Gary O.

Gary O.

Reboot | Day 9 (Member)
Day 9
Program progress:

3.5 days in Miami, you’d think wouldn’t be bad in January when it’s 17 degrees Farenheit up where I live. Made 100% on the workouts, including using a parking garage (photo above) for my workout as I brought my rope and bands. I had a lot of looks from folks like “what the heck is he doing”, but give myself points for completing it all with limited time.

Food wise, complete failure on this trip, other than the dinner I brought with me Sunday night on the plane, and lunch the first day. Dinners were indulgences in many ways, and yes, I could have had more restraint, but I didn’t and I enjoyed it for sure, but am back at it hard now and will not fall of the diet I hope until the next business trip.


Good first week. 100% on workouts, no diet plan, but did pretty well with no processed food, but 2 glasses of wine as my farewell tour.

Not good that 1st real week on diet will meet a 3 day business trip with full schedule and every meal with clients. Won’t be a great start, but I’ll get right back on track on Wednesday night.

Did tomorrow’s workout today so I could do rest cardio either tomorrow or Tuesday.

The picture is today’s lunch.

Intro Post for KB2

Who are you? Gary O here, I’m a father of 3 great daughters, have a male dog to balance it out named Murphy, and a wonderful wife as well. We all live in north central New Jersey, and love to spend time together in Charleston South Carolina area.

I spend the vast majority of my time working. Gone from home easily 13 hours a day, and often more than that. When not working and using the time for Kenzai, I prefer to hang with my family and play golf whenever possible.

KB2 success look like for you? Well, for one, keeping a cap on my man boobs and also fitting back into the clothes I bought after KB1, Chisel, and Belz. I indulged big time over November and December. It was great, but time to pay the piper.

Ostacles, injuries, struggles? I find the 7 day week workout obligation my biggest obstacle. It’s daughnting against many 12 hour work days. Had a severe broken collar bone a few years back and it does cause some challenges, especially dips and other shoulder intense exercises. Struggle is alwasy many business trips.

Who or what inspires you? 3 things, ....staying young and strong for my kids, fitting back into clothes, and the nasty Day 1 photo I can’t wait to replace in this program!

Reboot Done! Looking to boot Christmas! 

It’s hard! That’s it, it’s hard to stay on point constantly. I’m happy to have done re boot again, and Imagine that will be my go to before I tackle serious Kenzai programs going forward. As hard as I hit KB1, Run, Chisel and Kettle Bells, is as hard as I hit the off season with indulgence and limited exercise. Especially during busy work times and golf season! I was not 100% on reboot, but glad I kept it in an acceptable range. Kind of happy with it, and always wondering if100% is really “worth it”. Feel great when I dominate a program, but give up a lot in terms of good attitude and times with colleagues and friends and family whenever I “hole up” to do a Kenzai program 100%. Love it, buy into the teachings, but balancing Kenzai and life is constant battle. Thanks for changing my life though for the better!


Cycle workout felt great! Did 15 minute run/jog before, that wasn’t too bad, but long time since I have run up hills. Full 8 hours of sleep last night due to weekend, feeling great! Hope you all are feeling great too!


Love Kenzai, love the results and believe the teachings. However, every program I have done on Kenzai I truly struggle with 7 days a week workouts for long periods. It can kill my motivation. This Reboot is no different. Each night after I work for 12 hours and get home around 8:00 knowing i have to change and go out in the 35 degree garage and skip and push myself on the daily workout it is the hardest mental thing to walk past the kitchen, the warm fireplace, and the TV on and family hanging out, to just change clothes and dedicate another 40 minutes away from them pushing oneself, then knowing I have to prep dinner and the next days’s an incredibly hard mental challenge. I’m hittting this week 100%, but someday I hope Kenzai has a great program that gives folks a flex day off each week when you really need it.

A few days left team,....let’s all push past the negative thoughts if you have them like me.

Picture is my favorite spot in South Carolina.


Okay team Aloe. I’ll go first with the throw back challenge. Lot’s can change over 30 years, especially hair in my case. All good, no regrets, but thought I would put the weekly challenge behind me since I never went out to eat last week.


Going pretty well here. Missed Friday workout because I was flat out exhausted from week and just got home from work and went to bed. Did Friday’s on Saturday, and Saturday’s on Sunday and really felt terrfic thanks to my self proclaimed day off!

The new 800 Pound Gorrila is approaching (see photo),...what’s a Kenzai Man to do?

Sleep and Weight

First change I notice on ReBoot is sleeping like a rock. Deep, deep sleep, when sugar and alcohol are dropped. Wow what a difference. Wish I could be more than 6.5 hours

Now, today’s lesson about weight is funny, as I had just stepped on scale this morning before I read the lesson. Well, now I’m extra sad because the lesson says first week typically sees big drop. NOT ME! Guess what, my weight increased! Admittedly I added a drink or two last weekend, but food wise, I’ve been on point.

Hopefully I’m a late bloomer and next week a drop of a pound or two would be nice!

Reboot on folks!

Re-Boot Challenge 1

Glad to be back. Week has gone okay, but not great due to work. Hope to be 100% next week. Nothing glamorous in my photo of workout place. It’s already cold here in New JErsey, so back to the Garage for me and my jumps!

Man, I really stink at discipline between kenzai programs. Let’s do it!

I was so excited to continue progress of Bellz I. However, the timing of start for Belz 2 was terrible for me as I had a week long business trip that made it not possible to workout or follow diet. First week i figured that wouldn’t stop me that much, but now I’m slammed with a cold and couldn’t not move last night. Leaving today on another 5 day trip for my Mom’s 80th, so I’m feeling defeated and depressed that I’m letting all my gains from Belz 1 just disappear. I may try to get back on track this week if I can shake this cold, but if not may have to bow out. Have only done 2.5 workouts so far. I’m terribly sorry.

Loved the Bells, conquered the Giraffe 

100 swings x 26 Kgs = African giraffe you say? Okay, did that. Time to graduate!

In all seriousness, great program. Was my favorite yet. Did all workouts except one, and one rest/cardio day. I think the reason is simply because they were less brutalizing than chisel workouts, yet you still got strong results, and that motivated me to stay on track. Chisel produces big time results, but some of those workouts felt so intense that it worked against me mentally where i was dreading the next one. With the Bells, I didn’t have this feeling as much!

Best part was the positive impact to my golf game! Hitting the ball farther and with much more control. Actually finished the final Bells workout and then played 18 in the afternoon and shot my best round of the year!

I’m a Bells Believer!

Was really excited about the required rest, and did my best to follow the lesson following the usual 13 hour day at work. Didn’t have coffee after 1:00 p.m., didn’t take my phone or iPad to bed so not to have that screen light impact my wind down. Didn’t have any carbs last night either and ate a light dinner at 8:30 pm. Was exhausted and went to be “early”.

Well the inevitable 3:30 a.m. wake up occurred to deal with ‘old man bladder’ and then thoughts of work stress consume me and did not fall back asleep. I had a goal of working out before work day started, but no way that was going to happen given my low level of energy.

Not sure what the day and tonight will bring, but a 4 cycle intense bells workout is a daughtning thought right now.

Really disappointed, but happy with program so far for sure.


All pretty good these days. Diet mostly on point, except for some libation indulgence here and there. Was at beach with all my daughters this past weekend and truly enjoyed some local brew in South Carolina. Self awarded indulgence, but I was very active all weekeing including workouts too.

Those Transverse Ab Pumps are kind of brutal, or I’m just not doing them correctly. Who knows.

Speed rope, ....the first time I counted I hit like 160-170 or so, then I just said the heck with counting, I just need to get through these multiple speed ropes. Definitely improved, but I didn’t bother to count anymore, nor did I worry about doubles. I just want to finish my workouts.

Flat out in a valley it seems. Last night was my first workout “miss” as I only made it through 2 cycles and just flat out couldn’t finish it mentally or physically. I often work 13+ hours a day, and when I finally get home at 8 or 8:30 pm and it’s still 86 degrees and humid and still have to prep dinner and next day’s food, i fall into a valley. Last night it was deep.

My biggest frustration with Kenzai is 7 days a week workouts with no rest days at all. I can get through that for a few weeks, but I think when programs end that I am so sick of no rest that I fall off a cliff and skip workouts a lot for a chance to relax and enjoy other parts of life. Perhaps if my work days were not the entire period of daylight, I would have a different perspective, in fact I’m sure I would.

Was 100% on workouts until yesterday, now 99.5% I guess.

Sorry to vent. But they say share all feelings on blogs, right?

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