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KB2 - Complete! 

It's done team - we did it! Feeling very happy to have made it to the end despite the various location moves, strained ankle and juggling 3 children solo for a few weeks. It has been a tough road - with plenty of ups and downs but overall I am very happy with the end result and with myself for having taken this journey.

One of our earlier lessons on this programme mentioned that we would notice the differences in our bodies more then anyone else - this is very true in my case. To anyone else I am sure I look the same but to me the changes are very much there. I am much stronger, far more toned and I feel very fit. My diet is neat and much cleaner - I notice the junk - I am very conscious of it and what it does to me.

I found this tough - it's a long 90 days and it takes a lot of mental strength to stick with it but I am so proud I have completed it and look forward to joining Kenzai Life which is something I will do now. I definitely would not have been able to reach the finish line if I did not have the Kenzai community and great team support.

Ward, you are awesome and always managed to deliver the right message to me exactly as I needed to hear it! Jenny, Roddy and Jason - super support on the blogs!

Final photo to follow - won't be dehydrating myself for two days or buying a tanning spray (muscle definer etc)'ll be I am (but I might try and flex something here and there;-))

Thank you!


It's hard not to want to exercise here.

Mild Ankle Injury....

So I went for the most amazing hike/trail run today - an hour uphill and a 20 minute run down I guess. I went over a rock/stone right at the end and thought that I had truly hurt/sprained/broken my ankle ....I was going too fast over un-familiar terrain. I didn't think I could walk on it but after a short rest it was fine and I carried on (jogging lightly.....) Anyway, I have been on it all day, but now it's pretty swollen and fairly sensitive. Nothing major, but it's delicate. Will see how I am in the morning, trusting I'll be fine for light cardio and will just carry on with the other exercises. Grateful it's not worse!

Mid Week 12....

Feeling good- work outs going well, some better than others. Prefer leg and ab work (those that I can manage) more than the rest. Have been getting in the odd run too , which has been lovely. Keeping diet as tight as I can - doing better on the home stretch than I thought I would. The lessons are coming in at the right time.

Jenny - how about hula hoop for those early morning parties;-) We got caught up in a spontaneous hula hoop challenge at the bast of Whistler Mountain last Saturday and it was so much fun - my, daughter crushed's easy for a minute or two and then the core really kicks in! Fun!

End of Week 11....almost..

This week has been good - exercise has been done with a re-newed energy every day but this one (my parents have arrived for a few weeks so I got nothing done other than housework, shopping and cooking) but I will make up for today with tomorrow's cardio. Not ideal, I know. I thought I would definitely have time to workout before they arrived but I genuinely did not have a spare minute today.

Scoop push ups post arm/shoulder work is just mean;-)

Diet - better then last week - much better and I can notice the difference after just one 100% Kenzai day.

Went for a cycle instead of jumping rope one of the days (at least that was the plan) and it was gorgeous -thoroughly enjoyable (without the kids;-)) and came back and skipped anyway - it was great high energy, sunny day. Weather makes an incredible difference to my days - in terms of energy - it's amazing the effect it has. A sunny day, I just want to do it all.

End of Week 10!!!!

Exercise - has been good this week - consistent and with decent effort. I have noticed that I am not sweating - at all.....even after 30mins skipping . In HK, exercising in the humidity I'd sweat but here in the fresh (cold) air of BC, I have not been sweating at all. It makes a difference to how you feel post-workout. I don't feel like I have done as much here despite the workouts being tougher and longer. I know I am working harder but don't feel as rewarded for my effort. I went back over the lesson on sweat earlier in the program but it doesn't say much about not sweating. It's a strange one.

I have strained my groin ever so slightly. Noticed it yesterday morning, but could exercise no problem. It got progressively worse as the day went on and is still at me this morning. It won't stop me from doing anything but it's there. Will ice it after exercise today. Think it was the kick backs that did I've been stretching etc.

Diet - Not commendable at all. Not sure what is wrong with me but I am indulging too much. In holiday mode. Breakfasts, lunches all good - fruit intake good, but snacking not so good. I've just been wanting more to munch on. I've reached for peanut butter on rice crackers, chocolate and popcorn......not good, I know AND I can notice/feel it, which is worse. Will try and muster enough will power to get it back on track.

We are nearly there - I am feeling very fit and very strong. It's great. My arms are sore! Namely my biceps. Very tired from all the work they have been doing - not sure they have ever done so much!

Oh and the weather in BC has been shocking - it's still raining. So much for running in the hills as additional cardio - I am so grateful to have a garage which I have set up as a temp gym so that I can skip!!

Good luck team!

I managed 4 sets of the scoop push ups! Massive improvement from last week!
Ward and Jenny....I am far from giving up, don't worry and Ward.....I shall inform husband that you told me to buy some new clothes;-)

Doing something right.....

My son absolutely insisted I cook broccoli for his breakfast this morning. I told him we were out and he went straight to the fridge and brought it to me - so I boiled some (knowing I could use it too) and he had a bowl of broccoli for his breakfast. He is 4.

Seems I am not the only one that is feeling absolutely shattered this week. Week 9 has been my biggest struggle, mentally and physically. Sometimes when we know we have challenges ahead like a move etc we run on adrenaline - at least I know I do, but then I collapse from exhaustion when the dust settles. I think that's what this week has been about. I got what I needed to done over the last few weeks and now it's catch up/repair time. Just as the 5 sets of everything kick in:-/

I am however doing better at the scoop push ups.....managed two sets ok but on the third set I literally went into stomach on the floor, a la cobra, then back up again - not ideal, but it worked to get me through a few more reps. The V-sits are still not pretty either - two sets ok, then it just gets sloppy, so I am regressing back to leg ups still.

Despite watching the available demos I know my technique is off in a lot of the exercises and regret that I didn't spend some time with a personal trainer going through some of them in greater detail as I hate thinking that I am wasting my time doing something and doing it incorrectly. I am however noticing much more muscle definition in my legs and arms. My legs are like lead at the moment though and as I type now, my arms just want to hang down.... so tired!

Looking forward to seeing the back of week 9. I haven't enjoyed it as much as the last few weeks but that's ok, it can't all be plain sailing or it'd be too easy. Plan is to motor on, make the most of and enjoy the last 3 weeks!

Scoop Push Ups.....

First set fine - second set my arms could not support me at all!!!

Starting Week 9

The thought of working out today was just too much - I am physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted - lots going on.

BUT I started my exercise late in the day and as usually happens, the endorphins kicked in and all of a sudden this is my mind set....'ok, this is cool, the kids will be in camp from next week onwards so weeks 10, 11 and 12, I am actually going to crush - I am actually going to have strong finish because I will have time to not only do my work outs but to get out into these beautiful mountains and start running!!!'

So I went from, 'I am so tired, if I only do half the work out today I'll be happy with that' to the above.....Endorphins are amazing. Let's see how I feel in the morning;-) But when I am waking up with this (photo above) on my doorstep, it's hard to have the low energy feeling I had earlier.


Has been ok. Finding 5 sets of anything hard. Butt kicks or whatever they are called wreck me!! I used to do these all the time as a kid (German jumps with elastic/rope and two chairs...) and would spend hours jumping waist high, but I guess I'm not a kid anymore so don't have the same spring in my step. Might challenge my daughter to see....

I've been cycling a lot with my kids - 10ish kms a day maybe - to and from lakes etc so I have been doing a fair bit of extra cardio which is nice.


Confession - I made rocky road (again) and I ate some.....but I cycled it off;-)
Otherwise diet has been good - I'm probably not eating my quota of food and eating too much on the fly but it's all been the right kind of food just not as much as it could be (I'm not complaining about that though as it feels like what I am eating is right for me)

All in all - hoping for a great week 9 and the same for all of you. Also hoping to wake up with those mid-work out endorphins flowing!


Managed 3 sets and had to substitute last set with leg ups - too hard!! Felt there was no point putting in a useless effort for the last set....did not enjoy at all! Did not enjoy the 3 leg exercises either but do expect to feel the pain tomorrow - will be disappointed if I don't. Had fun doing sneaks around the garden - kids thought I was playing with them as they sat on their chairs playing Britains Got Talent watching each of my exercises and judging me - it was very funny - shame I couldn't record it to share.

I arrived to Canada last night (having done my free cardio session on the travel day). I have missed today's session (we were driving to our final destination and I have 3 very jet lagged children with me - and a house to get ready for the weeks ahead) So, I will do at least 1.5 works outs tomorrow to make up for missing the day. Diet is still good. I have done my grocery shop and have started prepping food so that I am hitting the ground running tomorrow. Psychologically, I am not going to like having my 'Today's workout' not the exact day I am time zone wise, I am a day behind now....can this be changed.....seriously, I'm an on time person - even an early person.....being behind is going to torment me!!!

End of Week 7


- This week was ok. My workouts were broken into two sessions for a couple of days due to time constraints, but I got them all done.
-I did a great 70 mins hike/run this morning to clear the cob webs for my long haul flight tonight. Skipping rope etc all packed.
- Need to think about the week ahead and how I am going to get my work outs in with 3 kids shadowing me 24/7....


- Good accept for a minimum of 600 kcals of rocky road that I made for the children which of course was pure indulgence!!! It was consumed too fast for a photo😊

Will be in touch from the West soon!

Week 6 - Complete!

-Daily lessons have been resonating with me massively - from feeling like I have plateaued to questioning if the humidity in HK doubles my effort!
-I always add an additional minute or two to my skipping quota to compensate for trips.....(I bet most people do this too!) otherwise I just can't consider the minutes done
- I trip more during the first 10 minutes then once my heart rate is up and I am energised I skip with greater intensity and fluidity
- I can't get one of my arms back properly in the back towel stretch - it actually hurts trying to get my right arm up to meet my left
- I really don't like leg circles and trust that we are supposed to be doing one direction then the other before swapping to the other leg (if not, I am going to be so annoyed for not checking sooner;-))
- I am noticing my body getting more muscular (not sure I like the look) but feeling much stronger (have had to change my resistance bands for certain exercises which I did not need to do in K1
- Despite my diet being fairly on track for 6 weeks now (no serious damage done at any stage) my thighs are still TOO BIG! It's time to enter that deep fat attack zone - PLEASE! What can I do to make them like Gisele's;-)
- Diet has been ok. I am still having the odd treat or off diet snack which I know I should stop doing - but it's more for variety and texture than anything else. Just want something to munch on every now and again and raw veg doesn't cut it....
- I have a slight niggle behind my left knee - acts up most after a run (even a short jog) It's been surfacing every now and again over the last few weeks but def related to running as it's post the free cardio sessions that it tends to bother me. I did a very long race/run last Jan and it's a war wound from that I am's on the bone/joint... not muscular. Need to keep an eye on it.
- This is my last week of Kenzai in Hong Kong! I head to Canada on Saturday and can not wait for the change of scenery and breath of fresh air! Forests and lakes, no jungle!!

Good luck for week 7 all!

End of Week 5





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