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Georgina D.

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It’s been a blast! 

I’ve loved learning to love running again! I hope I’m less bent over and shuffly than I was at the start.

I’ve got a 10 k race in 2 weeks so, thanks to Matt’s wise advice, I ran 10k yesterday. I did it without stopping and kept a nice steady pace. But I’m still too slow. I did it in 1h 14 min.

I’ll continue to train over the next 2 weeks - if anyone wants to join me!

And after my race? Probably back to KB again - although running is much more fun, much more... much much more .. but I saw more visible results on KB.

Thanks team for all your support!

45 minute run was wonderful. Michael Jackson helped. My pace was 6.57 so I need to get it down to 5.57 by race day on Dec 1. Should be possible?

Given my lack of 'body composition changes', I decided to log my food in MyFitness pal to see what on earth I'm doing wrong. Well, there you go - 1987 calories a day is what I'm eating. That's a lot. So, I fiddled with it and saw if I halve my avo and swap my sweet potatoes for green veggies, then I get back into a calorie range where I might actually lose a Kg or 2.

Bring on the broccoli!

Average week 5

I got all my runs in this week, but have missed both strength training days. I'll make them up next week (at least 1 of them on Tuesday).

I did my strong finish run yesterday with music and headphones for the first time in a long time. Amazing. I can see why music is an unfair advantage. I bought a running watch and I could see that my pace was a full 1minute/KM faster with music (thanks Maroon 5).

My technical run was also fine, although I missed reading my lessons last week, strangely, so I didn't do the little tests about the arms above my head etc. I also had just bought the aforementioned watch, so I spent a good 5 minutes of the run fiddling with the darn thing. Need to get the hang of it.

Diet was solid until Friday night and Saturday were hit with birthdays and lack of self control. Sunday's been solid again.

Here's to a rock solid week, team!

Distance run

So today joined a couple of friends as they're training for a 21k. The route involves 2 ' there and backs', so I only did 1 to get to 10 k.

It was a beautiful run along the coast and I had an amazing swim after.

That said, I suffered. I couldn't keep up with my friends' 6.5 pace and running along the sand at one point almost killed me. I also had to walk a couple of times just to release the pain on my legs. Not good.

So, a few learnings:

- get a pace tracker to get my speed up
- run more regularly on varied terrain and inclines

Pic of my swimming spot.

I'll do the strong finish run on Saturday. Should help

Day 19

So I thought a 25 min run would be a breeze this morning. Wrong! Trying to get my stride right had me waddling more than running and I was sooo slow. I think I had what many of us have had this week - the brick in shoe syndrome. My legs were like dead weights and I just dragged myself along. Glad that's over.

Diet is good although I'm not seeing any changes is my body.

Have a good weekend team!

Day 15 - so fast

I can't believe it's day 15 already.

I missed yesterday's strength training as Sundays with no help at home are a bit of a challenge and I couldn't muster up the will power to do them at 9pm. I also now have torticulis, which is an interesting addition.

Today's 35 min were really great. I didn't stop once as there was 'a big fat dude' (his words, not mine), keeping the pace behind me.

Tomorrow I'll do Sunday's strength training in the morning and tennis at night.

Diet is tight although we went to a burger place for lunch. I had half the bun, the burger meat and some lettuce leaves.

Have a good team!

Just as I’m getting into the flow, I’m hit with dinner last night at a Peruvian fusion place. Sigh.

I’d forgotten how long dinners are when you don’t drink and when you can’t have seconds.

I made it through, sober and a little grumpy. Running with a clear head this morning was worth it though.

Hope you’re well team.

Day 8 - on track

Oh it's so nice to be back on diet. I was starving at 5pm which shows it's time to get my body and mind used to behaving properly again. M&ms and fruit gummy sweets have been retired.

It was rainy and windy this morning so I planned to run on the treadmill but they were all taken, so I re-read the 'wear a visor on the rain' lesson on what to wear and headed out with new found motivation and no visor.

I felt a little tired and walked a little when I turned around at minute 15 and then I walked a bit later too. Probably about 2 min lost to walking and finding my mojo. need to quit the walking!

I hope you're doing well today team!

Day 6 - 5.5 km

Once I'd spotted the milestones on the running path, I was ok.

5.5 km in 37 min.

Kept up a steady pace although I can't imagine running slower or faster. I think that's the only pace I've got!

Every now and then I reminded myself to align my body and lift my legs, which really made a difference.

Beautiful day although I'm now rushing downtown with a purple face!

Slow decline

So week 5 of maintenance was a disaster.

I ate menthos, fruit loops, m&ms, cake, biscuits, flan, panna cotta, chips, ice cream, cheese, ham, pizza, wine, margaritas.

I worked out once.

I decided somewhere along the line to completely let go. The reason was I felt I had to. That if I didn't, I wouldn't be mentally strong enough to continue.

So now I'm feeling better and back on track this week and ready to start kenzai 10 k next week.

Pic of me today as I notice the slow decline of my body. I'm smiling to give myself support...

Just wanted to check in to say I managed to do my 3 workouts this week. Funny how 2 weeks ago I was doing 7 and now I'm struggling to get 3 in. As we know, it's all down to organization and either getting up earlier or going to bed later - there's no way around it. I must say the pre workout banana eases the pain of getting out the door and into the downstairs playroom / gym.

The (strict) diet has been going well apart from Friday dinner (pizza, champagne and brownies) and Saturday dinner (2 cocktails, Peruvian Japanese yumminess, lots of dessert). Relieved to get back on track on Sunday.

Have a good week stable Rockies


Just tracking my progress...

Sticking to the diet and done 1 out of 3 workouts this week. Feeling exhausted though and relying heavily on coffee to get through the day.

A friend's coming from out of town this weekend, so I'm planning to go wild on Saturday. Just thought I'd mention that.

Well I decided to sign up for 5 days of workouts this week on maintainance. Little did I imagine it would be harder than KB1! Silly me...

15 min skipping, 40 min workout. X-sits... Yes. X-sits.

I'm still eating like week 12 without eggs or bananas.

So I'm soldiering on but I miss my peeps. I'm very attached to my Rocky Balboas... I hope you're all doing well out there.

Day 90 + 3

Well, now I can hear the echo as I write as I don't know if anyone's reading anymore.

When we finished on Saturday I went out for dinner and tried really hard to eat and drink badly. The same goes for Sunday. I kept saying to myself " come on, it's over, you can now eat all the biscuits." As I did just that, it dawned on me that I'm not that yo yo diet person anymore. That I don't need to go down a spiral of bad habits. That I'm happy staying the path. That biscuits taste like cardboard and chocolate makes my teeth burn.

So on Monday I packed my food as per Week 12, and off I went to work, had my kenzai dinner and fruit but scrapped the egg whites. Today I did the same but I had such an urge to exercise that I found a workout I'd missed (day 83) and did it. I loved every sweaty moment.

Yes. I seem to be a new person.

I know I've written my graduation post but there are a bunch of meals I haven't spoken about which I need to get off my chest and which I feel have perhaps made my final result less impressive than they could have been... These are:

- mynforgotten birthday dinner - the one where I ate badly while feeling sorry for myself
- the make up dinner. 3 days after my b-day was forgotten I was taken out to a fancy restaurant for slap up dinner ( Mandarin grill for those on hk)
- a week later (last Tuesday), I celebrated my wedding anniversary at another insane restaurant (Otto e mezzo)

I drank very little, stuck to fish and veg but ate all my dessert and the Petit fours... So completely off program.

I guess this was all bad timing and I wouldn't have gone to these restaurants and ordered dressing on the side or skipped the lemon souffle, but I'm sorry this all hit in the last 2 weeks of the program.

What have I learnt? That it's better to just celebrate after my training programs, because combining the two isn't going to happen.




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