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Just wanted to check in to say I managed to do my 3 workouts this week. Funny how 2 weeks ago I was doing 7 and now I'm struggling to get 3 in. As we know, it's all down to organization and either getting up earlier or going to bed later - there's no way around it. I must say the pre workout banana eases the pain of getting out the door and into the downstairs playroom / gym.

The (strict) diet has been going well apart from Friday dinner (pizza, champagne and brownies) and Saturday dinner (2 cocktails, Peruvian Japanese yumminess, lots of dessert). Relieved to get back on track on Sunday.

Have a good week stable Rockies


Just tracking my progress...

Sticking to the diet and done 1 out of 3 workouts this week. Feeling exhausted though and relying heavily on coffee to get through the day.

A friend's coming from out of town this weekend, so I'm planning to go wild on Saturday. Just thought I'd mention that.

Well I decided to sign up for 5 days of workouts this week on maintainance. Little did I imagine it would be harder than KB1! Silly me...

15 min skipping, 40 min workout. X-sits... Yes. X-sits.

I'm still eating like week 12 without eggs or bananas.

So I'm soldiering on but I miss my peeps. I'm very attached to my Rocky Balboas... I hope you're all doing well out there.

Day 90 + 3

Well, now I can hear the echo as I write as I don't know if anyone's reading anymore.

When we finished on Saturday I went out for dinner and tried really hard to eat and drink badly. The same goes for Sunday. I kept saying to myself " come on, it's over, you can now eat all the biscuits." As I did just that, it dawned on me that I'm not that yo yo diet person anymore. That I don't need to go down a spiral of bad habits. That I'm happy staying the path. That biscuits taste like cardboard and chocolate makes my teeth burn.

So on Monday I packed my food as per Week 12, and off I went to work, had my kenzai dinner and fruit but scrapped the egg whites. Today I did the same but I had such an urge to exercise that I found a workout I'd missed (day 83) and did it. I loved every sweaty moment.

Yes. I seem to be a new person.

I know I've written my graduation post but there are a bunch of meals I haven't spoken about which I need to get off my chest and which I feel have perhaps made my final result less impressive than they could have been... These are:

- mynforgotten birthday dinner - the one where I ate badly while feeling sorry for myself
- the make up dinner. 3 days after my b-day was forgotten I was taken out to a fancy restaurant for slap up dinner ( Mandarin grill for those on hk)
- a week later (last Tuesday), I celebrated my wedding anniversary at another insane restaurant (Otto e mezzo)

I drank very little, stuck to fish and veg but ate all my dessert and the Petit fours... So completely off program.

I guess this was all bad timing and I wouldn't have gone to these restaurants and ordered dressing on the side or skipped the lemon souffle, but I'm sorry this all hit in the last 2 weeks of the program.

What have I learnt? That it's better to just celebrate after my training programs, because combining the two isn't going to happen.

Day 90 - graduation  

Here we are, team, Day 90!!! I'm feeling happy and nostalgic all at the same time.

Thank you Adelyn and Nate for all your patience, support and kindness. And Patrick for creating such an inspiring and effective program.

And thank-you thank you my dear Rocky Balboa team. I will miss you all and I do hope our paths will cross on Kenzai again! I must say I've stopped reading Facebook as my mind has been filled with all your stories! Incredibly long days with tough shifts and Japanese Co workers looking sceptically on, skipping in the playground with wood giraffes and singing support, moving house and playing golf in the sun, abs with the gang and skipping on LA beaches, shrinking trousers and watching our new bodies reveal themselves to us each day.

What an amazing journey and I'm so thrilled to have spent it with you.

I'm now feeling that strong, confident woman I want to feel. And loving being able to tuck my shirt into my jeans without a muffin top :)

Big hugs to you all

I'm so impressed with everyone's skipping! I can't do 9 min a row. I can't even do 3 minutes in a row! So my 9 min are more like 4 mini sets. It's not that I'm tired or out of breath, I just run out of steam. The barbed whip lash doesn't help - I'm on my second rope which is one of those super light ones made of metal and has rubber casing but the rubber's worn off leaving the metal exposed and barbed...

Other than my pathetic skipping, the arm circuit today went well. Reached a good burn (lots of grunting) except didn't on the metronome.. It just went on and on until my now bonier bum got too sore. Loud Daft Punk got me through that.

One of my neighbors walked in and said "hi! You look fit!" He looks like Ken. Made my day.


So this week in Lisbon has been a bit of a kenzai disaster. Here are my pecadillos:

1. No cardio - I couldn't skip (no space inside and crazy cobblestones outside) and I didn't have 35 extra minutes or the right shoes to run on the treadmill (bad excuse but honestly I needed to sleep in and 4 days with no babies is a rare treat)

2. 2 indulgences- I had an early birthday dinner with friends and ate everything and had a mojito. Then today I had 3 balls of ice cream, fried calamari and an egg tart... No great going

Other than that, I did the rest of the workouts and stuck to the diet the rest of the time. But I know that isn't good enough. Pic of kenzai compliant lunch

The next 16 days will be immaculate.

Day 71 - lisbon

Well I can certainly say I've road tested Kenzai through the holidays.
I arrved in lisbon late last night and bought a banana at one of the airport cafes for my workout this morning.

Dragged myself out of bed and threw myself down to the gym. Did the sets - which were endless - but didn't have space to skip and the idea of a treadmill sends shudders down my spine. But I'm kite surfing this afternoon, so I think 2 hours of that counts.

Breakfast was hilarious as the waiter struggled to keep a straight face as I ordered 4 hard boiled eggs (one for my snack later), 4 slides of toast and 2 semi skimmed yogurts.

I've left my scale, so I'm going to buy one today, and skimmed milk for my coffee and also bananas and fruit for snacks.

Day 66 - doing well

Back at my in laws. Managed to get through 3 minutes skipping without a mini break. Tomorrow I'll get to 5 I hope!

Workouts are doing well and I'm eating baked lemon chicken and rice and beetroot every single day, but I'm enjoying the routine and predictability of it. Got 4 more days of peaceful routine until we go to Lisbon for more challenges. I've written to the hotel to check there's a gym and happy to say there is one.

Keep it up, everyone!

Day 62 - the long game

This week has been my hardest yet. We've come to visit friends on another island and everyday involves lots of delicious meals and long leasureley sundowners with wine and beer.

I haven't touched the alcohol, dessert, chocolate, ham or oil. But I've over eaten my vegetables and fruit.

I've missed 1 workout (when we traveled to get here) and had dessert and biscuits one day.

I'm skipping when I can (taking little breaks every 1.5 min) and always doing the weight work. On the days when I can't find a flat surface to skip, I cycle or play tennis instead.

I can feel I'm eating too much, so I'm going to cool it on the portions.

Ultimately I'm thinking that I'm playing the long game. So, this is for the rest of my life, not 30 days, so I see the odd hiccup here and there is all part and parcel of life.

I'm now like the vegan girlfriend that your brother / son brings home and everyone hopes she doesn't last long.

I'm eating my own baked chicken and vegetables while by in laws fret over the fact that I'm not eating gratin, Tarte tatin or chocolate with my coffee. But my priorities are clear so I'm cooking my own food. It's understandably not going down very well. Luckily my husband is being very supportive and spends most meals explaining the benefits of feeding your body well.

Every morning at 6am I do my workout in front of a breathtaking view of boats on the bay. I'm finding the number and length of the sets really hard and a little boring. I have replaced skipping with an hour of tennis the last 2 days but I feel I'm going to have to find a flat asphalt surface soon to do some skipping, or else I'm going to fall behind.

Hang in there gang

Bose indulgence

After trying out the most expensive and unfriendly gym on earth (think no ventilation , no windows and huge security guards that force you out the door 30 min before closing), I have gone back to my courtyard and apartment training. With one huge upgrade - I decided to spend the gym money on a pair of BOSE wireless sport headphones. Amazing. I can now skip in peace. I'm tripping a lot though.. I think it might be the cobble stones.

Other that, I'm eating chicken breast baked in lemon juice and sliced lemons, baked sweet potatoes and lots of delicious apricots, peaches and strawberries. I'll be going to the market today to buy some fresh salmon fillets to bake and eat with boiled asparagus.

Big fat learning

Quick one:

- I'm now skipping in my building's courtyard and doing the rest in the flat. It's not ideal so I'm scouting out a gym tomorrow... Paris has gyms?! We shall see

- I had tagliatelle with osso bucco as my indulgence today and it was pretty boring (my fave restaurant is closed for the summer). So then I went home and had 15 (!) butter biscuits. Still not happy. So now I'm in a cafe and I've had a full fat latte and carrot cake and I feel finally fully satisfied. My learning? That if I'm going to indulge, it's best with something truly sweet and mine and on my terms (alone, not with small humans and noise and distractions) and really indulgent and not with 'normal' food like pasta with sauce. Because if I had to choose between kenzai lunch and a non kenzai lunch, I'd rather eat the kenzai one.

This is a huge learning for me.

Pics of courtyard and cake

Today's workout was exceptionally hard. The babies both woke up at 5:30am so I only got started at 8am and it felt endless. The skipping was depressing and I had to just lie on the floor at some point between the shoulder and ab moves. Then I came home and measured and weighed myself and nothing has changed. Nada. Same weight. Same waist. Great.

But there are 2 things that keep me going:

A) the food! Yes I love eating all day. I love eating a pike of bread for breakfast and I love slurping milkshakes and lattes

B) my kenzai team mates - you! I know we're all trying so hard and I feel I'd be really letting the side down if I just lay on the floor for an hour rather than worked out. Thank you for being here

Hopefully tomorrow will be better!


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