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Hitting all workouts despite 6-7 days of heat wave conditions. 5:30 in morning feels like 85-88 degrees with massive humidity makes these cycles very tough on breathing and seeing through all the sweat.
On Monday I leave from New Jersey to Souel, then Souel to Hong Kong, and then back to U.S. wondering how I will keep up with anything when sitting on plane for umpteen hours and having back to back business meetings and meals for 2 days straight. I knew this was coming when I signed up for Chisel. So be it. Priority will be work.

Still hate hang time. What the heck is the difference between East West Squat Jump and Fakie?


Sunday injury sidelined me for 3 days. That, combined with business trip to D.C. that included very long days and significant non-compliance at dinners including alcohol really bummed me out given I was chiseling to almost perfection up to that point. Thursday morning I started back at 100% diet and workouts and that continues through today, so I am hoping I’m past this nerve injury thing, but admittedly I couldn’t finish tricep workout overhead because of same injury. Ugh. Feeling pretty good otherwise.

Photo is looking across West Wing lawn of of the White House towards the GW Monument.

Hit 30 minutes of jump roping well. Felt pretty good despite slip on diet last night with a couple we hadn’t seen in 1.5 years.

Yesterday’s bicep and shoulder workout did something wrong to the muscle under my left collar bone. Feels like a pinched nerve or something. Had hard time looking over the shoulder to drive the car last night. Significant pain. Aleve and heat rub to see if I can work through it. If it doesn’t subside it will be very tough to get through upper body or whole body work. I’m concerned because I’m really nailing and liking this program.

Best — Was dreading cycle A last night when getting home at 9:00 p.m. after 13 hours in the office and still all my dinner and next day food prep etc. done. Turned out to be one of the best feeling workouts I’ve had yet! Much better for me to do that at night than morning.

Worst — 5.5 hours of sleep, then up at 4:45 a.m. to do Cycle B. Felt pretty darn awaful. Jump rope trip ups a ton, very unusual. All others pretty hard. But it’s done!

Lesson — WOW i was not hang timing anything like that at all. Bad part is that I read this lesson AFTER my Cycle B workout. Will have to try that movement next time. It looks very different from what I was doing, which was more closer to a Burpee.

Rock on my Kenzai friends! 100% so far this week!


Stream of Kenzai oriented thoughts today. Happy to hear anything on any of it:
1. Feel like half burpees and Hang Time that my movements aren’t really any different, or I’m doing something wrong. Near impossible for me to “land softly”
2. Crescent kicks way hard than I thought/remember, Star Jumps, 20? WOW. OUCH!, almost collapsed today at end of the 20.
3. I’m doing alternative Dips exercise with bands due to collar bone injury pain, but also because I feel dips very depressing when I can hardly do them, and no good setup at my house on which to do them. I’m looking to thin out my chest anyway....remember, battle against man-boobs for me!

Mainly mentally I’m dealing with significant fear and concern that I will keep it up if the cycle workouts get too intense for an old guy. Diet I will be spot on mostly, except for a few unavoidable work trips/meals down the road.

Clothes feeling great!


Workouts 7/7 last week, so that’s great. Some struggles with reps, and with landing soft on the half burpees (impossible I say) and the V sits, but overall made it through.

Diet begins, and I’m worried about hunger with lower grams, but not worried at all on compliance with the vegetables, protein, etc.

That said, when you know you have little to eat, and your damn hard boiled egg doesn’t cooperate when just sucks! Takes a long time AND feel like I’m losing prescious calories when the egg white sticks to the shell!!! Grrrrr.

Chisel on my friends!


Pic — random, but spring blooms in yard in New Jersey are nice!

I admit it, the blogging can be a chore for me often. It’s a love hate thing, but today’s lesson tells me to start doing it.

Day 5 motivation is okay. I’m very fearful that this is the “easy” week in Chisel. that does impact my motivation since at my age and my work and family commitments I honestly don’t want to crush myself, just want to be fit and healthy. I recall getting really bummed in KB1 with how much time and how hard the workouts got, and I’m feeling like this is almost how Chisel starts, at the day 80 intensity of KB! That’s not good. Sorry for the negative.

That said, I’ve done all the exercises so far, and am just struggling with morning vs. late night workouts. Have done late night, followed by morning after, so only 7 hour between workouts and that’s tough.


1. Introduce yourself: Who are you? How do you spend your time? What makes you happy?
Gary, married, a father of 3 teenage daughters plus a dog named Murphy. Live in central New Jersey. I spend my time working mostly, followed by family, Kenzai food prep, golf whenever possible.

2. Goals: What do you want to get out of this training cycle? Why Chisel?
I just need programs to keep me focused, and also Kenzai run seems to have made me look/feel a bit weak and my wife noticed some “turkey skin” showing up tha wasn’t there post KB. Lastly, I’m in a constant battle against my man boobs and hate losing.

3. Barriers: What obstacles do you anticipate? What injuries do you have? Lady issues? Guy stuff? Work stuff coming up? Family stress?
Work, especially two large trips, one to Korea and Hong Kong for a full week. Plus, old broken collar bone still makes things like Dips near impossible given pain.

4. Weird stuff: If you were a professional wrestler what would be your entrance theme song?
Hero, by Foo Fighters:
Wish I knew how to actually link that cut and past.


I wouldn’t say I’m a runner now, but I hate it much less! That’s a win. Things I learned:
1. Running doens’t suck always
2. Running is a bitch because of weather, but bad weather runs aren’t that bad
3. Best blog ever...I’ll regret it more if skip it than if I do it
4. Diet and sleep have major impact on performance
5. I still struggle seriously with EVERY day exercise given life’s commitments, especially work
6. Kenzai team support is meaningful, and definitely got me through some of the program
7. It’s hard to improve run times as it is so rhythmic
8. Once I ran with was way easier and more enjoyable!!!!
9. Patrick is joyfully twisted and a good kept me engaged for sure.

MIA...but still dedicated

Unfortunately my final week was brutal work-wise and kind of a bust Kenzai-wise. I did the 9k last Saturday, and it was actually pretty awesome despite the 47 degrees, wind and driving rain. Then, Sunday morning had to wake at 3:45 a.m. to head to Vegas for work. From the moment I got off the plane I was busy with clients, meetings, meals, golf, etc. The first day I was up 24 hours straight, and did not workout or run. I did the strength and run on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but diet was a mess. Returned Wednesday, only to unpack and repack for Trip on Thursday to South Carolina. Surprise birthday weekend stuff in a way. Oh well, it wasn’t the kick ass last week i wanted, but i tackled the 10k with enthusiasm nonetheless. More on that later.


One of those that your legs feel like dead weights. Concentrating on form definitely helps, but I felt really slow, and my time per KM was far slower than the 8k run! I was surprised. More bad weather in NE didn’t help. Thunder and lightening and hail. Plus I overdressed. I’m learning a lot about the running inputs to get a good output! March on!

When I think of it, my runs are so much more boring than Patricks. No dogs, no running clubs, no other runners anywhere. Result=no stories. Sorry:)


Despite 51 degrees and a hard rain, I forced myself to do it. Would have been so easy to blow it off! I hate running because you need to rely on weather if you don’t have a tread mill. Well today was great. My daughter dropped me off and I ran home. Have to strand myself like that. It hurt in some parts, but second wind kicked in at 6k and it was awesome!


Work has been overly stressful. Often hard to fight against that AND the discipline it takes to live Kenzai. I have done both pretty well, but have been lacking sleep. Tried to go to bed early last night. Woke up at 2:50 a.m. with a hundred work stresses going through my head and the dread of knowing at 4:45 a.m. my alarm would go off for the Fartlek run because I have to fly out of town later today after work. Litterally tossed and turned and cursed it all until 4:20 when I got up to go run in the 45 degree pitch dark morning.

Have to say I’m at my lowest point. Did the Fartlek, but hard to dig deep when only on limited sleep. Traveling to Disney for a National Cheer competition for my daughter. Fighting the unhealthy foods will be the challenge for rest of weekend.

March on. I’m not giving up.


Sorry for taking 8 days since my last post. Have had some nice runs from location standpoint. Been out of touch because of a super fun guys weekend of golf playing a minimum of 36 every day, some days 42 or more holes. Kept up with all workouts except one. Distance run was terrific. Yes, I said terrific. Best I have felt so far.

Photo is from Seabrook Island, South Carolina, squeezing in my run after a long day of golf.


Wonderful evening with my wife and daughter playing cards, watching a movie and indulging on a nice Anejo tequila on the rocks!

Then, this morning, my best run ever for the 6K! Still not a running fan, but i ran before breakfast and although it was 48 with big wind, it felt relatively good compared to all runs so far! I drove to my 6 k location and left my car. Mentally much better for me than out and back type of route!

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