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Gary O.

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Way behind and possibly out

I was so excited to continue progress of Bellz I. However, the timing of start for Belz 2 was terrible for me as I had a week long business trip that made it not possible to workout or follow diet. First week i figured that wouldn’t stop me that much, but now I’m slammed with a cold and couldn’t not move last night. Leaving today on another 5 day trip for my Mom’s 80th, so I’m feeling defeated and depressed that I’m letting all my gains from Belz 1 just disappear. I may try to get back on track this week if I can shake this cold, but if not may have to bow out. Have only done 2.5 workouts so far. I’m terribly sorry.

Loved the Bells, conquered the Giraffe 

100 swings x 26 Kgs = African giraffe you say? Okay, did that. Time to graduate!

In all seriousness, great program. Was my favorite yet. Did all workouts except one, and one rest/cardio day. I think the reason is simply because they were less brutalizing than chisel workouts, yet you still got strong results, and that motivated me to stay on track. Chisel produces big time results, but some of those workouts felt so intense that it worked against me mentally where i was dreading the next one. With the Bells, I didn’t have this feeling as much!

Best part was the positive impact to my golf game! Hitting the ball farther and with much more control. Actually finished the final Bells workout and then played 18 in the afternoon and shot my best round of the year!

I’m a Bells Believer!

Was really excited about the required rest, and did my best to follow the lesson following the usual 13 hour day at work. Didn’t have coffee after 1:00 p.m., didn’t take my phone or iPad to bed so not to have that screen light impact my wind down. Didn’t have any carbs last night either and ate a light dinner at 8:30 pm. Was exhausted and went to be “early”.

Well the inevitable 3:30 a.m. wake up occurred to deal with ‘old man bladder’ and then thoughts of work stress consume me and did not fall back asleep. I had a goal of working out before work day started, but no way that was going to happen given my low level of energy.

Not sure what the day and tonight will bring, but a 4 cycle intense bells workout is a daughtning thought right now.

Really disappointed, but happy with program so far for sure.


All pretty good these days. Diet mostly on point, except for some libation indulgence here and there. Was at beach with all my daughters this past weekend and truly enjoyed some local brew in South Carolina. Self awarded indulgence, but I was very active all weekeing including workouts too.

Those Transverse Ab Pumps are kind of brutal, or I’m just not doing them correctly. Who knows.

Speed rope, ....the first time I counted I hit like 160-170 or so, then I just said the heck with counting, I just need to get through these multiple speed ropes. Definitely improved, but I didn’t bother to count anymore, nor did I worry about doubles. I just want to finish my workouts.

Flat out in a valley it seems. Last night was my first workout “miss” as I only made it through 2 cycles and just flat out couldn’t finish it mentally or physically. I often work 13+ hours a day, and when I finally get home at 8 or 8:30 pm and it’s still 86 degrees and humid and still have to prep dinner and next day’s food, i fall into a valley. Last night it was deep.

My biggest frustration with Kenzai is 7 days a week workouts with no rest days at all. I can get through that for a few weeks, but I think when programs end that I am so sick of no rest that I fall off a cliff and skip workouts a lot for a chance to relax and enjoy other parts of life. Perhaps if my work days were not the entire period of daylight, I would have a different perspective, in fact I’m sure I would.

Was 100% on workouts until yesterday, now 99.5% I guess.

Sorry to vent. But they say share all feelings on blogs, right?

Powerful Lesson!

Great lesson today on Power. So glad to hear that is what is happening. I’d swear I’m already hitting the golf ball 10 or 20 yards farther than I was before Belz. If that is so, I will be a bells believer for life!

Workouts are going well, but man, I found the curls with the bell awkward and tough on the wrist, and then all of the excersises where the bell rests on the top of your wrist/forearm, liek the shoulder press or the lunges last night extending the arm with the bell, gosh it hurts that top part of my forearm where the bell rests. Perhaps I’m doing them incorrectly?

Image is of a powerful Hawk that I saw on the 18th hole this weekend enjoying his capture!


Okay, that’s that, today I’m “CycleMan!”

Cardio was a cycle through the countryside of New Jersey. Unfortunately this photo did’t capture the beauty of the 7 foot sunflowers in the background.

Workouts and diet going well, and weather spectacular! Hope team is well too!

Week going great. Cycles are great, and enjoying the workouts. Diet pretty much on point too. Great to not be traveling and have pretty good weather to boot! All helpful.

Super Hero? I like the concept, like the idea of being “silly” as a team, but 100% honesty folks: this simple challenge is bumming me out and consuming too much of my thoughts or enjoyment of Bells this week. I never was a Super Hero “fan” if you will. Never comic books or movies really. So i have been researching super hero’s just to try and be a team player and come up with something for our challenge.

Rather than “waste” negative energy on the challenge, I’m apologetically “bowing out”.

So sorry, but my main goal is compliance with workouts and diets and don’t have the spare time to play around with creative thought and photos. Hate writing this, but had to get it off my chest.

Love the cycles. Enjoying the variety and the pace of the cycles. However, one of the worse compliant weeks I have had in Kenzai. Long story, but first daughter to college was supposed to be 1.5 hour flight. Well, delayed, then cancelled, then 14 hours down and 14 hours back. I ate like crap, and didn’t hit my workouts. Fell behind. Then, Friday night, big party, and too many margaritas. Well, that impacted Saturday big time. Did mild workout, and did full Sunday.

Well, when you miss one or two, do you pick up where you left off, or do you pick up where you are supposed to be? I chose to keep going on the schedule, not skip. Then on Sunday, start anew.

Hope that was right. Love the bells, just really bad week. I’ll improve this week. I hope.


Great first week. Hit 100% on workouts and about 90% on diet, letting alcohol slip in some.

Cardio “rest” day was great. Jogged 3.9KM and felt great. It was actually enjoyable! Then walked 5.5 KM of with my 30 lb golf bag in the 90 degree humid heat. It was hilly and quite a workout. The golf was secondary.

Ready to crank up week 2 team! Let’s do it!


Hello All. I’m Gary from New Jersey, USA. Happy to be on the team.

1. What do you want to get out of this training? Continue to improve on whole body fitness and continue my battle of Gary vs. man boobs. I have a love/hate withe Kenzai programs. Love the results and methodology, but HATE 7-day a week workouts. So, I find when I’m off a formal program, I slip quickly into bad habits and much fewer workouts. Having recently finished Chisel with some challenges, I just want to stay in the game and say on a program for accountability purposes. I just want to make it through and be more fit on the back end than I am going into it.
2. What do you need in order to make that happen? Lower stress and time commitments at work, but not sure this team can do anything about that! Also need my titanium collar bone to cooperate and the shoulder around it, as it was one of my key success blockers in chisel.

I bought 2 Bells, but photo shows the one I was “worshiping” last night, a beautiful night.

Graduating Chisel But need to go back to school! 

Well, I learned a lot for sure, mentally and physically during Chisel. The workouts were kind of brutal, and when injury hit, that really killed my mojo. Had to go easy on all shoulder oriented things for 2nd half, so that kind of hurt my motivation. Then difficult travel schedule and work schedule was like a left hook towards the end. That said, I feel like I got out of Chisel what I put into it. I can definitely see chisel working really well if one is able to stay on point. Unfortunately I was not able to, but I’m happy with how fit I got and was able to do the 3 cycles well except for my injury.

Most interesting thing for me was how unmotivating the lessons were in last third of program. This was when my injury was still nagging and I knew my work schedule wouldn’t allow compliance. So, the lessons about crushing it, and nailing it and staying on point “this week” really worked against me. It was weird and hard to explain.

When all is said and done, I feel great for vacation this week!

Thank you Ward and to our team as well. Happy Kenzai to all!


Today’s lesson was great. I’ve learned in this program that your life has to allow for a program like Chisel. Unfortunately I did not time this Chisel correctly with my life. Several business trips, a wedding, high work demands/time, and Fourth of July holiday got tagged with injury during the program as I pushed my shoulder too hard. That said, it’s still been a good Kenzai experience and my knowledge of how to manage overall health continues to grow.

2 Days team! Effectively I’m kind of done as I fly out this evening and will have not time fro the workout unfortunately, and my priority this morning was 9 holes before work! Yes, could have worked out, but needed the mental health of golf!

Photo is a picture of my and my partner’s birdie putt paths in the Dewey grass.


It was great to have lunch with my good friend and Kenzai inspiration, Jim G (pictured), in Hong Kong last week! Mental highlight on a week that proved near impossible for Chisel compliance given my travel and meeting schedule and flight delays. I’m disappointed, but also kind of didn’t have high expectations.

Hoping to knock out a great week this week before heading out on holiday on Friday with the family.


Did some cycling for cardio day and felt strong thanks to Kenzai.

Good lesson on the last two weeks of pushing just brought me way down. Sorry. Had 3.5 hours of sleep last night. Sitting on a plane waiting to head 6 hours to San Fran, then 13 or so to Korea. All the “most important week, and great sleep needed, and slacking 1st or 2nd week okay, but not final two weeks” is just making me say the heck with trying to keep up at all during this week long business trip as it will certainly be no where near 100% week for me. Heck, I’m hoping for 50%. Yes, I’m sore and hitting wall, but would be highly motivated to finish strong if I was home in the normal routine.

Hope you all Rick it this week, and I’ll do my best.

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