Georgina D.

Georgina D.

Kenzai Sculpt | Day 9 (Member)
Kenzai Sculpt
Day 9
Program progress:

Week 1 was almost a complete write off. Got only 3 workouts in and the cheese and wine got the best of me on the slopes.

We landed this evening in Hong Kong after 24 hours of traveling but I knew if I didn’t start week 2 right then this program isn’t going to work. So I hit the gym at 9:45pm and felt all the better for it. I tried to really focus on the pelvic floor and keeping my posture correct - made it all much harder.

Kenzai dinner and bowl of grapes and now off to bed.


Hi everyone, I’m skiing this week but really wanted to do this program so I’m bravely starting while surrounded by fondue and raclette.

I started the exercises today (yes - I’m late!) and i’ve said goodbye to the biscuits, cheese and Nutella. I’ll have the odd treat this week but on Monday I’ll be back home in HONG kong and fully on track.

I don’t have my gym clothes with me, so this week’s picture will be in jeans as I don’t want to scare you with a picture of my bum in a bikini. My bum is not a pretty sight. I’m hoping it will be by the end of this program.

I also don’t have my skipping rope (what was I thinking?!) so I’ll have to get my cardio from skiing or tobogganing.

I must say (by the way) that this is the first year I don’t have aches and pains after skiing and I attribute that completely to kenzai - thank you!!

See you on the blogs!


Feeling and looking much better! I really enjoyed this program and I look forward to this week ahead when I'm going to do day 16-23 that I missed when I was sick.

I was 100% compliant until yesterday when I went out for dinner and ate biscuits. It was the psychological "it's over" moment. I do need to get over these massive dips in self control.

Thank you Miranda and my team mates for all your support and sharing.

Strangely I found the cycle workout easier than the normal one. It's a combination of it being less monotonous and also me only having 1 set of bands, so once my "hard band was assigned to the biceps, that left the "less hard" band hanging up for lats etc - making them easier than they would usually be. Maybe I need to get another set...

Diet is going well although I'm not eating all my grams - I think my stomach has shrunk post flu.

Last 2 days for you team! I'll be doing my missed days next week.

Ok, we're back on track.

The workout went well, although I had to take a break every minute while skipping. But I felt good and it felt good to be moving again.

Food has been 100% on track except last night and today at lunch when I went out and all the salads had dressing on them. So I had salad with dressing and a little more bread than I needed probably, but not bad all round.

Well next year I'll be getting the flu shot! Influenza is no joke and the drugs for it are just as bad. My body is completely depleted. I've lost 2.5 kg, which is nice, but I'm incredibly weak.

Today I managed to get all my kenzai grams in and tomorrow I might try the workout - but maybe just the stretches! I've missed a week of workouts :(

I'm so incredibly grateful to be healthy again and I won't be taking my health for granted anymore!

Down with flu

Whole family has been hit by colds and I've been treated with the flu. Will let you know when I re-emerge.

Not eating but when I do I'm sticking to kenzai. Not moving

So I was feeling pretty sorry for myself but I thought at the very least I could do the stretches.

So down to the gym I went. Did 16 min on the elliptical, felt ok so did 5 min skipping. Felt ok so did full workout (but didn't do 2 other sets of skipping - was Feeling I might be OTT).

The 800 mg of advil I knocked back before might have helped.


This is how much I haven't changed. Darker, wrinklier but same old g.

My grandmother had the most epic wallpaper and furniture - to the extent that her house was used as a set for all sorts of ads and movies. Hallway paper featured here.

I'm feeling like I'm going to be hit by a cold. Sore throat mainly. So thank you kenzai gods for only giving 1 shoulder exercise and not killing me with DaVincis or double katanas. I don't think I would have made it through.

Hopefully I'll be better (not worse) tomorrow


I went out for lunch with a friend. Ordered the quinoa, citrus fruit, salmon salad with no dressing. Drank peppermint tea. Only remembered to take the pic halfway through!

Less carbs and protein than I needed, but still ok.

Last night I worked out at 9:30pm which is much too late but the kids are waking up at 6am and going down at 9pm and I’m at the office in the middle. So looks like it’s the graveyard shift for me for the near future.

Day 10 - rush rush rush

So yesterday I’d planned to do my workout at 7pm when my husband came home but he had a tennis game so I only finished putting the kids down at 8:30pm and I had a friend over for dinner at 9pm! So I knew if I didn’t do the workout there and then, i would have to skip it, and that’s a slippery slope.

So I ran downstairs, did 12 min of skipping (3 sets of 4 instead of 4 sets of 3), ploughed through the exercises with as few breaks as possible (40 crunches..) stretched in the lift and was upstairs at 9pm. Phew!! Rushing through the workouts is never good, but at least it was done.. and I didn’t injure myself.

Made baked salmon with stuffed tomatoes (no oil) for dinner. My friend enjoyed the wine.

Tonight should be calmer

The lesson on fudging was perfect timing today. I read it after my workout and after I’d had to restart the ski jumper exercise after I’d thought I was doing the lawnmower. Had to turn off my music to focus!

Must say I’m not enjoying skipping. I managed the 4 min with no breaks, but I don’t enjoy it. It’s hard, tiring and endless.

I might have to move workouts to the morning as tonight’s dinner plus the after workout snack was a bit of a feast. But moving to the morning is so hard the first day as you work out at night and bam, you wake up and you have to work out again! I think I’ll wait.

Week 1 challenge

Here are the beautiful trees I see every time I cross the courtyard of my building to the gym / playroom where I workout. Sorry I only took the pic it at night, so you can't see much, but hopefully you can get a sense of their magnificence.

I did 30 min on the elliptical and enjoyed the star jumps and mountain climber. Now upstairs for dins! Hope you're all doing well

Day 7 reboot

Going strong here. Skipping 5 minutes without a break and getting through the short set of exercises nicely. Diet is on track. Pic of lunch here - couscous, grilled veg, fresh herbs and baked fish. Lemon juice for dressing all round.

I'll try the elliptical in my gym tonight for a change and run up to bowen road for the weekly challenge Pic! Have a good week team!