Gigi P.

Gigi P.

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I had a big meal yesterday as I went out for dinner. Did exercise outside than following the program. I really appreciated that the coaches never gives up of me. I am doing the best I could and I still want to loss 30 pounds this year.

I am really flustrated to start the workout program as it is a lot to do and I can't catch up. I have scheduled a badminton session coming Thursday and hopefully can burn more.

I'm back!

Really struggling with the rope jumping and have to take much longer to finish. But I did it.

Just notice that it's a new diet arrangement, I'm happy that I don't have didn't add any weight these days.

Day 10

Not a great first week as I was on business trip and stretch my left leg. Can't really do any exercise but I started the diet. Then, I got a cold and have to rest up. Although it is a slow start for me, I hope I can catch up later on this month.

Lossing 30 pounds is still my goal!!