Gene S.

Gene S.

Congrats on getting to the finish line 

Hey everyone, big props for making it through the Kenzai program. While I got a bit handcuffed in the final weeks by an injury and some off the grid travel, I consider this program a success. I am stronger, more fit, and my body has changed significantly for the better. Best to you all, and I plan to do the maintenance program and more Kenzai programs going forward.

Final Push

Hey gang,
Writing in from the Rocky Mountains, at a dude ranch in Colorado. Only get near any wifi service about 30 minutes per day, but I wanted to send my best wishes to everyone on your final push. Suffered a calf strain that had set me back a touch, especially with cardio, but will be picking up where I left off. Congrats to everyone who has stuck through this so far. Kenzai has had a very positive impact on my life and I am looking forward to finishing this program strong.

Ready for August!

I've had a wonky last week or two, but never have fully fallen off. I am looking to get strict over these last weeks (as Day 1 of new diet is an adjustment). Looking to supply and receive encouragement where needed. Ready to do this!


I have struggled a bit as I have been traveling for almost a month solid at this point (Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, Aspen, Vegas - some for work, others for vacation), but I haven't fallen off completely and remain committed. Ordering and/or finding the right foods while on the road is tough, but I have generally gotten through that - the tough parts have been the business dinners (and the vacation dinners TBH). The days that I have missed the workout (which have been a few) have also been filled with heavy alternative exercise, so I'm hanging relatively close to the program in some ways. I'll be home for a good stretch by the end of this week, which will help a lot. Still definitely seeing positive changes in my body. I'm using what I have learned to get in some alternate version of the food and the exercise when I cannot follow each daily exercise and diet to the letter, which is ultimately what I think we are being trained to intuit, so I feel like I'm not completely derailed and have been rewired enough to make smart decisions while in difficult circumstances.

Feeling good still, body starting to look and feel better, pants a little more loose, but as the daily lessons indicate, this can be a tough week to lose focus and enthusiasm. Feel like we haven't heard from Nate in a while (unless I missed something, which is entirely possible), and this seems like a pretty critical week to get support from our training team. Did not complete two consecutive workouts and would have been nice to get a check in, though not sure that is a reasonable expectation. Made a few not so subtle cries for help and have made a few notes about body/pain/diet (back/GI) issues that seem to not have made their way into tweaks to my workout and diet. The low back thing for me has been the only spot where I foresee potential injury and have been feeling it already. The ab workout where you hold your legs up and move them in a circular motion seems to put a particularly heavy strain on the low back. Possibly feeling a bit grumpy as a result, but still overall outlook and results are still very positive.

On Day 17, I worked out hard and also played platform tennis that night, so I went to bed a little later than usual, woke up at the same time, because I was a bit wrung out from exercising hard late the night before, decided to do a 45 minute brisk walk as alternative cardio. Ran out of time to do the rest of the workout, had a completely full day, and went to bed early last night with out doing the remainder of my workout. Could not wake up early this morning, even though I was in bed by 9pm last night. My body is beat. Starting to get out of rhythm for doing my workouts in the morning, and I don't want it to lead to falling further out of line. But my back hurts and I def am requiring additional sleep after adding exercise to the daily workouts. Day 19 I am again missing my morning workout. Need to steer things back on track.

End of Week 2

End of week 2, feeling pretty good. By the way, is it okay to eat potatoes as your vegetable a somewhat significant amount of the time? I have been. 🤔

Day 12

Wall to wall action day, only fit in the cardio portion of the workout, but stuck to diet. Went to bed around 9:30 and slept for nearly 11 hours. What do you do when you miss a workout? Do you ever double up the next day when you miss a workout or do you just move on? And when you do miss a workout, do you amend your diet that day?

Energy-wise things have felt great. Waking up naturally significantly earlier than normal, and energy levels remain high and I continue to feel good about the program. Despite the absurd amounts of food, I have not felt energy lows throughout the day, particularly after lunch, that come with eating poorly.

Have not lost a pound, yet feeling stronger. Knees a little cranky and quads still very sore.

GI system remains wonky. Though I would not generally share this in any social setting, I will now bare my soul and report that I have been gassy and have had few solid bowel movements (sheepishly avoids eye contact).

Day 10

Woke up feeling fresh after less sleep than I usually require. Legs are still burning, but went outside and got through my jumprope with little issue - I'm getting better at it which is great, and also 'missing' less as I get into the later sets. So I'm concentrating more and improving with each set. I definitely need to focus on the joint stretches before the workout, because I have begun to feel some strain in my knees. Completed the rest of the workout, feeling good. Keep on keeping on, all!

Day 8 - End of Day

Monday's always a big day at work, and it was hard to eat that much food and still work out, even wit kids' sports after work. I think the diet is messing with my GI system a little, but I imagine I will sleep well tonight. Hope everyone else is doing great!

Struggling with Day 1 of the Week 2 diet. Haven't worked out yet today, but I feel like I haven't been able to take a breather from the food trough! Holy wow. I need to be able to find the time to eat nearly more than the time to do today's workout.

Did the Day 1 workout, seemed easy, but I imagine that's just getting us prepped to scale to the tougher workouts. I have cut at least 25% out of the last few days' meals, but I am curious what the plan to get someone who is three days behind the group up to speed.




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