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Georgina D.

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Thanks for a great program!
This was really a success for me. I’m looking much better than I did 6 weeks ago.
How did that happen, when the last time wasn’t so successful?
1. Did 6 workouts a week (always missed the last free cardio as life got in the way)
2. Only ate up till i was satisfied - so sometimes I ate less grams and skipped snacks ( yes I know that’s ilegal but it helped drop the kgs)
3. Ran instead of skipped (by coming to terms with my hatred for skipping, and just running instead, it kept my motivation up to do the workouts)
4. Ate only a small amount of fruit at night
5. Kept up with the blogs and lived and breathed the motivation from Karen , Chris, SAT and Cyan

Thank you team! Ward, your weekly videos were hilarious and super to watch and get into the weekly groove.

So, you’re chiselling next?! k, you’re reaching?? Need a plan!!

P.s. the children are not invited into my weekly pics. They invite themselves.. in their pyjamas...

Hi Team,

I fell off the wagon on saturday as I was trying out orange syrup cake recipes for father's day. It turned into a chocolate, cake and fudge (the english one) fest. I then missed my Saturday workout and today (Father's day) I ate risotto and that orange cake for dessert.


I've now pulled myself back together. Did Thursday's workout today. So I have 3 more to go I think before I'm finished.

I'll post my final pic and final note on Wednesday when I'm all done if that's ok!

Workouts are 100% and so is the diet.

Except I went out for dinner last night and decided to just eat everything (it was Tapas). Very strangely though, this morning I'm feeling very very tired and foggy. I don't drink any alcohol so it must be all the salt and fat and carbs.


Won't be doing that again in a while

I doubled my diet today.


I was really looking forward to my packed lunch of baked sweet potato, baked sea bass and steamed white rice. So when I was invited out to lunch at the last minute, I was sad to leave it behind. We went to feather & bone, which is a butcher that lets you cook your meat. So I had grilled beef tenderloin ("no we can't do it without oil") with mashed potatoes ("no we don't do steamed veg") and leaves (with dressing).

Then I went back to the office and ate my packed lunch! Just like that.


I then at 2 bananas before my workout.

Workout went well - duh - I had about a billion calories to burn.

I've virtuously skipped dinner and just eaten a bowl of grapes and an apple.

Must be the weather.

Gym fatigue

Today I was seriously demotivated. I'm bored with the exercises and my prawn/avo salad with no dressing at a restaurant for lunch was depressing and the lack of carbs made me grumpy.

I got home and told myself I wasn't going to work out - too boring, too same same, too hard. That I'd just lie on the bed and recover from a blah day in the rain. I didn't want to lie around in work clothes, so as I changed, I thought 'why not just put on my gym pants.'. so I did. And then I thought 'well I might as well put on all my gym clothes..I can lie around in those." Once those were on, I thought, well maybe I could listen to a TED talk.

That finally got me out the door. Then I had 'gym fatigue'. I couldn't bare the thought of spending another hour in that dark gym in my building. So I plonked my stuff on a bench outside and just started doing the workout (no skipping).

And then, a bunch of TED talks later, I was done . I ran around the building a few times to get in some cardio and pressed "I DID IT".

I hope the next week isn't going to as hard as today.

Today started early with 1 endless meeting until 3pm. Lunch was delivery from Nosh (fish, rice, broccoli...oil). Breakfast was good. No snacks.
Then I had calls until 4pm and a talk tonight at 7pm.

So I rushed home and ran in the rain to the park (my children were in the playroom so that ruled out my gym), did the workout (ground was wet so did the floor exercises on a marble bench.. Ouch), ran back, washed and dried my hair and now I'm on my way to the talk. Karen - the park is on bowen road.


** special thanks to my Amika hair straightener for getting me out the door looking almost presentable

Day 29

Last night involved the other dinner at my friends house. I skipped the wine, ice cream and chocolate and ate the vegetable Thai curry, the fig salad (with dressing) and a spoon of brown rice. And fruit for dessert.

I'd been specially careful all day so hopefully it hasn't damaged progress.

Did yesterday's Barre this morning. I found the plies really hard and then I had to do the hip tucks in the bathroom as there was a guy in the gym alive with me and I couldn't face it.

Have a great week team Cyan and the Rockies!!!

So I went to pici with a friend who detests the idea that I'm on a diet. So she doesn't know I'm on Kenzai. I couldn't deal with the lecture (she eats like an elephant, doesn't exercise, and looks like a model).

So I let her order and just ate it. So more indulgent than it was supposed to be..

- vitello tonato shared
- 2 pasta dishes shared
- 3 spoons of Tiramisu
- 1 gin and tonic

None of it was worth it...Didn't want to eat it... So that's it for me on the going out to dinner front!

Tonight I have a dinner at another friend's house but she cooks really healthily so I'm safe.


I went to a gym today that had weights. Oooh the burn! S - THANK YOU for the inspiration.

Tonight I'm going to a pasta place (pici) for dinner. They have nothing kenzai friendly so I guess it will have to be my indulgence :)

I've been skipping the fruit snacks and most of the egg whites to get my calories down. It's working

Day 24 - killer

Today was hard core.
Started out with a 17 minute jog in probably 80% humidity along the running path. Then arrived panting at the park and almost died with the single leg ups and the single squats. Oh and the hip thrust thing was so hard to get into position on my bench that I just did them all with no breaks.

Then the lats were weirdly hard and I had to do some serious motivational self talk to get through the v sits (I left them for last).

To make it even more exciting, I didn’t put mosquito spray on so I felt like Harvey K in apocalypse now - hot, sweaty and bitten alive.

Keep it up team! Battle pic attached

Day 23

Had breakfast and then presentations all day until lunch. Lunch was a buffet at the Shangri-la which is amazing but I resisted and had:

- sashimi
- raw veg
- 2 pieces of tenderloin
- 2 mussels
- boiled noodles with leaves without the soup (the guy at the ramen station was very confused)
- fruit
- skimmed latte

What helped was I was wearing 3 inch heels which meant getting up very painful. So they reduced visits past the roast pork and ice cream!!

Got home exhausted at 7pm, did the barre workout in the living room and will now put the kids to bed.

Dinner will be fish and veg.

Not eating pre and post snacks as I haven’t done cardio ..

So today I went up the peak (knocked off 3 minutes from our time) and ran down again but I didn’t have time to do the workout as I had to get home to see my husband off on his business trip.

Legs were super sore and bum continues to ache.

Diet on track although I skipped the pre and post workout food as I technically didn’t work out! Also if we need to do 45 more minutes of cardio to lose weight, surely I can just cut back on calories? No?

Eating lots of colourful tomatoes with mint, tarragon and fresh oregano.

Quick update. Caught up 2 missed workouts last night with 6 min skipping. I’m feeling much stronger and could feel
It in the cross over and and leg lifts.

We had a Israeli food style picnic on Saturday and tortillas (home made by moi) on Sunday. So I ate tomato salad, couscous,a lamb meat ball and half a pita bread and hummus ( not ideal) on sat. And a tortilla, guac, tomato salsa and beef mince on Sunday. So not totally saintly, but not completely off the rails either.

Bum is sore. All the time. I think by really tucking in my bum during the barre moves, I’m working it really hard.

Peak walk tonight with my friend . Can’t wait.

Glad this week’s diet is AMAYW veg .. all the piles of vegetables was getting exhausting. The banana before the workout seems like too much though - no?!

Have a good week team!

Day 18 - serious valley

This week’s been going well until I took a picture of my bum. I had no idea how terribly ugly it is. What I also had no idea of is how much it hit my morale in my workout.

So I took my bum pic just before hitting the gym and honestly I felt miserable. I got through the skipping ok but then the knee up things and turbines (I’m going day 17 workout today)needed multiple breaks just to mentalist myself to keep going.

Somethings got to give Ward!! Either I’m cutting out all carbs, or doing more cardio or something because at this rate, I’m still going to have this unfortunate behind at the end of this.

Day 16 - Keeping it up

I'll keep this short. Here's a diary for the last 4 days:

Saturday - worked out in the morning and resisted champagne/ham/cheese at the royal wedding drinks at a friends (ate the tomato salad, guac, some bread and grapes)
Sunday - made ham and cheese baguettes for friends for a beach picnic but made myself baked salmon and broccoli. Worked out late at night barefoot in the playground (I did the barre from Sat on Sun..This week's workouts all run over by a day)
Monday - walked up the peak (again) with my friend and did the workout at the top in the dark looking over HK. Beautiful evening with a bright sickle shaped moon. Went back to work after and worked until midnight, then daughter woke me up at 3am.
Diet 100% on track
Tuesday - public holiday alone with the kids and interviewing new helpers. Ate the right food but didn't count grams and picked on the kid's fried rice at dinner. Have skipped my own dinner and just ate apples and grapes. Too tired to workout today - will do tomorrow (this is one I end up moving my workouts all out)

Don't have a bum pic, but here's me in a bikini this weekend. I look ok (from the front) but just a little saggy I think. Posture sucks




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