Gihan A.

Gihan A.

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Huff and puff

Getting back is tough after a couple months off. Not giving up. Thanks guys


Hi team, glad i am back because i have enjoyed the summer with little exercise after Chisel. Starting a bit behind and hope to catch up

Fit and feeling good 

Enjoyed the program. I must say the exercises were not as demanding as Beach Body. Great to participate and move to the next!

Double day

With travel and early 6am calls and late dinners i missed some days. So i doubled up with 2 workouts in single day. Feeling good


Hey team, great advice in the lesson today by Patrick to treat the half way point as Day 1. I am always filled with enthusiasms so Day 1 is exhilarating! I will carry this thought and emotion.


Missed some days traveling to UK and back. This week should be solid with zero travel planned for once

Making progress

Muscle tightness in glutes prevented me from skipping on Day 7. Been applying thai balms and reduced pain 50 percent so i could do exercises today.

Chisel Me!

Ok this sounds brutal...will just go for it! I think after Beach Blast i have some base to go at it. Let's go!

What a Blast! 

Absolutely loved, aligned and enjoyed this program! Never done 50 push ups a day...thank u for getting me started and i will continue to get to 100. My body shape changed and getting compliments. More than fat blast i look more athletic.

I will love to just do this every can i?



Tough road schedule but focused and committed to min 5 workouts a week. Progress but not finishing

Getting good comments about the shape of my body even though the weight has not decreased

New week

Felt good with Day 8...sore shoulder blade pains are subsiding. Hope that means I am adjusting to the push ups etc.

Team, i lost 2 days on the road with harsh schedules for customers, etc. Back into it even while on the road. Let's go....i got no more tix...crushing it out in Bangkok!

Getting ready to blast off with Beach Blast !

Sincere Gratitude! 

Thank you to my team...thank u to our leaders. We stand together and stand on the shoulders of our leaders.


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