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George B.

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Week 8

Cycled to work 4 days out of 5 in atrocious conditions. I do this to mentally toughen up for the winter months. That said, riding in windy, cold wet weather is very yuk!

I am seeing any changes, I feel
Very bulky and still have not lost much mass. Again it’s my bad, am
Surely cheating allot more than I am prepared to admit. Everyday starts with a lovely fresh and healthy breakfast, followed by well measured lunch. But I loose track of what I do in the late afternoon. I must certainly be cheating...

Week 3

Week 3 was a fail. The week started well, I managed to hit the first 3 WO. But then the heat hit, and doing HIIT training at any time during the day with 32-37c is just impossible. It’s hot! Just so hot. Even at night it’s not cooling off below 28c. There is sleep deprivation, dehydration and just sheer panic. Panic because the air is stale and electric! Kids are not sleeping and everything is hot. I know this sounds strange to some
Of you that live it hotter climates, and you have to believe me that this is too hot to handle.

I hope this week is better...

KB2 again

Happy to redo this program. I just finished failed KB3 and wanted to make a come back.

KB2 is long, tough and just what I need for the next 3 months to get ready for Summer cycling and of course the summer bikini.

Lion in a cage feeling

Got the Lion in a cage feeling again, both in terms of being ready for another training program and having gained weight all around. I am a little skeptic about the benifits of running and weight loss, Although it's not my only goal. I always seem to gain a belly when I get into a long streak of running. So let's see!

THis program was introduced to
Me as a BEAST. I can cycle and climb for many hours so am interested to see how I will struggle on these longer running Distances.

Good luck all

Running a day late

I have been running a day late throughout this plan. So I will be running the 13km a day after mist if you. Weather is looking cool and good this weekend so I look forward to it.

Ran on treadmill for the first time during this cycle and it was booooooooring. Even with good music!

Good news on my Wrist, I got to ok to get back on the bike and i am saving that for next week after KR!

Great course interrupted by injury  

What a great course! I learned allot, and enjoyed the rhythm the lessons and finally learned how to stretch the right way. Sadly I had an injury at the business end of the course and i couldn't maintain allot of the poses. So I will want to redo this.

Congratulations to all of you for finishing this course. Thanks Kim for the support.

bit of a tumble

i had a big tumble on the bike this saturday and fractured my right wrist. i had surgery sat night to fix it. this is a bummer for the etape du tour cause i wount be ok for that in time. fortunetly the srgery means i can continue with exercises that don't involve pressure on the wrist, such as planks, downward dogs etc... i will miss sun salutations but the restis good. i shoud be able to run, swim ia week. maybe cycle again in a few weeks. but that means missing valuable training for the 180km and 3.5k climbing on the etape.

how it happened? i was having a great day, beat my PB climbing a local hill and was feeling pumped. on the way down i hit speeds of 55km so not too crazy. but tom bad luck on a series of quick hairpins a Facking bee got on my left ear and helmet strap. i took a few second of hesitation, and bad timing on the tight turn and i was on the floor. fortuantely my wrist took the brunt of it. no bees or bikes were harmed on this accident.

pictures of the saga and also main one is the blind on my balcony where i do sun salutations.

stay safw

I don't get it! Why not KB4/5/6.... I need a 90 day + program at least once a year right!

Any plans to add more of these longer training cycles?

Yes yes yes

This is live post work out so am buzzing on dopemine or whatever hormone!!

Who said these combos where not hard! They are Delightfully hard!

I felt the workout went on forever but I never felt like throwing in the towel either. I am going to split the cardio in the morning and do the resistance work at night tomorrow!!

Love it!! Bring it

Sunday indulgence

Still struggling with his cold which is also developing into a headache. It's making me sound sensitive, irritable and just feeling yuk.

I missed the Friday work but did manage to work out Saturday and get on the bike home-trainer Sunday.

I have been enjoying the last of my dinners, now that am on egg whites. Picture of raw steak mixed with pounded chilli and organo, covered by salad of radichiio and avocado dressing.

I have my indulgence today. W had guests over and we cooked a compliant roast leg of lamb. Served with Lebanese monster red chateau musâr. I have not had one since 2011 and it's yum. My first glass of alcohol since this program started.

All pumped for week 5 and ramped up work outs and tighter food.

Body parts

The weekend was generally clean ar 80%. I said that I wanted to maintain a social life on this program and on Friday I had a spontaneous invitation to a party. These ones are hard to defend against as they come out of nowhere. I don't know most people and social pressure forced a beer on me. I declined all the other offers but somewhat slowly drank my first beer. The party was an electronic party and I think danced off the beer. The rest of the weekend was clean and 100% WO.

During KB2 I taught my daughter to ski and now am teaching my son. So sat and Sunday was all about bending down, ski uphil, pulling, leaning, skiing backward, lifting etc.... exhausting. Also with experience I learned to pack my own food as it's al deep fried or cheesy up there, so I lacked a nice potato and octopus salad.

Body parts I hate:
My Kim Kardashian bum bum
My love handles
Large thighs: probably cycling

Have a great week3

Some advice on salads

I made a Jerusalem artichoke salad by slicing them into chips and roasting them in the oven. Then tossed them with some datterini tomatoes and endives, with simple lemon juice and a dash of olive oil. It was wonderful, but I tell you it makes you fart fart,!!! I remember doing this last year on KB2 and it feels like am rewriting the same story, only the recipe got better.

100% work out and almost same on diet if it weren't for some hungry moments. Still no sweets or fatty snacks so good score. The work outs feel hard! The floor jumps are a killer.

Today was the only day I managed to get out on the bike due to of a deep freeze and Icy roads. Picture on my way to work.

Redoing sculpt

I spent the weekend in Copenhagen for pre chrtismas family get together and good old hygge. The food consumption. Was cholossal!! He only workingnit out I could do bring back things to par was a brisk 7km run in the famous Danish drizzle.

My favourite program so fare! It was tough, introduced a new way of working out and a great way to strengthen legs of running and cycling. So from now till Christmas Day am redoing week 3 onward of sculpt.

Jingle bells!!


I went to watch FC Basel vs arsenal the other night. I hate arsenal, am a Liverpool fan and am terrorised by that Michel Thomas last minute goal from the 89 season. Every time I go to live football events I get envious of pro athletes lifestyle, the money, success, but most of all the peak fitness condition they are in, the support staff and constant care they receive.

Come to think of it's not too different to Kenzai, except I wish K could offer massage once In a while!

Alexis Sanchez is a tank!!!


I have done something crazy! An impulse buy! I have signed up for the étape du tour.

I know we have some bikers, why not set up a Kenzai team?

May 18th, 2016





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