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Saturday morning. Good nights sleep. Excellent breakfast. Great mango fruit for snack. Was pumped to hit the soft dirt and gravel trail for the run today. 63 degrees and no wind, so everything was perfect. This was it! The joy of Kenzai Run! NOT!

Tried to do the arms. 90 degree elbows seems unnatural. Tried to work on column and on breathing. Same as always, couldn’t wait for the running to end. Kind of bummed about it. When I used to cycle, I found that place where you would just do it, enjoy it, and mind would drift and long long ride would be done.

Wondering if I’m just not made for running,...if the bad run, heavy legs, counting the minutes until done will ever go away for me. Not quitting, just not expecting that I will run at all after this program is over. I’m enjoying conquering the challenge though.


My most frequent “go to” mantra in all exercises is No Pain, No Gain, but often times, just a simple, “quite bitching, you can do this” often can force me over the hump.


Still hate running, but this one felt the best of any of our training runs yet! So, happy with that flavor. Nice change I made was turning that run keeper audio stuff off entirely, except for the time or the distance announcement depending on the run goal. So, she doesn’t tell me my pace and average time, etc. which can depress me a bit. Just time, or just distance, that way I can manage to the goal of the run and stop as soon as I hit it!

AMAYW Veggies!!!

Music to my ears/eyes!!!! Strength workout okay, but man those pushups were tough and so were the planks! I’m hoping to have a perfect week of compliance this week. Happy Spring says my dog Murphy!


Finally. Distance run was 70 degrees! What a welcom change. Went fairly well, but always a bit of agony during 2nd half as increases in difficulty. Yesterday’s free run was on concrete sidewalks in Florida. Nice weather, but knees hurt a lot on that run.

Today’s run was on packed dirt/gravel path. Such much more enjoyable on the joints (see pic above).

Been at a big wedding last 3 days, so diet compliance suffered, but I stayed on paced with exercise and only big miss was some alcohol in the diet. Too good a friend to pass up some celebration time!

Treadmill and Yogurt

Did the 30 minuets on a treadmill last night. Found that running to be much less punishing than road running, but also quite boring. Nice to not be in the inclement weather.

Today i was in a jam with food, so i had to buy a small yogurt at work. It was one of those Vanilla Oikos tripple zero. Nice to have some flavor, but I have to admit that all i could really tast was the fake sugar chemicals in there. I had no choice of yogurt, but glad to learn that it really didn’t tast that great because it wasn’t natural yogurt.


Having a hard time judging the 4-6 moderate pace thing. Definitely couldn’t converse on day 7’s run, but I also can’t stop and walk as then I never want to start up again. Also my neighborhood is very hilly, so it gets the heart pumping.

Still good. Good run, and I’m pumped for week 2!!!

Oh yeah, I still need it to warm up!!! The winter that never ends.


Since these programs only allow water, coffee and tea,...well I now drink a ton of coffee, mainly for flavor and general comfort. So, I am growing away from my Keurig machine and now using a french press coffee maker and loving it! I look forward to the smooth taste while reviewing the Kenzai lessons and reading up on our team!

Anyone a coffee connoisseur that can recommend any kind of bean I should buy? I like this Starbucks Ethiopia, but it’s not cheap!

Good luck with Cross Training today folks! I’ll be cycling most likely.

Week One Almost Done!

Wow, this week flew by! Last night’s run for me was again in 36 degree weather. I really need that to get better or it will be a daughnting slog to get through these runs as I am not a running fan. I like the jump rope better actually! That said, my new Nike running pants from Amazon made last night’s run much more “enjoyable”.

Knowing first week is eat as you will, I treated myself to the picture here just knowing that the opportunity will disappear starting on Monday!



Hi, my name is Gary and I am NOT addicted to running :)
Wanted to challenge myself against this dislike and knock out the Kenzai Run program.
Day 1 was great coming off a reBoot, but day 2, ...I was pumped to start running, only I don’t have a treadmill, and although it is April in New Jersey,...I had to go out in 36 degree rain with snow on the ground from the 6 inches we got yesterday!

Looking forward to getting to K Run with you all!

Final graduation post! 

It was great to reboot. I definitely needed it and was great to have more realistic workouts and diet vs KB1 that was quite a challenge. I got a lot more out of the blogs this time thanks to all of you, especially Cora and Lissi, the best of the bloggers for sure! Well done all of you. I might try the Kenzai run next!

Final week challenge

Simple for me. Don’t want to fall into zero exercise, which is where I was before reboot!


Sorry. Been absent on blog last week due to vacation and wanting to disconnect some and focus on golf and family. All good. Slipped a small bit on alcohol intake, but was disciplined eating and working out on program.

Shot some of my best golf, and some of that is due to Kenzai fitness and focus mentally!


Well, following the theme, throw back to senior year of high school. Why?......I had hair!
Okay, I hear you laughing out there. Yes, big hair.


I’m 100% on diet, basically 100% on workouts, reading the lessons. BUT,...still totally flat on any weight loss. I truly have not cheated, except maybe heavy cream in my coffee, but that trades from not doing all my yogurt. Oh well, still feeling good, clear minded and sleeping well. Glad many of my fellow rebooters are doing well also.

I admit, this no weight loss is making it harder for me to keep staying away from a cocktail.

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