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Gihan A.

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Sincere Gratitude! 

Thank you to my team...thank u to our leaders. We stand together and stand on the shoulders of our leaders.



Thank you too my team...thank u to our leaders. We stand together and stand on the shoulders of our leaders.


Wow...we r going to finish with the grand event of HK Sevens! So excited for both and to celebrate with those cold beers!

Thank you to our leaders and team to help me get here....u guys are the best!

Feeling strong and healthy...thank you for this gift!


Back to Asia and routine

Got back and with the program with minimal disruptions to the exercises. Already making plans for life after Day 90

Getting over jet lag

Been in LA the last few days and was hit hard with jet lag...heavy head and low energy. Today i woke up ay 530am with full steam and completed the workout. Happy to be in my new normal again!

Been getting stronger and sleeping better. Not much improvement on belly but people recognize my "shape has changed". Well, i will go with that positive news and keep it going

After grueling 6 countries in 6 days and a 2 day break finished today's workout. Last week due to business dinners i flipped breakfast grams with dinner grams so i could integrate the diets with my dinner meetings.

Gutting it out

Been physically exhausted from travel, workouts, etc. Calves r so a,massage last night in Bangkok to release them but they bother my sleep. But gutting it out. Need to be careful to not drop into exhaustion.

I wake up each morning very tired as if i have had a long night of drinking but i have not had alcohol. It must be the exercises and change in diet. Trying to get in 8 plus hours of sleep.

Sorry for not blogging...been traveling and being focused on work and exercises. 98 percent hit rate and if i miss i day in the plane i use Sunday as the makeup day. Cheers team!

Well iam getting the workouts push me to pain. While i don't see change in the scales i have got compliments that my bodyshape is changing and i went down a hole in my belt. The business travel is tough on the weighing of foods ......and social drinks. But i am marching on!

Just returned to HK and with the international date change i lost Day i will do Day 22 and do a double next Sunday to catchup

Day 18

Snow.........and low oxygen in the altitude...lets get it done!

Those negative pull downs were brutal. Could only do 1 rep. Anyways rocking on all the rest

Smoothe so far

Workouts are good. Traveled the entire week so trying to manage to portions. Disaster on the entertaining and wine

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