take on KB2 at this point in time, but I was falling off a cliff with diet and no workouts, so took this on to right the ship.

Workouts are brutal for me right now, and I’m cursing and blaming my workout misses over the last few weeks that have perhaps left me not strong enough to do the workouts as they are laid out. I’m finally home this week and will really try to hit 100%. 11 degrees this morninng. So the daily garage workout is a bitch when temps are low.

I’m still here, still routing all of you on, and still planning on completing what I started,...just wish I was able to keep closer to 95-100% first 8 weeks instead of 65-75%. It’s the worst compliance i have experienced on any Kenzai program I’ve done.

Picture is from yesterday morning at home.


Great to not be travelling this week, so other than Monday’s workout, I was 100%. Was still recovering for bad cold on MOnday, and just couldn’t do it.

Best part — did 20 minutes straight rope with only one trip yesterday!
Worst part — crab walks are back! Didn’t used to mind them so much, but for some reason much less enjoyable and doable in KB2.

Pic is from today’s cardio. It said it was supposed to be 40 degrees, but man, it was much colder and I couldn’t do the trails as I was slipping and sliding on ice. Went to muddy field instead to work the quads.


Wow, powerful lesson this morning. I definitely feel like the “jack ass” based on this lesson. Got back from tough business trip and expected to hit 100% in diet and workouts,...however, day after I return I get whacked with massive sore throat, body aches, and zero energy. Flat out side as a dog this weekend. Plowed in the vitamin C and slept a ton Saturday and Sunday, but feeling like I am getting buried by the shovels of dirt.

Really concerned about the ramp up in workouts now that I am slightly behind and not as strong as I should be leading into them, plus cold is handing around and chest is really tight.

My fingers are crossed for some success this week, but work schedule might get the best of me in this KB2 journey.

Bonus yesterday was visiting 9 adorable retriever puppies with my daughters. Puppies make one forget life’s challenges and stresses.

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