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That's what I feel/look like when I tried to do a V-Sit or two, an upside down injured seal. Just very hard to get the arms and legs working in unison. Will have to try alternatives until I get the full strength I need I guess.

Food...well feels like I'm eating a lot this week and not losing weight at all. Hope I'm not gaining. Nice to have all this food though, perhaps I'm taking the "AMAYW" on vegetables a bit far, but nice to not be constrained or have to weigh those anymore.


Very helpful to hear all that. Seem like day 90 is very far away indeed. I use the blog for a "silly" post. It's of my best buddy, Murphy, ready to play after my Kenzai workout of course.

Week 7 question.....quit?

Interesting question of the week as I ask that every day. I push it aside and just try to comply for another 24 hours, each day. Some answers:

I don't want to show my kids that quitting is an option
I've probably told 50 people I'm doing this, so same issue
Almost half way
Clothing is now more enjoyable
My boobs aren't bouncing as much when I hit a pothole in my car
I seriously want to be around a long time, and this should help
Was addicted to diet coke, and haven't had one in 42 days!
Why would I ever want to give up 2 hard boiled egg whites, an apple and plain yogurt for evrey dinner?!!!

I've been following the program spot on for most of the 38 days, with the only 'indulgence' in the last 2 weeks having been 2 Michelob Ultras last Sunday. I'm doing all work outs. Eating exact menu. However, workouts are a dreaded event every day given not a single true rest day. Honestly, last week's posting of a photo was fairly depressing and unmotivating. Just felt like it wasn't all worth it, this clean living and massive stress on my family life and personal time. The hour or so of food prep each day, plus the hour for workouts.....two hours I didn't. Sleeping great, but only 8 hours if it's a weekend. If a weekday, rarely 7 hours, usually 6 hours. Often wondering to trade an hour of sleep for a skipped workout, but haven't done so yet.

Positive side: clothes fitting incredibly well, and much more enjoyable to put them on. Make one feel better for sure. Sleep quality is also a positive. Beyond that, I'm struggling for positives.

Worst thing.....last night my wife said "How much longer?....I'm lonely". We never eat together and I don't see my kids or my wife hardly at all because I'm either in the garage working out, or concentrating on food prep, ....or angry because i have to cut them off and go to bed to try and hit sleep to repair muscles.

The whole thing is a bit much and I often thing of dropping, but taking it day by day. I'm not the kind of person to start something and not finish. Really wondering what will happen to me without all this structure on day 91?

So long as I continue these hermit ways that is. Dinner nice, quick, easy and very little clean up! That's what I needed. Food prep was bringing me down.


Well, very odd meal that I'm sure will get old quick, but I love the easy prep. What does one do for a work dinner this week? Not many restaurants serving this beauty of a meal😉

Clothes fit better for sure. That helps motivation. Looking at dinner next week and thinking how the heck does one do 2 egg whites and banna and apple when at work dinners entertaining at top restaurants? Also, peeked at workouts, crunches AND planks next week, I'm screwed!

What has Kenzai done for my social life,....easy, it has killed it. Can't make plans to socialize. Too much bad food and alcohol and just have to avoid the temptations. As such, no 4th of July plans at all. Not very positive really.

Sleeping well though!

Picture each week is depressing. Doesn't seem like much is changing. But, clothes feel better. Food prep still a big pain, and not socializing at all is kind of odd, but it makes it easier for me to stay on track. I hope is see some changes soon.

Oh yeah, on golf course yesterday and hit a really bad shot that used to make me curse and aggravated. However, yesterday I felt pretty even tempered and got past it quickly! I'm attributing that to Kenzai.

Have a good week folks.

Work related closing dinners two nights in a row this week in locations 2 hours from home, then in D.C. on 3rd night for another work dinner. All meals were at top notch restaurants with lots of drinks/wine and amazing food and deserts. That was all very difficult. I drank club soda each night. Tried to limit intake and stick to fish and vegetables. Didn't have any desert either. Kind of felt like a dud for the dinner company, but I did explain Kenzai several times which helped me stay on track. I have to say, while nice to hear I guess, it's not very motivating when folks say "why are you doing that?" you seem very fit, and don't need to lose weight. Clothing covers up a lot I say.

Workouts with very little sleep and while traveling are extremely tough. I am constantly challenged to get through every rep of every set. Always very hard and frustrating. Does anyone know if it's better to stick to plan and do fewer reps than the plan calls for.....or to rest longer and try to do all reps?

Workouts are hard and depressing really. When I can't finish each set fully, it becomes a failure feeling and snowballs a little. I am seriously hoping there come some kind of enjoyment on the workouts, because I hate them right now. Intense pain and muscle failure.

Food another big challenge. Found myself barking at my poor 13 year old daughter for asking for one, just one, of my raspberries! When u have to measure out and that's all you get, well I guess I got protective. After all, it was like the only flavor I tasted all day. Rest of food is painfully bland.

Struggling and wondering if I'll make 90 days. Excitement moved to frustration.

I was expecting specifics. I honestly thought most veggies were carbs? I know bread is a carb, pasta, but that is about the extent of my knowledge. Protein....chicken... what else?

Is there some kind of cheat sheet that Kenzai has so I know specifically what to eat? Otherwise I'm doomed.

Day 5 workout fine w increase, but probably leaving an 8th of my food at best. Perhaps because when I leave a quarter, I feel like I always snack more between meals. So seems to defeat the purpose perhaps. Reading the blogs is fun. Need to see diet soon to find time to shop before Monday.

Wow. I'm fairly deflated by the fact that I almost couldn't do 3 sets of 5 push-ups. Pathetic really. It was the hardest part. And then the crunches. I am surprised I get more winded doing those excercises, but the jump rope not that winded at all. Anyway, it's done!

Day one reaction

Pullled the trigger to join late last night. Concerned about the 90 day commitment given work schedule, summer vacations, and general cutting off the food my wife and children eat every day. First day was fine. Workouts will get tough I'm sure. I'm tired of feeling like a load though. Looking forward to diving in deep with the group.

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