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Gary O.

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Wow, now I don’t know how to process this. I have done re-boot with no cheating and no misses other than i’m one day behind on workouts because I had to skip the first day. Biggest change is I’ve totally stopped alcholol (was fairly often) and stopped very frequent late night ice cream and sometimes cookies or something else sweet. Cabs down a lot on re-boot too.’s lesson said folks notice quick loss on first week or two of program. I litterally hvae not dropped even an ounce!!! I know we are not supposed to focus on weight loss at Kenzai, but when the lesson says you probably will see a lot early on and I seen none, I am quite discouraged given my discipline to execute training and diet perfectly so far.

Now, Miranda,....don’t kill me wiht some massive workout regime and crash diet next week though!!! :). That said, I’d love a few words of wisdom.


28 degrees here in New Jersey, snowing AGAIN! After another long day at work, have to motivate in the garage once again with some Foo Fighters music and other pumping tunes. Hope you all made it though another day without slipping! Joy to all! Yes, snow blower machine in background to boot.

Weekdays can be tougher because of work, but energy level is terrific! So glad to see AMAYW vegetables on my diet. Kenzai body made me love raw veggies! Been eating them for breakfast for over a year! Hope all of you are keeping on point as well!

First challenge?

I recall there being a challenge of posting a picture of some scenic thing or landcape relative to work outs. I can’t find the rules, but this quick one hopefully meets “compliance”! I want to be a good team member.

Nothing glamorous here. We’ve been pounded with winter in Northeast U.S. so, I’m stuck in the not so glamorous garage. Still getting it done!

Reboot and re-live!

Hey there. Glad to now see the team and hear the stories. Other than the first day, I’m fully on point thus far. Cravings are creeping in, but I’m winning. I’m concerned that next week’s workouts will be the toughest thing to tug on my dedication. I never ever got used to the 7 day a week workout thing! I work long, long days, so those 8 and 9 p.m. workouts before dinner become very hard to stick to.

Wishing all of you strength and dedication for next 24 days!

Against my better judgment I signed up for Ski Boot. Knew I had too much work and family stuff and travel. I have failed, but continue to eat right and enjoy life w out the pressure of daily workouts. Perhaps no ski trip plans hurt my motivation too.

My bad

Challenge Photo

Love the challenge! Brings back great memories. This is me and two buddies at Vail about 2 seasons ago. I'm in the middle. Great trip, with I was Kenzai compliant back then,....would have been better!

Ski Boot it is

End of day 1. Recently did KB, finishing Sept 1st, and just wanted to get myself a little more disciplined again. KB was so hard that I really cut way back on workouts in Kenzai life. Tried to do 3 a week, but just couldn't even get that done some weeks given other work and fun commitments and family. Keeping strong on the Kenzai eating habits though! Actually love eating this way and can't wait for Ski Boot menus.

No immediate plans to ski, ...just wanted to join the team and try the program. I love skiing though! Looking forward to getting to know you all!

Thank goodness it's over!  

First and foremost,...the results are incredible. I'm certainly amazed with how much I've learned about my mind, my body, and healthy habits.

Secondly, was brutal! Brutal. There is no other word to describe it. While I got used to the food and started to enjoy it, the workouts were brutal, and the time commitment necessary for success was also a daily struggle and a massive sacrifice when I continually gave up being with my family, because work flexibility is just not there.

Thank you,...Jim G for turning me on to Kenzai. Jim's before and after photos blew me away! And I could only hope to come close to the successes that Jim G had on Kenzai body. Thank you Jim.

Thank family, Jennifer, Emily, Courtney, Josie and Murphy. You all are and were my inspiration. I want to be around for a long, long time, and I needed Kezai to set me on a path to achieve this. The path I was headed down, was not a good one. Now I know what it takes to be truly healthy and hope that I can manage work and life, and Kenzai life all together to stay on the right path. I love you all.

Thank you....Ward and my teammates. Pooja, Caro, Karen, Naveen, Rich C, Roosmarijn, Kathy B, ALL posted comments to my blogs that inspired me, and helped me continue the grind, the journey and the path to Kenzai success.

While I lost 31 pounds, dropped from tight 36" pants down to loose 32", and could actually enjoy wearing an elastic band bathing suit,....I'd say the mental gains were even greater. An ability to handle stress better, think more clearly, and most importantly, be positive so many times when I used to be negative.

Next? I will eat better for sure. FEAR....I will struggle with doing these kinds of workouts over and over again. The dips, the V sits, the push ups, and many, many others are VERY hard. I don't enjoy it. Have gotten to like the jump ropes a lot, and love cardio. Strength is a whole different story.

My biggest issue with Kenzai,....the workouts are discouraging. I felt like quitting so many times just because I'd bust ass, not come off the plan at all, do all the exercises, and Never, Never, get to the point where I could do all of the workouts as stated. Even when we did Day 8 as the final workout, I could not finish the required push up sets. That is BRUTAL and very discouraging. I got to this great place physically, but the way my mind works....I failed because I couldn't complete what Kenzai asked of me. Still disappoints me.

I'll get past that I hope, and I am thoroughly thankful for the health I have right now. I am spreading the Kenzai word, and I am warning people that you need time and discipline...and it will work wonders on your life!

Thanks again Ward. You're a helpful and good trainer.

I get today's lesson for sure, and those thoughts have crept in once in a while before this week. However, I am dedicated and disciplined, and don't plan on coasting. However, for me, it's just that I am flat out sore and exhausted from this program. That's hitting me more than Senioritis. I find it very depressing that after 83 days, I still can't do all the sets of push ups that are asked of me. If I tried to stick to the 15 seconds rest between sets, my rep counts would be even more pathetic. It's that feeling/result that then makes my mind say "why bother"...80+ days and you still can't keep up. I don't want to curse on these blogs, but man it really ticks me off. Feel like I made huge progress, but still clearly not enough relative to what the workouts say I should be doing. Grrrrrrr. Wondering what that means for me maintaining or not maintaining after day 90.


Work has been crazy, please two nights in a row of daughter birthdays. My twins were born on different days! So ice cream cake last night and Carlos Bakery cake tonight. That's the first direct sugar I have had in 80 days ! It was good. Amazed how much smaller a slice I took than I used to. Plus I used to go back for 2nds! I guess that's a win, because my energy was so low that I couldn't do all the Otter kick reps today,....just flat out couldn't do them after set 4. Nothing in the tank.

Plugging on my friends, and hop you are too.


Whatever it takes team. I've been struggling to get pumped for daily long workouts. Well new sneakers from Zappos do the trick? Let's hope I'm pumped to jump. Always easier on a Saturday when there's more time for sure.

First of all, the Kenzai benefits and impact on my life have been great for sure. I've been very dedicated, and sacrificing a lot to stay on track with diet and workouts. Have sacrificed all social activities, much time without family, and not doing many thing I love, such as golf, because not enough time. I've actually lost 25 pounds at this point and don't fit in any pants I own.

I'm trying so hard to finish strong too, but every time I do these very difficult workouts, I feel like the non-stop 90 days straight is just getting me to a point where I will never want to work out much again.

In addition, I leave for work at 6:10 a.m., work 12-14 hours, then get home at 8 or 8:30, only to bust through the door and quickly say hi to my family and just head to garage for an hour plus of workout that is not enjoyable at all. Then come in and make dinner, eating my protein and vegetables at 10:10 last night! That can't be good. Then, clean up and prep all for for next day, and get about 6 hours of sleep just to get up and do same cycle again.

How can something so good for your health be so bad for you attitude towards life? Tonight I got home at 8:35p.m., talked for a few minutes with kids and wife, and tried to head to garage and started jumping at 9:10 p.m. Did one set, and said, "the hell with it" since my next set was more trips and negative attitude towards it than anything. So I said eating, and sleeping and seeing my wife were more important, and stopped the workout.

The guilt sucks, but it's just flat out too much to fit into one day. I know only like 12 days left, but man, I often think, is this kind of lifestyle sustainable or worth it. Great to look good and feel strong, but not at the expense of just about everything I live for,, family, work and activities.

Sorry to be so long and negative, but just wanted to know if I'm just a solo mental case.
Lastly, each time I do complete the workouts, I feel like a failure because I almost can never do all exercises as laid out in full sets with appropriate rest periods. My mind doesn't handle that very well and makes me not want to work out at all because I know I won't be able to complete what Kenzai says I should be able to complete. Bad energy, bad cycle.


I was on vacation last week. Despite good sleep, my workouts were extremely tough because of the 90+ degree temps and almost 100% humidity. I stuck with working out every day except 1. I stuck with the diet every day, except one dinner, where I ate lots of seafood. However, I did have one drink on 5 out of 10 nights. Felt quite guilty missing the one workout, and also drinking the alcohol, but frankly enjoyed it A LOT! I do have to think, compared to prior vacations, man, what a difference in my diet. No ice cream, no sugary rum drinks, no doughnuts or chips, etc. Didn't miss it too badly.

On the plus side, was much more enjoyable wearing a bathing suite and buying new golf shirts. Plus, I started getting compliments here and there, especially from my kids! That felt great. Dreaded the workouts, mostly because I always would much rather hang with the kids, or walk the dog, or play golf. The time sacrifice is always a challenge. Back to work and back to discipline to get through the these last 20 days!

Feeling great!

Wow. ,still dread the workouts, but really feeling so good during the day. Missed my first workout in 58 days this week, but just couldn't help if because of work. On vacation now and must say that not having my normal workout spot is screwing me up. Plus the heat and humidity makes jump rope very tough in South Carolina.

However, hadn't seen my kids in about 8 days, and when I walked out with my shirt off for the beach, they were actually amazed. That made my day! My 16 year old shouted in amazement, "oh my gosh day, you're so small in the middle,...and getting a bit of a six pack!" That's a bit of a stretch, but I'm thrilled to have gotten that reaction.

Still wondering what day 91 will bring. I tried my daughters frappachino today, and believe it or not, it didn't taste good anymore. Holy cow.

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